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Campers are a common sight in the Danish summer landscape, and for many Danes, camping is one of the most effective ways to enjoy the summer. A perfect combination of fresh air, freedom and the opportunity to unfold in your own setting, on premises where the whole family can participate.

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  • Top 10 in 2020, 2019 and 2018 - Big vote on the Danes' favorites!
  • List of official 5-star campsites in Denmark
  • ADAC's "michelin" list of Denmark's best campsites
  • List of campsites with bathing facilities (water park and swimming pool)

But what is so special about camping?

Camping is for us who love holidays with freedom, fresh air and pure relaxation in the Danish nature. While camping for many may seem like a primitive form of vacation, those of us who have tried it know that camping and self-drive vacations are a special luxury. It is a cottage on wheels with the freedom to go right wherever you want. It is the presence that few other forms of vacation can offer. It's the relaxation when you know the kids are having fun with the other kids on the bouncy castle. And above all, it is the smell of barbecue and sausages in the beautiful Danish nature. 

Denmark's best campsites

But where do you find the best campsites in Denmark? You can choose and look at the number of stars that the places have, but the number of stars is more apt to tell you how big the place is and how many facilities the place has - whether there are x number of toilets, with swimming pool, etc.

At OpdagDanmark, we are more interested in finding the places where the overall experience is best. And that's why we ask campers what places they have as favorites, and that's why our lists of both large and small campsites.

Every year, our users can nominate their favorite seats, and when voting, they can then via text message or OpdagDanmark app vote for their favorites. Finally, we are left with a list of campsites that most have voted for regardless of size and number of stars.

Below you can see the winners year by year:


the temple inn's family campsite receives the diploma for the best campsite in Zealand 2019

In 2020, Denmark's best campsite will be found via one overall vote:

  • Voting: July 30 - August 13, 2020
  • All campsites that receive more than 250 votes will receive a pin on our map of Denmark's best experiences

Congratulations to:


The final top 10 and seats with more than 250 votes:

  1. Tempelkrogen Family Camping Denmark and Zealand's best
  2. Hillerød Camping
  3. Gammelbro Camping – South Jutland's best
  4. Humlum Fishing rental & camping – Central Jutland's best
  5. Sandshoes Beach Camping
  6. Orø Strandcamping
  7. Nab Strand Camping - Funen's best
  8. Hessellund Lake camping
  9. Sandager Næs Camping
  10. Sønderballe Strand Camping
  11. Myrhøj CampingNorth Jutland's best
  12. Tambosund Camping
  13. Ribe Camping

Find the regional polls here


oldbro camping in haterslev receives the award for being Denmark's best in 2019

In 2019, we found the country's best campsites by a poll, where we first found the best in the regions. The 10 places with the most sms votes then went on to the final and finally we found a top 10. Congratulations to all 10 with the great result:

Congratulations to:


Here's what the top 10 looks like in 2019:

  1. Gammelbro Camping
  2. Hasmark Strand Camping
  3. Hasle Camping
  4. Løkken Klit Camping
  5. Bøsøre Strand Holiday Park
  6. Hagen Strand Camping
  7. Sandshoes Beach Camping
  8. Mariager Camping
  9. Juelsminde Strand Camping
  10. Tempelkrogen Family Camping


Congratulations to Hasmark Strand Camping, the winner of our vote on Denmark's Best Camping Site 2018. The top 10 were:

  1. Hasmark Strand Camping
  2. CampOne Bøjden Strand
  3. Løkken Klit Camping
  4. Hvidbjerg Strand Holiday park
  5. Hessellund Lake Camping
  6. Bøsøre Strand Holiday Park
  7. Climbing Beach Camping
  8. Hedebo Strand Camping
  9. Gl. Klitgaard Camping & Hytteby
  10. Bogense Strand Camping

5-star campsites

Like hotels, campsites are rated on the principle of 1-5 stars, where 5 stars are only given to the pitches where all conditions are top notch. Although we are not interested in ranking Denmark's campsites based on this principle, we will still draw attention to those who have received 5 stars. 

Some of the criteria that exist for 5-star campsites are that each unit and site must have 100 m², there must be the possibility of family rooms with bathing facilities, high focus on sanitation in the toilets, etc. You can see the campsites in Denmark that have 5 stars here:

  • Hvidbjerg Strand Holiday park
  • Bøjden Strandcamping
  • Camping Bøsøre Strand
  • Camping Trelde Næs
  • Camping Kattegat Strand 
  • Camping Jambo
  • Camping Mørkholt Strand
  • Camping Bogense

The best campsites according to ADAC


The German car association ADAC (which is a sister organization to Danish FDM) has for several years knitted a guide together based on anonymous and unannounced visits to some of Europe's many campsites. 

This guide has over the years gained a bit of a status, and can today be seen as a kind of michelin guide within the camping world. Here you can see the 12 Danish campsites that have been included in the guide:

  1. Hvidbjerg Strand Holiday park
  2. Feddet Beach Resort
  3. CampOne Bøjden Strand
  4. Her Strand Camping
  5. Riis Holiday Park
  6. Lærkelunden Camping
  7. Skovlund Camping Middelfart
  8. Camping Skiveren
  9. Drejby Strandcamping
  10. Ronæs Strandcamping
  11. Camping Aabo
  12. Jambo Holiday Park

Campsites with bathing facilities


There are many campsites around the country, which offer excellent bathing facilities with a definite water park or the classic swimming pool. If the family consists of water dogs, then it might be worth considering some of the campsites below.

  • A35 Sindal Camping
  • Aarhus Camping
  • Aasa Camping and Cabin Holiday
  • Birkhede Camping
  • Boeslunde Camping
  • Bredebro Camping
  • Bryrup Camping
  • Bygholm Camping
  • Camp Hverringe Bøgebjerg Strand
  • Camping and Holiday Center Samsø
  • Carlsberg Camping Svendborg
  • The white swans Camping
  • Dragstrup Camping
  • Elsegårde Camping
  • Ertebølle Strand Camping
  • Esbjerg Camping A / S
  • Farsø Fjord Camping
  • Fornæs Camping
  • Frigård Camping Kollund
  • Fårup Sø Camping
  • Gammelbro Camping
  • Grenaa Strand Camping
  • Grønninghoved Strand Camping
  • Hals Strand Camping
  • Hanstholm Camping - Thy Feriepark
  • Hasmark Strand Camping
  • Hejlsminde Strand Camping
  • Hjarbæk Fjord Camping
  • Holme Å Camping
  • Kongernes Feriepark - Smidstrup Strand
  • Kongsøre Camping
  • Løgballe Camping
  • Marielyst Family camping
  • Mørkholt Strand Camping
  • Nibe Camping - Sølyst
  • North Zealand Holiday Park and Camping
  • Nymindegab Family Camping
  • Ribe Camping
  • Rødvig Camping
  • Saksild Strand Camping
  • Sevel Camping
  • Skagen Camping
  • Skaven Strand Camping
  • Stensager Strand Camping
  • Storebælt Camping & Holiday Center
  • Tempelkrogen Family Camping
  • Terrace Camping
  • Vejers Familie Camping
  • Vejlby Fed Strand Camping
  • Vesterlyng Camping
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