Every year, the lovely campsites in Denmark add grass to countless holiday memories for those who love holidays with freedom, fresh air and pure relaxation in Danish nature. While camping for many may seem like a primitive holiday mode, those of us who have tried it know that camping and self-driving are a special luxury. It is a cottage on wheels with the freedom to go right where you want. It is the presence that few other types of holiday can offer. It's the relaxation when you know the kids are having fun with the other kids on the bouncy pad and you can sit back. And above all, it is the smell of barbecue and sausages in the beautiful Danish nature.

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Denmark's best campsites

But where do you find the best campsites in Denmark? We have set out to find out, just as we did seaside hotels, which is why, as so often before, we have put it out to the Danish camping enthusiasts and lovers of driving themselves holidays.

In order to maintain our overview, we have divided Denmark by region so that the ballot papers do not become too long. The winners of the 5 regional polls, together with the 5 places that have won the most votes without winning, advance to the final round to become Denmark's Best Campsite. This vote will take place here on the site.

See the rules and terms for our polls as well as tips for nominees here


The timeline for the 2019-poll is ready:

  • Nomination: To June 14
  • Regional polls: June 14 at 4 p.m. 12 & #8211; July 24 at 4 p.m. 12
  • Final: July 25 at 4 p.m. 12 & #8211; August 6 at 6 p.m. 12


The 10 finalists have been found! Congratulations to Denmark's 10 best campsites.

In the final we must have found the campsite that can call itself Denmark's Best Campsite 2019. You can vote for your favorite using the campsite's unique code (same as in the regional polls) from 25 July at. August 12 - 6 p.m. 12th

NOTE! Distributing services / products in return for votes is by no means allowed. Documented violation of this rule results in the exclusion of the final.

We wish you good luck to the 10 participants and thanks to all of you who vote.

UPDATE 6 / 8-19: After checking that everything has gone according to the rules, we can now announce a winner:

Congratulations to:


Here's what the top 10 looks like in 2019:

  1. Gammelbro Camping
  2. Hasmark Strand Camping
  3. Hasle Camping
  4. Løkken Klit Camping
  5. Bøsøre Strand Holiday Park
  6. Hagen Strand Camping
  7. Sandshoes Beach Camping
  8. Mariager Camping
  9. Juelsminde Strand Camping
  10. Tempelkrogen Family Camping

See how the regional polls went:


Congratulations to Hasmark Strand Camping, the winner of our vote on Denmark's Best Camping Site 2018. The top 10 were:

  1. Hasmark Strand Camping
  2. CampOne Bøjden Strand
  3. Løkken Klit Camping
  4. Hvidbjerg Strand Holiday park
  5. Hessellund Lake Camping
  6. Bøsøre Strand Holiday Park
  7. Climbing Beach Camping
  8. Hedebo Strand Camping
  9. Gl. Klitgaard Camping & Hytteby
  10. Bogense Strand Camping
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  1. Marc Cochius

    These votes are worthless. Only the big places win prizes. It offers many very different campsites, maybe very average but also a couple of real & #8216; pearls & #8217; As such, Guldborg Camping has the most beautiful sanitary facilities and its fantastic Cocomarie restaurant.

    1. The editors

      You're right, Marc. Therefore, we are also working to create a category for the smaller campsites. Many thanks for your feedback!

  2. Poul Erik Krogh

    It's a bit of a shame for the small pitches without a swimming pool. The places that score the most votes here are big seats with the whole of Tivoli. The small seats also have their charm with peace and coziness for older people without children

    1. The editors

      You're right, Poul Erik. Therefore, we are also moving forward to create a category for the smaller seats. Thank you very much for your feedback!

  3. Betina

    Gammelbro is definitely the best campsite.
    You are stuck down here and it is 3 years we are here there is everything Vig needs and a good service ..

    1. Manfred Bock

      For me the best campsite

    2. Gerda

      If you are stuck in Gammelbro on the 3rd year, how can you know what the others can offer ?????

  4. I would like to promote Gudhjem Camping.
    It is a wonderfully cozy place with great facilities, a great location and a fantastic atmosphere, not least due to the camp manager.

  5. Anette Neumann

    Denmark's most beautiful campground is definitely Hasle camping Kim, Ulla and Charlotte doing so well and you feel welcome.

  6. Betina

    CampHverringe Bøgebjerg.
    Lovely nature camping.
    Heated pool. Cute staff.
    Family cozy camping with everything you need

  7. Jette Nielsen

    Askhøj camping at the Silkeborg lava as we have the best hiring managers and their 2 sons there are many good activities on the site therefore they must win camp 190

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