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It's time to acknowledge the hard-working baker who gets up early to fill his shelves with tasty pastries, and makes sure we can enjoy a delicious freshly baked roll, bakery bread and cakes that are not bake-off produced every day. abroad.

That is why we at OpdagDanmark have launched the poll for Denmark's Best Baker! We do this so that you and your loved ones have the opportunity to pay tribute to the craftsman behind the crispy roll for the breakfast table, the delicious cake for the afternoon coffee, or the tasty rye bread for the dinner table. If you think your local baker deserves some recognition, help us pay tribute to him or her by voting for them.

Denmark's Best Bakery

From this year, we will start naming Denmark's best baker. This is done by a fair popular vote, where you can vote for your local candidate via SMS or through our app. Along the way we also find the best places in the regions and the 4 largest cities. 

The vote on the best place in the cities is a selection of the regional vote, which means that the number of votes that the baker in question has in this vote is the same as in the regional vote. 


The program for the 2021 vote is clear:

  • Nomination phase: Up to and including Wednesday 20 October
  • Voting: October 21 at 12.00 - 28 October at 12.00

Details of this year's poll:

  1. All the bakeries that get more than 250 votes get a place on our map of Denmark's best bakeries
  2. October 28 winners for North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen, Zealand, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and of course all of Denmark
  3. In order not to be about distributing the biggest prizes etc., it is strictly forbidden to distribute competitions, give discounts, tastings and the like.
    Read more in our set of rules here:

Nominees can also download graphics to share online and offline that make it easier for people to vote. Get the graphic here.

Below you can see the nominees and vote for your favorite when the voting starts.


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The program for the 2020 vote is clear:

  • Nomination phase: 9 September at 12 - 29 September at 12
  • Voting: 29 September at 12 - 13 October at 12

Details of this year's poll:

  1. All the bakeries that get more than 250 votes get a place on our map of Denmark's best bakeries
  2. October 13 winners for North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen, Zealand, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and of course all of Denmark
  3. In order not to be about distributing the biggest prizes etc., it is strictly forbidden to distribute competitions, give discounts, tastings and the like.
    Read more in our set of rules here:

    Thank you for your nomination 🎉

    We have received your nomination and it will be processed soon by our team.

    Once we have reviewed it, it will be visible on the list.

    Good luck to your favorite.

    Below you can see the nominees and vote for your favorite when the voting starts on September 29.

    How to vote
    1. Find your favorite in the list below.
    2. Find the code and enter it in a text message to +45 92 45 24 04.
    3. Send the sms. It only costs alm. sms rate.
    4. When you receive a “Thank you for your vote SMS ”, is yours vote talked to. (If you do not receive an SMS return, we have not received yours vote. Please try again later)
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    The Danes have voted! Between 29 September and 13 October, more than 32,500 Danes used their mobile phones to cast their vote at their favorite bakery in 2020.

    The popular votes have been counted and we now have 34 bakeries that have received over 250 votes and thus also a pin on our map of the country's best bakeries.

    … And now to the winners:

    Congratulations to:

    Bagergården Hinnerup


    This is what the final position will look like in 2020:

    1. Bagergården Hinnerup - 2861 votes
    2. Vissenbjerg Bakery, Vissenbjerg - 2381 votes
    3. Ganløse Bakery, Stenløse - 2234 votes
    4. Vejgaard Bakery, Aalborg - 1811 votes
    5. Clausen's Successor, Kerteminde - 1696 votes
    6. Pompeii, Ribe - 1301 votes
    7. Billund Bakery - 1294 votes
    8. Wiuffs Bakery, Brøndby - 1142 votes
    9. Helsted Bageren, Randers - 1065 votes
    10. Madsens Bageri, Thy - 1054 votes
    11. Kirstens Konditori, Copenhagen - 942 votes
    12. Byens Brød og Kager, Nørresundby - 744 votes
    13. Kibæk Bakery - 733 votes
    14. Jensens Bageri, - Rønne 613 votes
    15. Nysted Bakery - 588 votes
    16. Hørby Bakery, Sæby - 567 votes
    17. Bager Madsen, Frederikshavn - 510 votes
    18. Surdejsbageren, Aalborg - 471 votes
    19. Bagerhuset Galten - 465 votes
    20. Kagekassen Knapstrup, Mørkøv - 391 votes
    21. S.BRØD, Hørning - 386 votes
    22. Beder Bakery, Beder - 371 votes
    23. Migges Bageri & Konditori, Sydals - 354 votes
    24. Nicolai's Bakery, Køge - 338 votes
    25. Det Lune Brød, Hobro - 330 votes
    26. Michael H Konditoriet, Gentofte - 327 votes
    27. Sjørring Bager, Thisted - 302 votes
    28. Eriks Bageri, Copenhagen S - 290 votes
    29. Brødstedet, Gislinge - 271 votes
    30. Bodenhoffs Bageri, Frederiksberg - 267 votes
    31. Sejers Konditori, Sorø - 262 votes
    32. Boulevardbageriet, Randers - 258 votes
    33. Seest Bakery, Kolding - 256 votes
    34. The Golden Bread, Lystrup - 251 votes


    1. I would like to nominate Meny Kalundborg Bageriet RUG, they make the MOST DELICIOUS bread with lots of flavor and fullness, and the most beautiful and delicious cakes

    2. Mads

      I would like to nominate vesterport's bakery in Faaborg, 5600
      Denmark's best bakeries and brunsviger!

    3. Nadia

      I would like to nominate Bakkegården's bakery in Roskilde, as they have the best range I have experienced. Otherwise I come from Jutland, and even the prices are affordable. The girls in the store are simply SO cute, so is the management.
      I come there EVERY time I am in the Copenhagen area and will continue to come there.

    4. Erin Brown

      true that

    5. Henrik Nicolaj Nielsen

      Brødstedet 4532 Gislinge.
      Must be nominated

    6. I would like to nominate the bakery Brødboxen, Torvegade 53, 6700 Esbjerg
      Because they have Denmark's best bread.

    7. Per Tjørnlund

      I would like to nominate Johns Kagehus in Kastrup, Amager. Fantastic food bread incl. Rye bread. The whole range is very tasty - it's just baking craftsmanship at its best.

    8. Pernille Bloch Madsen

      I would like to nominate Ølstykke Bageri & Conditori, Stationstorvet 1, 3650 Ølstykke.


      Smørum Konditori, Flodvej 75 H, 2765 Smørum

      These are both absolutely fantastic places that deserve to be included in the selection of Denmark's Best Bakery.

    9. Tine

      I would like to nominate Baker Street in Karlslunde. It's the best bread I've ever tasted.
      Vh Tine

      1. Christina Nielsen

        I would like to recommend Mesterbageren Haslev, always an experience

    10. Jannie

      I would like to nominate Tyrstrup Brød. Honningkagehuset v / Tove og Torben Jørgensen Haderslevvej 21 6070 Christiansfeld

    11. Heidi Kjelddal

      Nominate Løgstørvejen's bakery in randers

    12. Laila Ishøi

      Would like to nominate Brødstedet in Gislinge
      They make the best bread in the world, the most delicious cinnamon stick you can ever imagine, and their rum balls beat EVERYTHING

    13. Mette Bahn

      I would like to nominate Richard's Bakery Solrød Center

    14. Mona Larsen

      I would like to nominate the Pastry Baker, Storegade Esbjerg.
      * Good baked goods
      * Good deals
      * Friendly service
      * Very creative per. on the social media

    15. Conny Ziegler Pedersen

      Would really like to nominate the Rug baker, Menu Kalundborg. They bake the most delicious bread and the most beautiful and beautiful cakes that taste really fantastic.
      Many greetings
      Conny Ziegler

    16. Bente Jensen

      I would like to nominate Korup Bakery for their always delicious bread. Especially their tree trunks are just absolutely wildly good

    17. Lone gregersen

      I would like to nominate Ølgod Bakery
      They have the best rye bread that people drive far to buy And Always a large assortment of delicious cakes and delicious bread

    18. Anette Holmberg

      I would like to nominate the bakery
      Byens Kagemand, Kirkegade 18, 7490 Aulum.
      They make delicious bread and cakes, and always come up with new exciting initiatives.
      The city's best baker who also takes responsibility for creating skilled apprentices.

    19. Missing Sjørring Bakery Vorupørvej 54, Sjørring
      They bake absolutely amazingly good bread

    20. Rasmus

      Salling the baker

    21. Ida

      I would like to nominate the Jyderup baker 4450 Jyderup.

      Then the bread and cakes of the others can just come on

    22. Would like to nominate Klosterbageriet Tønder

    23. Troels Berg

      I would like to nominate Korup Bakery on Rugårdsvej in Korup on Funen. Denmark's best brownie!

    24. Trine Nielsen

      The world's best bakery ❤

    25. Karin Nielsen

      I would like to nominate the bakery Hart at Gammel Kongevej 109, Frederiksberg. They make bread and cakes that you can't get anywhere else. The range is not large, but tastes great, and there is not without reason often a queue for the SN store.

      1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

        Thank you for your nomination, Karin! Hart is now on the list!

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    Share more than once. It is rare for a post to reach all your followers on social media. Therefore, you may want to encourage people to vote multiple times. Failure to do so too often and in succession will not be considered spam. We also hear from previous winners that the postings are really good at activating followers, so you get more interaction on your Facebook page and good conversations with customers.

    Ask the network for help. Many local / loyal customers would rather than spread your message and get more votes. As nominated in a poll, you get a unique SMS code and it is easy to share in your channels, offline as online.

    Link to the poll from your website. Your website is the hub for many of your most loyal customers. With a link to the poll, you can secure an extra boost to the number of votes.

    Ask for help from local news media. Positive attention to a particular place is also positive attention to the area. That is why your local newspaper, tourist office etc. also has something to gain by helping the nominees in their area. If you have them share your post / link to the poll, it can greatly improve your chances. We see many examples of this.

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