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Guide to Bornholm 2024

Explore the sunshine island - and have a holiday that you will soon forget. The scenic island offers a wealth of experiences for both large and small. These are often based on the rather unique nature that characterizes the holiday island of Bornholm. 

We have compiled a guide to the best experiences, places to eat and accommodation that the island has to offer. 


Bornholm is the ideal destination for you who want to go on adventures in nature - so lace up your hiking boots and pack your backpack, because you will not be bored! Of course, Sunshine Lake also offers relaxation and culture for the whole family. 

Read more about the absolute best experiences on Bornholm below. 

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Restaurants and tasting experiences

Explore everything from local specialties to larger gastronomic dining experiences as you make your way past Bornholm. Get the authentic experience of what the island has to offer - from organic schnapps to Sol Over Gudhjem. 

You can read more about the best taste experiences and places to eat on Bornholm below. 


Bornholm is the ideal destination for a holiday in beautiful Denmark, so we have made a list that gives you an overview of the different types of accommodation that the island has to offer.  

Read more about your accommodation on Bornholm below.

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