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Guide to Skagen 2023

At the top of Denmark is the charming fishing village of Skagen, which with good reason remains one of the country's most popular holiday destinations. The city offers a wide range of cultural experiences for all ages, and with the cozy dune landscape, the roar of the sea and the characteristic yellow houses, the city forms the setting for an idyllic holiday atmosphere. 

We have gathered the best experiences, places to eat and accommodation that the resort has to offer for both young and old. If you want to explore other parts of North Jutland, you can find our local recommendations here.


In Skagen you can find many exciting experiences, whether you are into culture, nature or just pure cosiness in an idyllic setting. Skagen's popularity comes in part from these many experience opportunities, which ensure that there is plenty to do when the whole family goes there.

We have gathered the best experiences that Skagen has to offer - including experiences where the fantastic nature that characterized the city is included. 

Restaurants and tasting experiences

As a popular holiday destination, Skagen of course offers a wide range of delicious eateries that can gastronomically compete with some of the country's best. The resort gets its taste buds activated in the most positive sense.

Below we have made a list of some of the places where the food is tasty and the setting invites for a cozy dinner or lunch.


If you are going on a trip to Skagen and experience the many exciting sights, then it makes things a little more convenient if you have a place to stay overnight. The city has some of the nicest and most remarkable hotels in all of Denmark - so it should probably be possible to find accommodation that falls into good soil with most people.

We have made an overview of the accommodation options, which both provide an insight into the classic idyll that is characteristic of Skagen, as well as form a comfortable setting for a night's sleep and provide an opportunity for relaxation.

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