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Discover Denmark is a website dedicated to our lovely Denmark. In times when it becomes cheaper and easier to travel the world, we would like to take a hit for the many good reasons to stay here.

We started on Instagram, but grew quickly to get the website as well Facebook to gather our tips. Our goal is to map the best experiences in Denmark, big and small, so that you not only get great pictures, but can also use opdagdanmark.dk to map your own trips to the beautiful Danish country and make new (re) discoveries in Denmark.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, rice / praise or anything else, do not hesitate to write to us at info@opdagdanmark.dk.



We help to spot the best places Denmark has to offer, and it has also provided some media coverage to the benefit of the companies we spot. We bring here a selection of the many beautiful articles that have followed in the wake of some of our activities:

TV East: & #8220;Now you can vote: Is Denmark's best ice house with you?

TV 2 Lorry: & #8220;Denmark's best ice house: Lorryland wins 2nd and 3rd place

TV 2 East Jutland: & #8220;Here is Denmark's best burger & #8211; and it's probably not quite what you thought

TV 2 North Jutland: & #8220;Guf & Kugler is Denmark's best ice house

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