The summer sun shines from a cloudless sky, Dannebrog weather the wind and Danes as tourists pilgrimage to beaches and lakes to cool down.

When the heat really comes on, long queues at ice houses and ice cream parlors are probably like the church amen, but where do you actually find Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor today?

We find this out every year by asking you Danes. Below you can see past winners, nominate new places and of course vote for your favorite when voting is underway.

Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor

Every year we elect Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor, so you can see what places are worth visiting when the need for cool ice cream is at its greatest. Vote for your favorite and see past winners.


Due to coronavirus, the vote on Denmark's Best Ice House is postponed indefinitely.

However, you can still nominate your favorite via the box below. Then they are included in the list when the vote starts.

Name your favorite here:


Since there were almost 100 ice cream parlors in the poll in 2018, we have chosen to run preliminary regional polls in 2019. The winners of each of the 5 regions as well as the next 5 with the most votes at national level advance to the final.


After some exciting regional polls, we've found the 10 finalists of the year. From April 12 8 AM to April 23 12 PM you can submit one vote for the ice cream parlor you think should win the title of Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor 2019.

Congratulations to:


The final status:

  1. Café Mrs. Dax, Romo
  2. The ice cream waffle, Ribe
  3. Guf and Kugler, Aalborg
  4. The Waffle Corner, Dog Place
  5. Gelato Di Natura
  6. The Waffle House, Kerteminde
  7. Marina's Kitchen, Stubbekøbing
  8. My IceDream, Ry
  9. Ice corner, Skagen
  10. Guf & Kugler, Nibe

See the winners and all participants from the different regions using the buttons below:


A total of 57,742 votes (!) were submitted this year, and the top 10 ended as follows:
  1. Guf & Kugler in Nibe
  2. Ismageriet at Amager
  3. Vaffelhjørnet in Hundested
  4. Vaffelhuset in Kerteminde
  5. Ismageriet in Søborg
  6. Det Blå Ishus in Tversted
  7. Fjellerup Vaffelbageri on Djursland
  8. Lydolphs Isbar in Ringsted
  9. Isvaflen in Ribe
  10. Is Kompagniet in Løkken
See the full list of all the ice cream parlors here or see the map of the places that got more than 250 votes further down the page.
Guts & Bullets
Ismutter and Søster Guf receives the diploma when they opened their new shop Guf & Kugler in Aalborg.

Winner in 2017

We have asked the followers of OpdagDanmark's Facebook pagewhere you will find the best ice cream parlor in 2017. We have reached over 50.000 Danes and with over 2.000 votes we are now ready to give you the answer.Top 3 of the country's best places to buy ice cream in 2017:
  1. Det Blå Ishus in Tversted
  2. Guf & Kugler in Nibe
  3. Vaffelhuset in Kerteminde
congratulations til winners! The runner ups: Vebbestrup Ismageri, Fjellerup Vaffelbageri, Ismageriet Amagerthe-blue-icehouseThe Premier Ice Cream Flag waves over Det Blå Ishus in Tversted, which with the majority of 2.000 votes can call itself Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor 2017.


  1. Julie Refsgaard


    My favorite is Ishuset at Marselisborg Harbour, it is worth a visit.
    And also Dolce Vita at Trøjborg.

  2. Mikkel

    Vaffelbageriet in Fjellerup is missing from the list.

  3. Niels Jørgen Korsholm


    You need some current pictures of Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor.

    1. The editors

      Hi Niels. That is true, we just need to visit the place first.

  4. Niels Jørgen Korsholm


    Doesn't the pictures of Det Blå Ishus need to be changed to pictures of Guf & Kugler?

  5. Oliver Bugg

    Chris and Marios in Nexø and Gudhjem beat them all. They use pure ingredients, no filler. Greek tradition + the sunshine island = pure love.

  6. Adam Milborg

    Wrappers! New, good and delicious concept of homemade pancakes being rolled! Check out the page and see!

  7. Jette

    The ice cream parlor at Nysted Mole.

  8. Lene lillelund

    Ismageriet Amager is the best place to get ice cream.

  9. Henrik Lauritsen

    I'm travelling home from Australia only to get an ice cream at Guf & Kugler in Nibe - great service and atmosphere at the harbour.

  10. Inge Holmberg Frandsen

    Det Blå Ishus in Tversted serves the best ice cream.

  11. Morten vs. Nielsen

    At Lenette in Øster Hurup you get the best ice cream.

  12. Susan Nørgaard

    Vaffelhjørnet in Hundested

  13. Susan Nørgaard

    Vaffelhjørnet in Hundested

  14. Annie Goldager Malaca

    Guf og Kugler in Nibe. Unmatched service. Definitely a first place for this lovely place.

  15. Jane

    I haven't been able to vote for Ismageriet. Neither yesterday Wednesday nor today?
    Hope that in the future there are only places that make their own ice cream in the poll. Otherwise it's a little silly :)

  16. Jane

    I'm not able to vote today, thursday?

  17. Susanne

    We love the ice cream from Frederiksberg Chokolade.

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