North Jutland's Best Ice House

Who will be North Jutland's Best Ice House 2019? We have set out to find out, so you can find the best places when the urge to cool down strikes. The winner will automatically advance to our poll Denmark's Best Ice Cream Parlor along with the four regional winners as well as the 5 runner ups.

From March 26 at 8 AM to April 11 at 12 PM you can vote for your favorite. To vote do as follows:

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Congratulations to:

Guf & Kugler in Aalborg


The final status:


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Nominate your favorite and tell us why they should win


  1. Gigi

    Clearly Åbybro dairy where you buy the best ice cream

  2. Lis Norup

    Web ice cream is just the best!

  3. Gitte Maarup Andersen

    The happy ice house in Sæby, just has the best ice cream and steam.

  4. Anemette High

    Clearly missing
    & #8216; Waffle Baker Mariager & #8217; on the list.

  5. Nikolai Ronne

    The happy ice house in Sæby

  6. Chris Burke Anne Cecilie

    I nominate the Waffle Baker in Mariager, they make wonderfully good Italian ice cream. Always a highlight to sit in the cozy square with an ice cream from the Waffle Baker.

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