Denmark's Best Museums

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Denmark's best museums are treasure troves that offer a unique mix of past and present, tradition and innovation. These cultural oases are more than just repositories for art and historical artifacts. They are platforms that communicate history in ways that speak to today's audiences, integrate modern technology to create immersive experiences and demonstrate a deep commitment to preserving and communicating Danish cultural heritage. These museums stand out not only for their collections, but also for their ability to create memorable experiences that enrich, educate and inspire visitors of all ages.

That is why we at OpdagDanmark have launched the vote for Denmark's Best Museums! We do this to pay tribute to the experiences that make exploring our heritage and culture exciting.

Denmark's Best Museums

In order to find and vote for Denmark's best museums, we have created a poll where you can vote for your local candidate in the best X-Factor style via SMS or through our app. Along the way, we also find winners for the best museums in North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen & Islands and Zealand & Islands


For the first time, we must have found the country's best museum experiences!
This year's program looks like this:

  • Nominations: Until 7 December
  • Voting: 7 December at 08.00 to 14 December at 1 p.m
Details of this year's poll:
  1. All the museums that receive over 250 votes get a place on the map of Denmark's best museums 2023. 
  2. 14 December at At 1 p.m. we choose the winners and top 3 for North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen, Zealand and of course the whole of Denmark.

Congratulations to:

Experience center Nyvang


...and congratulations to the top 3 winners in regions and nationally:

Denmark's Top 3 Museums:

🥇 Experience center Nyvang, Holbaek
🥈 The Medieval Centre, Nykøbing Falster
🥉 East Funen Museums, Kerteminde

Top 3 in North Jutland:

🥇 Vendsyssel Art Museum
🥈 Vendsyssel Historical Museum
🥉 Museum Mors, Nykøbing Mors

Top 3 in Central Jutland:

🥇 The Industrial Museum, Horsens
🥈 Museum Skanderborg
🥉 Skovgaard Museum

Top 3 in South Jutland:

🥇 Esbjerg Art Museum
🥈 Ribe Art Museum
🥉 Museum Sønderskov

Top 3 on Funen & Islands:

🥇 East Funen Art Museums
🥈 Marstal Maritime Museum
🥉 Faaborg Museum

Top 3 on Zealand & Islands:

🥇 Experience center Nyvang, Holbaek
🥈 The Medieval Centre, Nykøbing Falster
🥉 Heerup Museum

The final position ended as follows:


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ATTENTION! Unfortunately, a human error has meant that it has been possible to vote more than once per participant. Of course, that is not the intention, and therefore on Wednesday 13 December we will remove excess votes, so that only one vote will be registered for each telephone number. We apologize for the error.

UPDATE: All duplicate votes have now been removed, so the position is correct
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  1. Annette

    Egholm Museum, probably Denmark's largest privately owned museum with unique objects from the Second World War, objects from the war that only exist in one copy, namely the one at Egholm. A story worth experiencing and listening to. Egholm museum? Church Hyllinge

  2. Just saw your list of museums and can see that it is too late to join. I would like to bring Denmark's Aviation Museum to next year if possible. We are visited annually by approx. 25,000 people, where they get a unique experience of flying. From Ellehammer 1906 to the F-16 today, Seasoned with an exhibition of objects, vehicles and lots of information.

  3. Ole Hansen


    I was in to vote yesterday, December 9, and here the first 2 on the list had around 800 votes. This morning, December 10. Do they have over 2300 votes each.
    I have just tried to vote several times by voting on an SMS and it turns out that you can easily vote several times.
    On that basis, this vote must be declared invalid and only started once security is under control.

    Ole Hansen

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      hello Ole

      It is unfortunately a human error that has made it possible to vote without restriction. This has now been rectified and all the votes from phone numbers that have already voted have now been removed.

      Mvh Lau / Discover Denmark

  4. Christiane Rasmussen

    Small, very interesting city museum, i.a. with knitting museum

  5. Lene Feldthus Andersen

    Hello Discover Denmark

    Your nomination form is incomplete.

    You have to choose a region, but you do not have all regions as an option, e.g. Bornholm/Hovedstaden.

    I have nominated the wonderful ceramic history museum and living workshop Hjorths Fabrik in Rønne on Boenholm. And had to choose Zealand as the region Something of an insinuation

    I really hope that you specify the right area for the museum - and correct the choice of regions

    The best greetings

    Lene Feldthus

  6. Anette Jorgensen

    The Sognefogedgården museum is an old farmstead from the 15th century. The farm was a fiefdom under Knivholt Hovedgård. It is one of the few remains of the old Vester-Flade in what used to be Fladstrand, now Frederikshavn.
    Sognefogedgården is the only place in Frederikshavn where you can experience how people lived in the area 100 years ago. Here, guided tours tell funny anecdotes about the farm's last owner, Peter Munk, who was a millionaire.
    The farm is today a museum, and stands almost as it did when Peter Munk owned the farm, and looks like it did around the year 1900. Worth a visit, where you get an insight into life in the area at the beginning of the 20th century.
    The museum gives visitors the feeling that those who lived here have just gone for a walk.
    They tell the story of ordinary Frederikshavners while they walk dressed like the old days.
    Chickens and ducks walk around the farmyard, and the ponies in the paddock in the field. It gives a real Morten Korch atmosphere in the middle of the city.

  7. Bjarne Pedersen

    The museum describes itself as the guardian of memories and does its best to preserve the memories of the good old days, when fun and togetherness were paramount and everything went not so fast.
    The VW & Retro Museum is a privately owned museum with an impressive collection of 20 old folk cars, special trailers and caravans, mopeds, bicycles and lots of retro things, which fit in vintage with the 1950s to the 1980s.
    In addition, there are many original exhibitions and collections of photo shops, the utility room, grocer, hairdresser, post office, radio shop.

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