The Medieval Centre

Denmark's 2nd Best Museum 2023

Welcome to a world where the Middle Ages is not just part of the history books, but a living, breathing experience. The Medieval Center in Nykøbing Falster, voted Denmark's 2nd best museum in 2023 by OpdagDanmark, is a time capsule waiting to be explored. 

Here are 10 reasons why your next adventure should be a trip back to the Middle Ages.

10 good reasons to visit the Medieval Centre

  1. A living medieval town. Step into Sundkøbing, an authentically reconstructed medieval town, where you can experience daily life as it was over 600 years ago. Meet artisans, merchants and local residents who all contribute to a unique historical atmosphere.
  2. Knight tournaments and weapon demonstrations. Follow the excitement of jousting tournaments, where brave knights fight for honor and fame. Also experience demonstrations of medieval weapons, including the world's largest blade.
  3. Interactive experiences. In the Medieval Center it is not just an exhibition – it is an interactive experience. Touch objects, try on medieval costumes and participate in everyday activities to get a full feel of life in the Middle Ages.
  4. The technology park. Explore inventions that changed the world. In the Technology Park, you can see and touch Leonardo Da Vinci and other medieval inventors' brilliant creations, recreated in full size.
  5. A taste of the Middle Ages.
    The café offers a selection of sandwiches, ice cream, chips, soft drinks, tea and coffee, ideal for a quick snack. Enjoy food in the café or a cup of coffee while the children play in the nearby activity areas. A daily medieval dish is also served in the Gæstgiveriet Den Gyldne Svane, which complements the medieval atmosphere.
  6. Sailing ships and the harbour. Admire the beautiful sailing ships that dock in the harbor. These ships are not just for decoration – they are fully functional and an important part of the centre's maritime history.
  7. Craft demonstrations. Watch skilled artisans in action as they forge, weave and perform other traditional crafts. It's a great way to understand and appreciate the skills that were needed in the Middle Ages.
  8. Child-friendly activities. The medieval center is a paradise for curious children. With special activities and areas designed for children, it is a place where the youngest visitors can learn and have fun.
  9. Unique Events and festivals. The center hosts a number of special events and festivals throughout the year, giving visitors a chance to experience the Middle Ages in new and exciting ways.
  10. An award-winning experience. As Denmark's 2nd best museum in 2023 according to OpdagDanmark, the Medieval Center is recognized for its unique ability to bring history to life in an educational and entertaining way.
Interested in a visit? You can read much more about opening times, events, ticket booking etc. on the centre's website:

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