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Guide to Rømø 2024

The charming island is one of the Danish Wadden Sea islands in the Wadden Sea. The island is 128.86 km² large and has a population of 559 inhabitants. Rømø is located 10 km out in the North Sea, and is exclusively connected to the mainland via the Rømø dam.

Below we have compiled a guide to the best experience, places to eat and accommodation that the island has to offer. 


The charming Wadden Sea island offers a wealth of experiences for the whole family. Many of these experiences are based on the fantastic nature that surrounds the island.

Read more about the experiences that you just have to experience on Rømø below. 

© Tandrup Nature photo © Wadden Sea National Park

Restaurants and tasting experiences

Are you into great gastronomic experiences, local specialties or do you just want to find the island's best ice cream? Rømø offers it all, so there is something for everyone. We have compiled a guide to the absolute best dining and tasting experiences that you can find on the island.  


We can highly recommend taking an overnight stay or two on scenic Rømø - Whatever you are for camping, hotel or authentic accommodation with the locals, the island offers it all. Wake up to a wonderful holiday idyll on Rømø, and be well rested for a whole day with exciting experiences for the whole family. 

Read more about your accommodation options on Rømø below. 

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