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Experiences at Rømø 2024

The charming Wadden Sea island offers a wealth of experiences for the whole family. Many of these experiences are based on the fantastic nature that surrounds the island.

We have compiled an overview of the absolute best experiences that Rømø has to offer below. 

Denmark's largest national park 

Explore the Wadden Sea National Park

Experience the changeable and quite unique nature that takes place in the Wadden Sea National Park. This nature experience is for the whole family - and one that you will soon forget. Among other things, you can come on a guided oyster trip, seal safari or Wadden Sea hike.

Read more about the national park and upcoming events below. 

© Tandrup Nature photo © Wadden Sea National Park

© Rømø-Tønder Tourist Office © Nationalmuseets Kommommandgård

Get close to the past

Visit the National Museum's Commander's Farm

The commander's farm dates back to the middle of the 18th century, and the farm testifies to an incredible prosperity that the commanders of the large whaling boats brought to Rømø. 

Read more about the museum, opening hours and prices below. 

Activities for the whole family 

Let go of your inner child on Sønderstrand

Get out into nature, burn off a lot of energy and have fun at the same time - At Sønderstrand there is the opportunity to let go of your inner child in the various vehicles that you can book through Kitesyd. And best of all? It is simply the wind that drives the vehicles, so you can get lots of speed. 

Read more about the different vehicles, courses and activities that Kitesyd offers below. 

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© Visit Rømø & Tønder

Rømø's most beautiful view

Enjoy the view from Spidsbjerg

You will find the island's most beautiful view at the top of Spidsbjerg, Rømø's highest point, in Kirkeby Plantage. From the 19 meter high hilltop you have a fantastic view to the west to the west, to the south you can see all the way to Havneby, the ferry and the German island of Herring, and finally to the north you get a beautiful view of the plantation - in clear weather you can glimpse Esbjerg on the horizon. 

Unforgettable experience for the whole family

Experience Rømø Dragon Festival

At the beginning of September every year you can experience Rømø Dragon Festival. The festival will be held at Lakolk Strand, and in the year 2022 it will take place on the 2nd - 4th of September. 

Take the family under your arm and experience this spectacular sight that unfolds on the beach these days. Thousands of colorful kites adorn the sky above the beach - the kites come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors, it is almost only the imagination that sets the limits. 

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Release your inner play child

Rømø Medical and Labyrinth Park

Go to Rømø play and labyrinth park and let go of your inner play child!
It is also perfect for team building with work, where you can be shaken together mentally, but also physically. There are lots of games that require cooperation to be able to solve the tasks. but also the four labyrinths.

Take a shopping trip to Lakolk's shopping center

Lakolks Butikcenter

Lakolk Shopping Center is a long square filled with shopping and dining. Grab an ice cream with the family and enjoy the atmosphere of cosiness and holiday.

Rømø's most beautiful harbor


If you turn left at the traffic light and continue straight on, you will come to Havneby. It is located in the southern part and is the largest town on Rømø. Havneby is a coastal town where the garden was laid out back in the early 60's and shrimp shrimp and mussels are fished. You can sail to Herring by ferry from Havneby. 

Visit the South Jutland round tower

Marsh Tower

Take from Rømø to the mainland at Skærbæk and experience Marsk Tower on your own.  

It is a lookout tower 25 meters above the Earth and which lets you experience a panoramic (360 degree) view of the marsh. 

In Skærbækcenteret there is room for everyone


Skærbækscenteret is an activity center full of cosiness, experiences and time for presence. There is a holiday village with 100 beautiful houses and which is furnished with everything that belongs to a holiday. When you live in the resort you have free access to the water park, fitness center, playground and badminton courts. Everything the playful needs!
Skærbækscenteret is not only a holiday town, but it is also a course and conference center and in addition there is both a restaurant and a cafe. Restaurant Stafelli offers a la carte dishes, buffet evenings and menus for children. The café offers everything from salads to their own Skærbæk burger. You can also get everything from hot drinks  for a cold teddy bear.

See and feel Wegner's works 

Wegner Museum

Go to the old Water Tower in Tønder and visit the Hans J. Wegner Museum. The old water tower stood empty for almost 15 years and there was talk of a demolition, but since it is the city's 40 meter high landmark, they were sad to have to demolish it. 

Take a shot at balls at Rømø Golf Course

Enjoy the view towards the sea at Rømø Golf Course

The course was designed by Michael Traasdahl Møller with a view to the traditional Scottish links courses. The course has 18 holes and is characterized by lakes as well as a fantastic view of the dunes and the sea. 

Make your own candles at Søren

Rømø Lys

Go to Rømø Lys and see how the different candles are cast. They are made using old working principles and the very best raw materials are used to cast candles in the best quality.
You can even design your own candle and when you have made all the candles you can, enjoy a cold beer from the Wadden Sea Brewery and taste the beers from the area.

Experience the beautiful Wadden Sea nature on the bike

The Royal March Route

Take the bike ride over the dam and see the beautiful marsh on your bike ride. Experience nature where the farmers in Tøndermarsken went and the royal mansion, Shackenborg. You come through small villages, but also to Tønder, which is Denmark's oldest market town where there are topics of trade and activities. It is a flat route that stretches over 41 km.

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