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Find an easy way to unique experiences - large and small - in the Danish country with our free app and map

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What to experience in Denmark?


What places would you take with you if you were to make one top 10 of experiences in Denmark? Would it be the big attractions like Tivoli in Copenhagen or would you mention the small beach hotel on Jutland's west coast? Maybe a mix?

Either way, it's a list that can be quite impossible to shorten down to 10. The only sure thing is that your list of experiences will hardly be similar to quite a few others.

We Danes do not know much about what is worth experiencing in our country.

It's both sad and amazing, because we should all know a lot about it. But if we do not, then there is just a lot left to go out and discover!

That is why we have started Discover Denmark.

We had no idea what the best experiences were for some and where we should go to find them. You know, those unique places that you just have to have visited and checked off on your bucket list.

There were also nowhere to get an overview back then in 2015, so therefore we have now made a map of Denmark and an app that brings together all the best places to visit!

We hope you enjoy using the map, downloading the app and voting for your favorites. In this way, we can all - Danes as well as foreign tourists - get the best overview of large and small sights and attractions, hidden eateries and restaurants as well as places to stay overnight.

Thank you - and good discovery!

The best greetings

Lau & Sebastian
Founders of OpdagDanmark