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Very close to all kinds of wild animals

Aalborg Zoo is open 363 days a year - and no two days are the same. With well over 100 different exotic animal species, there are educational experiences for the whole year. The park is visited annually by around 450,000 people and works purposefully to be a year-round attraction, where the garden's cozy setting can be used for many different events.

In the city's zoo, you can look forward to great experiences with all kinds of animals - where you can both learn more and be well entertained. Every day, the zookeepers are ready to tell and answer questions about the many exotic, and in many cases endangered, animals in the garden. The park contributes to nature conservation and makes a great effort to strengthen efforts for the endangered animal species. Breeding programs for endangered animal species help ensure genetic diversity for future populations. In the garden, Aalborg Zoo's research and breeding cooperation is communicated to the guests, so that they gain insight into this part of the Zoo's work.

The zoo is Aalborg's most popular attraction and a pleasant and educational experience for all generations. As the only place in Denmark, garden guests can meet the Asiatic lion, African elephants and Borneo orangutan here.

The garden is open 363 days a year, so there is also plenty of opportunity to enjoy the many lovely baby animals in the garden and follow their development and behaviour. This year there is a special reason to visit the polar bears, who have two playful cubs, or to stop by the predator house and meet the new Asian females, who will hopefully come down with cubs during the spring.

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Special activities

There are many reasons to come again and again, and there are various activities, special exhibitions and events all year round that can entertain and make both children and adults wise to the world's nature and wildlife.

News 2023: Space

Experience the new educational exhibition about the UN's World Goals called "World Space". With the exhibition, the zoo will, over a period of three years, introduce the garden's guests to selected global goals. The park stages the World Goals in a different and adventurous way, where children and adults have the opportunity to have an educational, playful and fun experience at the same time as they gain a great understanding of the UN's 17 World Goals. In 2023, the focus of the space will be especially on the Global Goals 7) Sustainable energy, 14) Life in the sea, 15) Life on land and 17) Partnerships for action.  Each room in the exhibition will have a focus on one of the four selected World Goals and, through fun and play, will convey the goal's intention towards a more sustainable development for both people and the planet.

News 2023: Madagascar area

2023-madagascar area

In the former chimpanzee facility, a new large Madagascar area is being built with several new lemur species and exotic birds from the large island with its unique wildlife. Guests have the opportunity to walk through the wild lemur mecca and experience the animals up close.  In addition to ensuring animal welfare, the purpose of the Madagascar area and the lemur facility is to contribute to the dissemination of the exciting wildlife on Madagascar as well as the threats to which the island's animals are exposed. In the Madagascar area, it will be possible to experience both the lemurs' large indoor and outdoor facility, which consists of lots of climbing opportunities and other various elements for the animals' activation.

Face to face with the giants of the past

small dinosaurs

In Aalborg Zoo you can also experience a dinosaur exhibition out of the ordinary. No one has ever seen them alive. The mystery of them is great, and the questions and theories about their origin, life and extinction are many. And that is perhaps the explanation why the fighters from the distant past continue to have an almost magical attraction for both children and adults.

In the dinosaur exhibition, EXTINCTION, guests come into close contact with 20 impressive dinosaurs in life size. The exhibition is a time journey from today's fossil excavations back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, and contains tales of new luxuriant life arising, the merciless battles of giant herbivores and predatory dinosaurs, and finally an all-destroying destruction.


Again this year, Aalborg Zoo transforms the garden into an eerily cozy universe, where children and their parents can both enjoy many Halloween activities based on the animals, and for the particularly brave there will also be challenges with lots of spooky and scary experiences.

Christmas at the Zoo

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Since 2019, Aalborg Zoo has held Christmas in the Zoo, where the doors are opened for a spectacular decoration of the park. An extremely popular tradition has been created with magical light landscapes and thousands of Christmas lights that guests can follow and admire through their walk around the garden.

Christmas in the Zoo is a completely different way to experience the zoo, where the darkness and the beautiful lights are more in focus than the animals.

Christmas in the Zoo is extremely popular with guests from near and far, and we can highly recommend a visit when you want to be in the right Christmas spirit.

See the entire Christmas program here:

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Unique experiences up close

Take a walk on the impressive footbridge, which provides a unique view of the lion and tiger facility, and get up close and personal when the majestic predators are fed in their indoor facility. Step into the area of the cute goats, who are always ready to be cuddled, and experience the pink flamingos up close. 


The savannah has come to the city of Aalborg, and here you can, among other things, get close to the world's tallest animal - the giraffe.  


On the Savannah, a footbridge has been established in 2020, so that the children can reach eye level with the giraffes.

Events and activities for young and old

The garden offers a sea of activities and attractions for the whole family all year round. In the middle of the garden you will find a large playground with, among other things, swings, climbing tower and slides.

On Zoofariscenen, located next to the playground, you can experience trained animals and exciting stories about the animals' strange world. Every day, it is also possible to get very close when the many animals of the garden are fed.

On Aalborg Zoos Facebook you can also see what has happened right now of special events etc.


Below you can see the prices, discounts and benefits of annual passes.

Entrance fees vary according to season, so you can get the best insight into the prices for the days you want to visit the park by clicking on the price overview here:


  • 20 % discount is given to groups of 20+
  • On Christmas Eve, 24 December, it has been open since 2009 at 10-13 med free entry(!), sponsored by Zoo and North Jutland Media

Season ticket

If you buy annual passes, you can visit the park as often as you like. It also provides a free visit to e.g. Ree Park at Djursland, Odense Zoo and Givskud Zoo, discounts in other attractions as well as a lot of other benefits and experiences.

Opening hours

One of the things that makes season tickets particularly popular with guests is that you can visit the park all year round. Opening hours are as follows:

Open every day from 10:00

(Only with the exception of December 31 and January 1).

Possibilities for parking

It is quite free to park by the garden. There are parking spaces for more than 800 cars outside the entrance to the garden as well as in the surrounding area. There is a maximum of 500 meters to the garden from the car parks furthest away.

What do the guests say?

Frequently asked questions

Below we have compiled a list of all the conceivable questions we have received from guests - and which we can otherwise think of.

If you do not find an answer to your question below, you are very welcome to write to us at info@opdagdanmark.com

It is open every single day from 10 am. However, the park is completely closed on 31 December and 1 January.

Yes it is there. Much has been done to make the garden easy for everyone to walk in. It is possible to borrow a free wheelchair from the staff at the entrance.

Yes. Dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash and do not bother the zoo animals and the other guests. Note that it is not in all animal houses that dogs are allowed to be brought. This is marked on the individual houses.

There is free parking for more than 800 cars in the area around the main entrance and the garden itself. 

When you buy an annual card, you can visit the park as often as you want, from the day you buy the card, and one year onwards.

8 hectares, which makes Aalborg Zoo one of the smallest zoos in Denmark.

On an annual basis, the zoo in Aalborg has approx. 400,000 guests, making it one of the attractions Denmark's main attractions

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  1. Good place

    Give a discount to old-age pensioners

  2. great experience


  3. Top nice zoo

    We have a really nice Zoo here in Aalborg, filled with a lot of different interesting animals & #8211; they can be experienced both inside and outside. A tour of the train garden around is an option & #8230; Performing several times daily on the big stage is quite entertaining for small & large children. Food is very welcome to bring & #8230; alternatively it can be purchased in 4 different locations in the garden. As something new, kids can frolic in the large playground connected to the forest behind the zoo via a long cable car that traverses across the parking lot and up into the wooden crowns. The visit can be rounded off in the large kiosk at the entrance / exit and perhaps the cow can become, for example, a toy animal to enjoy on the return trip.

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