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Cozy zoo with experiences for the whole family

One of Denmark's nicest zoos, located in the middle of Aalborg city. Aalborg Zoo gives the whole family an exciting insight into the world of animals, and is always worth a visit.

Here you get tips and tricks about:

 - Special exhibitions
 - Events
 - Prices, discounts and annual passes
 - Parking 
 - And much more!

The zoo located in Aalborg is one of Denmark's biggest attractions and a sure hit among families with children. The great popularity can be seen, among other things, in the large number of annual tickets sold, as well as the fact that the zoo is in the top 25 when we look at Denmark's most visited attractions. If you are in Aalborg, and like animals, then a visit here is a must try.

The place offers a small, cozy garden with experiences for the whole family. Everywhere in the garden there are small oases with green areas where you can enjoy the rich wildlife.

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Special activities in Aalborg Zoo

Many reasons are given for coming again and again, and they do, among other things. with various activities, special exhibitions and events. Here you can read about some of them:

(NOTE: The special exhibitions are included in the entrance ticket)

Extinction - the dinosaurs are coming!

In 2019, you have been able to experience the spectacular dinosaur exhibition, which tells the story of how dinosaurs have evolved over millions of years.

During our own visit, we explored among the roaring, lifelike giants, all of whom were life-size. This really impressed the kids.

Extinction can be experienced from April 4 to October 18.

Christmas in Aalborg Zoo

During Christmas 2019, there was extra spectacular decoration in the park. Thousands of Christmas lights, which accompanied the guests through magical light landscapes, were hung up at will. 

This was an important factor in the fact that several annual passes were sold that year, especially for Christmas presents, which made the event a great success for the garden, and testifies that it has been worth visiting.

Due to its popularity, Christmas at the Zoo will be coming again next December. If you are considering visiting Aalborg Zoo in December, then this can be highly recommended to see the beautiful Christmas lights and experience the animals in the cozy Christmas atmosphere.

Unique experiences up close

Take a walk on the impressive footbridge, which provides a unique view of the lion and tiger facility, and get up close and personal when the majestic predators are fed in their indoor facility. Step into the area of the cute goats, who are always ready to be cuddled, and experience the pink flamingos up close. 

The savannah has come to the city of Aalborg, and here you can, among other things, get close to the world's tallest animal - the giraffe.  


Events and activities for young and old

The garden offers a sea of activities and attractions for the whole family. In the middle of the garden you will find a large playground with, among other things, swings, climbing tower and slides.

On Zoofariscenen, located next to the playground, you can experience trained animals and exciting stories about the animals' strange world. Every day, it is also possible to get very close when the many animals of the garden are fed. 

In the fall holidays, children can be pet passes for a day. Here they can help the animal carers with feeding the animals and cleaning in the facilities. They can also take a trip on the Zoo train, which tells exciting stories about the animals of the garden. The activities are free, but it usually costs DKK 20 to join the train ride.   

In line with the dinosaur special exhibition, you can also dig for fossils in the large sandbox, where both bones and eggs from the magnificent dinosaurs are hidden.  

dinosaur bone


To give you a quick overview of admission and annual passes, we have made this table:

High season: April 1 - August 31
Low Season: January 2 & #8211; March 31 + September 1 & #8211; December 30

Low season High season Season ticket
Adult 185 kr. 205 kr. 435 kr.
Children (3-11 years) 99 kr. 119 kr. 275 kr.
Student 148 kr. 164 kr. 350 kr.


  • 20 % discount is given to groups of 20+
  • Christmas Eve December 24 has been there since 2009 free entry(!)

Season ticket

It is possible to buy an annual pass so you can visit the park as often as you like. The price of the annual card is also shown in the table above.

Opening hours

One of the things that makes season tickets especially popular with guests is that you can visit the park all year round. Aalborg Zoo opening hours are as follows:

Open every day from 10 only with the exception of 31 December and 1 January.

Possibilities for parking

It is quite free to park by the garden. There are parking spaces for more than 800 cars outside the entrance to the garden as well as in the surrounding area. There is a maximum of 500 meters to the garden from the car parks furthest away.

What do the guests say?

Frequently asked questions

Below we have compiled a list of all the conceivable questions we have received from guests - and which we can otherwise think of.

If you do not find the answer to your question below, you are very welcome to write to us at info@opdagdanmark.dk

Is it disability-friendly?

Yes it is there. Much has been done to make the garden easy for everyone to walk in. It is possible to borrow a free wheelchair from the staff at the entrance.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes. Dogs are welcome as long as they do not disturb the zoo animals and the other guests. Note that it is not in all animal houses that dogs are allowed to be brought.

Where can I park?

There is free parking for more than 800 cars in the area around the main entrance and the garden itself. 

How much is the entrance fee?

Adults in the low season: 160 kr. 
Children aged 3-11 in the low season: DKK 99.

Adults in high season: 190kr. 
Children aged 3-11 in the low season: DKK 119.

It is possible to get a student discount.

How does the annual card work?

You purchase an annual pass once during the season, which enables you to visit the park as often as you like. It costs:


Students get a discount, and only have to part with 350, -

When is Aalborg Zoo open?

It is open every day from 10 am.

How big is the garden?

8 hectares

How many visitors does the zoo have?

On an annual basis, the zoo in Aalborg has approx. 400,000 guests, making it one of the attractions Denmark's main attractions

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  1. Top nice zoo

    We have a really nice Zoo here in Aalborg, filled with a lot of different interesting animals & #8211; they can be experienced both inside and outside. A tour of the train garden around is an option & #8230; Performing several times daily on the big stage is quite entertaining for small & large children. Food is very welcome to bring & #8230; alternatively it can be purchased in 4 different locations in the garden. As something new, kids can frolic in the large playground connected to the forest behind the zoo via a long cable car that traverses across the parking lot and up into the wooden crowns. The visit can be rounded off in the large kiosk at the entrance / exit and perhaps the cow can become, for example, a toy animal to enjoy on the return trip.

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