The best seaside hotels in Denmark

Sea side hotels in Denmark have had a true renaissance with TV 2's popular TV series 'Badehotellet'. Rarely has it been as popular to have a stay at a sea side hotel as in the old days, but where do you actually find the best ones? We have done the research and here we bring to you the definitive guide.

Scroll down to see:

  • Top 10 in 2019: Big vote with the Danes' favorites (6,878 votes)
  • The 16 selected i Denmark's most beautiful seaside hotels on TV 2
  • The list of hotels that have restaurants listed in White Guide (for those looking for a romantic stay)
  • The history of the sea side holiday and the first bathing pensions in video and pictures

However, we begin with a small appetizer:

In the booklet "Skagen Badehotel on Grenen - Danmarks Healthcare Source" from 1912 the text reads:

"You get out of bed, go to the window and open it! The air from the sea flows in so fresh and salty that you can probably feel it on your tongue when you lick your mouth. "

Back then the pamphlet did what TV 2's TV series does today - makes us dream of the uncomplicated life and wellness of staying by the water. This is probably why you have come to this site as well. But where are those places where you can still experience the classic Danish sea side holiday at a waterfront hotel? You can of course take one of the expensive ones, but the truth is that after TV 2's hit series took the country by storm, a lot of hotels have been stuffing 'sea side' in front of 'hotel' in name or description. That is why we have created this overview, where we guide you to the best places with the help of experts and your votes (you can vote further down).

Denmark's Best Seaside Hotels

danmarks bedste badehotel
To make it easier to find the best sea side hotels in Denmark, we have a poll every year where we ask the Danes what hotels they can recommend to others.

Before the season really begins, we select the best so that you can find the places worth a visit.


In connection with TV 2's viewing of the 6th season of their popular TV series, it is time to find out where to find the best sea side hotels in Denmark 2019.

To vote, do the following:

  1. Find your favorite in the list below
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    From computer: Find the code and enter it in a text message
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You can vote for up to 3 favorites and you only pay regular SMS fare.

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In order to get a fair vote without cheating, certain rules and conditions apply. Read them here:

See the rules and terms for our polls as well as tips for nominees here

If your favorite is not on the list, you can nominate it by using the comment box at the bottom of the page or email us at

The poll ends when we have watched the last episode of season 6 of 'Badehotellet'. The last chance to vote is therefore before Wednesday, March 6 at 12 o clock.

Congratulations to:

🏆 - Knudhule Badehotel - 🏆
Denmark's Best Sea Side Hotel 2019

The overall position ended as following:

  1. Knudhule Badehotel, Ry
  2. Brøndums Hotel, Skagen
  3. Strandhotellet, Blokhus
  4. Ruth's Hotel, Skagen
  5. Dyvig Badehotel, Northern Als
  6. Hotel Bretagne, Hornbæk
  7. Ilse Made, Samsø
  8. Strandgaarden, Læsø
  9. Stammershalle, Bornholm
  10. Villa Vest, Lønstrup


The first year of our poll, we ended up sending the award to North Jutland and Løkken Badehotel. The top 10 ended as followed:

  1. Løkken Badehotel 
  2. Strandlyst, Samsø 
  3. Strandgaarden on Læsø 
  4. Ilse Made, Samsø 
  5. Ruth's Hotel, Skagen 
  6. Brøndums Hotel, Skagen
  7. Ballen, Samsø
  8. Villa Vest, Lønstrup
  9. Tannishus, Tversted
  10. Hotel Løkken Strand

See the distribution of all 5,880 votes here

If you don't trust the 5,880 Danes, you can also see the the hotels that the TV 2 experts selected:

The list of TV 2's most beautiful sea side hotels in Denmark

After the big hit with the TV series, TV2 shortly after brought Denmark's most beautiful sea side hotels, where three experts, in the beginning of 2015, visited 16 actual sea side hotels and bathing pensions to find the best. These 16 places were selected and visited:

The hotels with restaurants in White Guide

White Guide is a recognized guide to the best restaurants in the Nordic countries. Over 300 Danish restaurants are included in the guide, which also include several sea side hotels. If you are a foodie or just looking for a luxury stay all around, the following hotels are worth a visit:

The list is of the hotels that are or have been included in the White Guide. Have we forgotten anyone? Write to OpdagDanmark on Facebook or via the comment box further down.

The history of bathing holidays

The first bathing pensions appeared in the late 19th century. This is where the finer citizenship begins to holiday and in Copenhagen it is no longer good enough to take a trip to Frederiksberg (which at this time is considered to be in the countryside). As physicians began to prescribe fresh air and sea baths against diseases, it became exotic for the wealthy families of Copenhagen to bring their servants with them and move into summer residences in the countryside or on the coasts.

The first bathing pensions

Fanø Vesterhavsbad opened as the first decidedly spa and bathing pension in the early 1890s. Watch video clips of the hotel and the old baths.

The spa hotel lived a tumultuous life with changing owners after the war and was finally closed in 1989.

Among the first bathing pensions was also Skagen Badehotel, which opened to bathers in 1898. The place was among the largest and finest and was visited by royals, rulers and wealthy people from home and abroad. The idyllic location on Grenen can be seen below in 1912. The hotel tragically burned as a result of a lightning strike in 1938. Read more about the fire at the sea side hotel in Skagen.

En af de første badeoteller i Danmark - Skagen Badehotel i 1912

The Holiday Act of 1938

In the beginning, only the rich and wealthy had the opportunity to vacation. However, industrialization in the late 1800s led to a separation between work and leisure. Together with the ban on Sunday work from 1891, it helped to start the allotment movement and in time the concept of weekend also found its way to Denmark.

In 1938 the Holiday Act happened, which secured employees holiday with pay. In 1939 the law gave you 9 days of paid holiday and from 1940 a full 12 days (!). Today, the Holiday Act guarantees you 5 weeks of holiday and many have the option of a sixth holiday week through their agreement.

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  1. Jan Grau Rasmussen

    I will definitely vote for Brøndum's hotel

  2. Niels Bjerg

    Hotel Tannishus gets my vote - great location and friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  3. Hanne Vestergaard

    Will vote for Knudhule Badehotel, a lovely place, great food and service, cozy rooms and perfectly located with woods and water nearby, perfect for a trip on MTB 🙂

  4. Mette Houmann

    I would like to nominate Brøndum's hotel

  5. per

    Knudhule Badehotel, in Ry is the best

  6. Anne Lise sorensen

    Knudhule Badehotel

  7. Anne Lise sorensen

    My favorite is Knudhule Badehotel

  8. Susanne Schunck

    I would like to nominate Hotel Hesselet - a fantastic hotel - beautiful scenery, lovely food - it has it all

  9. Michael Prip

    Great location. close to town and beach. Great facilitates

  10. Tenna Petersen

    My vote goes to Strandhotellet Blokhus, where we had a super good experience in the summer 2018.

  11. Tue Nyegaard

    I was not allowed to send SMS for the vote of this year's best seaside hotel 2019 when SMS to the phone number 92452404 reported that message could not be delivered.


    1. The editors

      Hi Tue. Please try again. When a message cannot be delivered, it is due to network outages or your own phone's connection to it. We have no trouble receiving votes.

    2. Flemming

      Write your nominee without spaces

      1. The editors

        In fact, it is including spaces, Flemming. But when Tue says the message can't be delivered, it's a network error.

  12. Kirsten Kjær

    Clearly one of the best in the country and of course Bornholm in particular

  13. Susanna Greve

    Pension Vestergade 44 on Ærø

  14. Susanna Greve

    Pension Vestergade 44

  15. Anette Nielsen

    It must definitely be DYVIG Badehotel on Als. The most beautiful location.

  16. Jonna Lykke Sørensen

    I vote for Strandhotellet Blokhus.

  17. Derek Banner

    I vote for Strandhotellet in Blokhus

  18. Allan Thomsen

    Beautiful seaside hotel in Denmark's most beautiful seaside resort ..

    1. Pia is probably DK's best hotel?

  19. Trine the jorgensen

    Strandhotellet Blokhus. Fantastic experience. Service and gourmet food - top class.

  20. Jytte Helbo

    Strandhotellet Blokhus

  21. Lisbet Have

    I can't find the list of nominees.

    1. The editors

      Hi Lisbet. It may be difficult to say why the list does not appear to you. We can see at the amount of votes that the majority can see it. Try accessing the page from another machine.

  22. Rita Salling

    Strandhotellet Blokhus

  23. Alice Weensgaard

    Strandhotellet Blokhus

  24. Mie Agerholm Christensen

    I will definitely vote for Strandhotellet Blokhus. The french fries-town of Blokhus has really been given a gem, which contrasts with all the trash that have always been in town. SO delicious facilities. Rooms, food, service, atmosphere - everything is just the best.
    On the other hand, I do not understand at all that Løkken Badehotel scores so many votes .. You eat well, but that is also the best. The rooms aren't cozy and there is too much carnival just outside the door.
    Price and quality are related.

  25. Helle Christensen

    The cozy Strandhotellet in Blokhus.

  26. Strandhotellet Blokhus

  27. Kurt Langkjær

    Badehotellet Blokhus

  28. Lisbeth Veller

    I vote for Strandhotellet Blokhus - A GREAT and BEAUTIFUL place

  29. Annamarie Andersen

    Strandhotellet Blokhus

  30. Inge Ostersen

    I vote for Strandhotellet Blokhus

  31. jens Chr. Raven

    I vote for Strandhotellet in Blokhus.

  32. Jørgen Moth

    I would like to vote for Strandhotellet in Blokhus where I stayed on July 2, 2017 (opening day) and have visited several times with guests

  33. Keld Hasle Jakobsen

    Votes for Strandhotellet Blokhus

  34. Kim Rosenkilde

    Votes for Klithjem in Vejers. Fantastic place

  35. Myrna Jensen

    I would like to nominate hotel Bretagne in Hornbæk. It is fantastic, the city is lovely and the food and service are fantastic

  36. Bodil Agerskov

    I'm missing Henne Mølle Å Badehotel, Henne Strand.

  37. E. Schultz

    It will definitely be Knudhule Badehotel in Ry, where delicious food is served in cozy rooms by a very service-minded wait staff. And not to forget the magnificent nature right by Knud Lake. The place is an absolute must to visit.

  38. Karine Scheel

    If Svinkløv Badehotel isn't in the poll, I vote for Villa Vest in Lønstrup

    1. The editors

      Hi Karine
      Both Svinkløv and Villa Vest are already on thethe list. You can vote for both of them as you have up to 3 votes 🙂

  39. Why is the Bretagne Badehotel not included?

  40. Sofie slippery

    I would like to nominate Hotel Bretagne in Hornbæk

  41. Where is Hotel Bretagne in Hornbæk?
    An original sea side hotel with history dating back to 1939

  42. Lone Christian

    I would like to vote for Dyvig Badehotel on Als. Most beautiful sea side hotel and exquisite service.

  43. Maj-Britt Skaarup Christensen

    Dyvig Badehotel is beautiful and quiet and in beautiful old design, Denmark's most beautiful sea side hotel with everything that belongs to it. I have been a guest of several occasions, Christmas party, several times eaten out there and once spent the night there. Simply the most beautiful location and I enjoy it every single time ..
    And coming there again simply cannot help but.
    Kh Maj-Britt

  44. Lisbet Have

    Knudhule Badehotel by Knudsø in Ry is to be included in the list.

  45. The old sea side hotel / bathing pension Sommerhjemmet in Gl. Skagen.
    Now called Skagenklit A / S. The place is without a restaurant, but has 20 fantastic apartments for rent / own only 100 meters from the beach and with sea views from most apartments.

  46. Susanne Schmidt

    I would like to nominate Rødvig inn and sea side hotel.
    Great food and service. Located beautifully and is truly an upcomming place.
    Very knowledgeable owners.

    1. The editors

      Rødvig Kro and Badehotel is added to the list, Susanne. Thanks for your nomination!

  47. Flemming Starcke-Jensen

    I want to bring my wife Lene

  48. I would like to nominate Dyvig Badehotel in Nordborg. A truly unique place.

  49. Søs ledet Schmidt

    Would definitely recommend Kallehavegaard Badehotel in Løkken
    I visited this summer with my boyfriend and will definitely be going again this year

  50. Mikkel

    Kallehavegaard Badehotel in Løkken

  51. Annalise Thomsen

    Ilse Made is a Lise for the soul - lovely pampering. Great room and great food

  52. Louise kisses

    Kildegaard Badehotel & pension in Tisvildeleje is a must on the list. To that extent, it lives up to the premise of a traditional sea side hotel, with regulars likely to come every summer for over 30 years. It is a small oasis, pulled away from Hovedgaden's busy summer life, which you as a guest can stamp in and out of as you like. Thomas and Katrine are the embracing hosts who have so carefully guided the hotel into our time.

  53. Marianne Nymann

    We love Strandhotellet in Blokhus ❤️ It should be included.

    1. The editors

      Thanks for the tip, Marianne! We have added Strandhotellet 🙂

  54. Lone Bech

    In 2019 I would definitely suggest Hjerting Badehotel in Esbjerg - there is a lovely atmosphere and it is perfectly located.

    1. The editors

      Hi Lone. They have been added to the list. Thanks for your contribution!

  55. Anna Grethe Vestergaard

    Haven't been to any of the hotels. But would like to experience it. I want to bring my cousin.

  56. Linda Møller Christensen

    Løkken Badehotel always a hit ❤

  57. Hans C.

    Good vote

    1. Ulla Bjerregaard

      Knudhule Badehotel, Ry

  58. Anne Grethe Saxtoft

    Would like to experience the new BLOKHUS Badehotel

  59. Birte Skogsberg

    Hotel Vejlefjord is good all year round

  60. Kirsten Staffensen

    Summer, sun and beach. This is how it should be for a holiday to be good.

  61. Berit Harbøll

    It looks exciting, and will invite my better half

  62. Anette Nøhr

    Now I've voted! Many lovely places in Denmark, sea side hotels reminiscent of summer, sun, beach and holidays, relaxed, cozy atmosphere. Will enjoy lunch with a good friend.

  63. VIbeke Jakobsen

    Lækken Badehotel will be nice

  64. Mette Valentiner - Branth

    Løkken is charming with all the bath houses "Nostalgia"

  65. Gitte sahl

    Love this place

  66. Bente

    Løkken Badehotel has the best luxury brunch ❤️

  67. Ole Kjærgaard

    Løkken Badehotel is the best place

  68. Anette Christensen

    Løkken Badehotel will be great. I just thought I would try it this summer - inspired by the TV series Badehotellet. I love the series. Getting nostalgic!

  69. Agnethe Glismand

    I voted. I would like to invite my friends (a total of 10 Pers.) To join me at Løkken Badehotel when we get together in North Jutland in the beginning of June.

  70. Mogens Nielsen

    That would my wife look forward to 🙂

  71. Anne Britt Nørgaard

    It's pure happiness to be at Løkken Badehotel

  72. Ib Kjær

    Løkken Badehotel is the best I know.

  73. Laila Lindahl

    I voted for Løkken Badehotel

  74. Birte Pind

    Løkken Badehotel
    A good place to eat

  75. Jane Tolstrup

    Have voted for Løkken Badehotel.

  76. Ole Møller

    A lovely place - have been up there every year (since 1977)

  77. Solvejg Søgaard

    A really good place to eat. It is really cozy Løkken Badehotel. We go there often.

  78. Claus

    The Danish islands with Bornholm and Samsø at the forefront are just fantastic.

    Strandlyst on Samsø is our favorite - the food is fantastic and definitely White Guide level if they are going to visit and the hosts at Anette and Lasse are great people.

    The small summer hotel and Ballen Badehotel are also worth a visit during the Danish summer.

  79. Mette Kjærulff

    Have voted for Svinkløv

  80. Lasse Fisher

    When will the vote end?

    1. The editors

      Hi Lasse. We announce a winner in March. Details will follow soon.

  81. Henrik Ziehrer

    I would also definitely recommend Strandlyst om Samsø - culinary experience, top service, cozy atmosphere, and also the use of the local ingredients is great.

  82. Sigurd

    When is the winner announced?

    1. The editors

      Hi Sigurd. We had not expected at all to get as much attention as we have and therefore no date was planned from the beginning. We are now setting guidelines for the finish of the voting, which will be in March.

  83. Are Kilvaer

    Strandlyst on Samsø gets my vote.

  84. Desislava Edvardsen

    Relaxing holiday

  85. Ingegerd Hæstrup

    Lærkely on Læsø is the definition of relaxation and beautiful scenery. You get fully relaxed as soon as you arrive. I can definitely recommend the place. Have been there many times and the experience is the same every time.

  86. Flemming Christensen

    Henne Mølle Å is the best

  87. Dorte Bonde

    It is definitely Hotel Tannishus anno 1896 - a place for the whole family

  88. Anna Marie Nielsen

    I want to bring a friend.

  89. Eva Larsen

    I want to bring a good friend.

  90. Ulla Piltoft

    Brøndums in Skagen is lovely - with delicious food and friendly service

    1. Peder Kristensen

      Helenekilde, Henne Mølle Å and Hjort's get my votes.
      All are wonderful places with each their distinctive character.

  91. Grethe Skovgaard

    Now I have voted☀️ Denmark has many fine pearls

  92. I think Ilse made Hotel on samsø is missing

    1. The editors

      You are absolutely right, Kasper. Ilse Made is on the list now (when new places are added to the list, we just have to approve on the editorial board so people don't just type silly things in the box and have them shown)

  93. Løkken Badehotel certainly gets my vote

  94. Julia Sams

    Have voted for amazing Løkken Badehotel!

  95. Anette Schou

    Getting Grenen Badehotel rebuilt will be the very best.
    That is my dream and together with others I work for that to happen.

  96. Dorte Steel

    I have Voted. Love the sun and the beach. I want to bring my husband Lars.

  97. Birthe Madsen

    I have voted. Will bring one of my sisters.

  98. Anne-Lise Møller

    Nothing is prettier than the sea side hotels of Denmark, Ruths in Skagen one might say, but no, they are all something completely amazing in their own ways.

  99. Birgit Hansen

    I love the sun and the beach and a nice relaxing holiday

  100. Else panum Cortes

    Strandgården on Læsø is a great place

    1. Inge Christensen

      Løkken Badehotel ❤️ And on Sundays there is a delicious table with lots of cake. Certainly worth a visit and I would very much like to visit again for brunch. I want to take my friend Kirsten with me

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