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Denmark's best bathing hotel 2020 diploma

Are you looking for a beach hotel that will give you a nice and relaxing stay? Bath hotels in Denmark have had a proper renaissance with TV 2's popular TV series. Rarely has it been so popular to have a beach holiday as in the old days, but where do you actually find the best Danish bathing hotels? We have made the processing and bring you here the definitive guide.

Scroll down to see:

  • Top 10 in 2020: Big vote with Danes' favorites (6,878 votes)
  • The 16 selected i Denmark's most beautiful seaside hotels on TV 2
  • The list of hotels that have restaurants listed in the White Guide (for those looking for a romantic getaway)
  • The history of the sea side holiday and the first bathing pensions in video and pictures

However, we begin with a small appetizer:

In the booklet “Skagen Bath Hotel on the Grenen - Denmark's Health Source"From 1912 the text reads:

"You get out of bed, go to the window and open it! The air from the sea flows in so fresh and salty that you can probably feel it on your tongue when you lick your mouth. "

The pamphlet did then, as TV 2's TV series does today - makes us dream of the uncomplicated life and well-being of the water. This is probably why you have come to this site as well. But where are the places where you can still experience the classic Danish beach holiday at a waterfront hotel? You can of course take one of the expensive ones, but the truth is that after TV 2's hit series took the country by storm, hotels have galore been stuffed a 'bath' in front of 'hotel' in name or description. That is why we have created this overview, where with the help of experts and your votes (you can vote further down), we guide you to the best places. dan

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Denmark's Best Bathing Hotel

To make it easier to find the best places in Denmark, we make a poll every year where we ask the Danes what hotels they can best recommend to others.

Before the season really begins, we select the best so that you can find the places worth a visit.


We now have the program ready! As in the previous year, voting ends the day after the season's final episode of TV 2's Badehotellet, ie. until March 3 at 1 p.m. 12th

  • Nomination phase: February 3 - 17, 2020
  • Voting: Feb. 17 at 1 p.m. 12 noon - March 3, noon. 12.00 2020
On March 3 at 1 p.m. 12 we are awarded Jutland, Funen, Zealand and Denmark's Best Bathing Hotel 2020.

Vote and win gift voucher of 2,500 kr!

Find your favorite from the list below and cast your vote. Then you are in the draw!

When the voting ends, we draw lots among all votes cast and give a lucky winner a gift card of DKK 2,500 to Denmark's Best 2020!

UPDATE: Winner Found! The lucky one was Ingelise Nielsen from Haderslev, who now has a gift card with a face value of 2,500, - to the hotel in Rødvig.

Of course, there are also some rules for our polls to make it fair. It is e.g. not allowed to distribute prizes or the like. to get more votes. You can read our rules and tips on what to do by pressing the button here:

The 2020 vote

Over 11,000 votes are settled! Thanks to all of you who voted! This year's winners are ready:

Congratulations to:

Rødvig Kro & Badehotel


This year's top 10:

  1. Rødvig Kro and Badehotel - Winner Zealand and Denmark
  2. Årøsund Badehotel - Winner Jutland
  3. Knudhule, Ry
  4. Lunds Hotel, Bogense - Winner Fun
  5. Ballen, Samsoe
  6. Strandgaarden, Læsø
  7. Deep, Nordborg
  8. Strandhotellet, Blokhus
  9. Gilleleje Badehotel
  10. Villa Vest Badehotel, Lønstrup


In connection with TV 2's viewing of season 6 of their popular TV series, we asked you again.

6,878 SMS votes have been received, and we can hereby present you to the top 10 of the year:

The overall position ended as following:

  1. Knudhule, Ry
  2. Brøndums Hotel, Skagen
  3. Strandhotellet, Blokhus
  4. Ruth's Hotel, Skagen
  5. Well done, Nordals
  6. Hotel Bretagne, Hornbæk
  7. Ilse Made, Samsø
  8. Strandgaarden, Læsø
  9. Stammershalle, Bornholm
  10. Villa Vest, Lønstrup


The first year of our vote, we ended up sending the award to North Jutland. The top 10 ended as follows:

  1. Løkken Badehotel
  2. Strandlyst, Samsø
  3. Strandgaarden on Læsø
  4. Ilse Made, Samsø
  5. Ruth's Hotel, Skagen
  6. Brøndums Hotel, Skagen
  7. Ballen, Samsø
  8. Villa Vest, Lønstrup
  9. Tannishus, Tversted
  10. Hotel Løkken Strand

See the distribution of all 5,880 votes here

If you don't trust the 5,880 Danes, you can also see the the hotels that the TV 2 experts selected:

The hotels with restaurants in White Guide

White Guide is a recognized guide to the best restaurants in the Nordic countries. Over 300 Danish restaurants are included in the guide, which also include several sea side hotels. If you are a foodie or just looking for a luxury stay all around, the following hotels are worth a visit:

  • Ruth's Hotel, Skagen
  • Brøndums Hotel, Skagen
  • Hjorths, Skagen
  • Villa Vest, Lønstrup
  • Strandgaarden, Læsø
  • Helenekilde, Tisvildeleje
  • Stammershalle, Bornholm
  • Kellers, Fanø
  • Molskroen, Ebeltoft
  • Strandhotel Røsnæs, Kalundborg

The list is of the hotels that are or have been included in the White Guide. Have we forgotten anyone? Write to OpdagDanmark on Facebook or via the comment box further down.

The list of TV 2's most beautiful sea side hotels in Denmark

After the big hit with the TV series, TV2 shortly after brought Denmark's most beautiful sea side hotels, where three experts, in the beginning of 2015, visited 16 actual sea side hotels and bathing pensions to find the best. These 16 places were selected and visited:

  • Helenekilde
  • Gilleleje
  • Hotel Hornbækhus
  • Molskroen
  • Pension Vestergade 44
  • The small summer hotel
  • Brøndums Hotel
  • Villa Vest
  • Ballebro Færgekro
  • Hotel Vejlefjord
  • Ruth's Hotel
  • Henne Mølle Å
  • Hjorths Hotel
  • Klithjem, Vejers
  • Melsted, Bornholm
  • Stammershalle, Bornholm

The history of bathing holidays

The first bathing pensions appeared in the late 19th century. This is where the finer citizenship begins to holiday and in Copenhagen it is no longer good enough to take a trip to Frederiksberg (which at this time is considered to be in the countryside). As physicians began to prescribe fresh air and sea baths against diseases, it became exotic for the wealthy families of Copenhagen to bring their servants with them and move into summer residences in the countryside or on the coasts.

The first bathing pensions

Fanø Vesterhavsbad opened as the first decidedly spa and bathing pension in the early 1890s. Watch video clips of the hotel and the old baths.

The spa hotel lived a tumultuous life with changing owners after the war and was finally closed in 1989.

Among the first bathing pensions was also Skagen Badehotel, which opened to bathers in 1898. The place was among the largest and finest and was visited by royals, rulers and wealthy people from home and abroad. The idyllic location on Grenen can be seen below in 1912. The hotel tragically burned as a result of a lightning strike in 1938. Read more about the fire at the sea side hotel in Skagen.

One of the first bath hotels in Denmark - Skagen Badehotel in 1912

The Holiday Act of 1938

In the beginning, only the rich and wealthy had the opportunity to vacation. However, industrialization in the late 1800s led to a separation between work and leisure. Together with the ban on Sunday work from 1891, it helped to start the allotment movement and in time the concept of weekend also found its way to Denmark.

In 1938 the Holiday Act happened, which secured employees holiday with pay. In 1939 the law gave you 9 days of paid holiday and from 1940 a full 12 days (!). Today, the Holiday Act guarantees you 5 weeks of holiday and many have the option of a sixth holiday week through their agreement.

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  1. Marianne Birker

    I like to nominate car
    Ballebro, Southern Jutland.

  2. maibritt andersson

    reddish tavern
    we were to our 75th birthday in december and it was great food and service so they deserve to win

  3. holger ruppert

    Rødvig is the best. Great location, nice service

  4. holger ruppert

    Rødvig Kro

  5. kai søby

    LÄSØ is our favorite

  6. Grete and Leif V. Nielsen

    We vote at Rødvig Kro, which is a beautifully located bathing hotel right out to the Baltic Sea and overlooking Stevns Klint.

  7. Lene Birk

    I nominate Tambohus Inn. Great location, the most delicious food, and the sweetest staff.

  8. Pia

    You are missing Havgaarden. Vejby Strand, a cozy and homely bathing hotel where time is a bit stalled.

  9. I would like to nominate Havgaarden Badehotel, roadside beach Unfortunately can not see them on the list. A homely and cozy bath hotel with charm.

  10. Stone Ole Slotsaa

    Denmark's Best is Rødvig which is 100 %

  11. Birgitte

    Rødvig Kro and Badehotel, really nice place, good food and super service, would like to come again

  12. Jane Berggreen

    Profound BAD 119

  13. Rebekka Nielsen

    I'm missing Fakkelgaarden in Kollund South Jutland on the list.

  14. Hanne Kjærulff

    Knudhule bathing hotel is clearly number 1 in Denmark

  15. Anette Christensen

    Knudhule I agree


      I also vote for Knudhule

      1. Inge Lise Elkjær

        Knudhole - better not found.

  16. The cozy newly renovated (2017) Hotel Gilleleje beach is missing from the list and is definitely a gem.

  17. You are missing the Næsbydale Badehotel. The nicest little butter hole.

    1. Thanks Rikke, we are probably too small to be considered, smiles Kh Mogens

      1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

        By no means, Mogens. There is room for everyone. We just need to get a nomination in the stage for this one before a bathing hotel comes on the list.

  18. Søren Willumsen

    Rødvig bathing hotel is a cozy place to stay, even in winter.
    The staff provide exceptional service in all respects and the food is extremely delicious without being flashy. I will be returning to the hotel with some friends as I have recommended the hotel so we look forward to 4 days in March.

  19. Inger and Tommy Larsen

    Rødvig inn and bath hotel are super cozy, good food and cute and talented staff.

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