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Nordic idyl and luxury

On the edge of the North Jutland coast, in the small fishing village of Lønstrup, you will find Restaurant Villa Vest. Here, for many years, locals and tourists have enjoyed being able to enjoy special food while enjoying the sunsets in the light that North Jutland is so famous for. If you combine this dining experience with a stay at Villa Vest seaside hotel, you will get a total experience of nordic luxury, which only a few other places in North Jutland can offer.

The introduction may almost sound too good to be true, but it is a truth we here at OpdagDanmark dare to stand by. We have experienced and relived it repeatedly. Villa Vest also scores high in our vote on Denmark's best seaside hotels, where in all the years from 2018 to 2022 it has become rankings in the top 10.

Below you can read about the many experiences at Villa Vest:

Restaurant Villa Vest

villa west
The restaurant with Denmark's best view? © Gammelmark Photography

Villa Vest had almost crashed into the sea before the place became a restaurant at all. In 1981, a proper storm took a proper bite off the coast. That bite was a few meters from taking the building into the sea. Fortunately, this did not happen, and therefore we still have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious dishes that are praised each year in the White Guide dining guide, to the sight of the sun setting in the sea. It is pure nordic luxury.

In the kitchen there is a great focus on the use of locally produced commodities and many of the ingredients come from owner Kim Møller-Kjær's own breeding. Thus, the food are taken all the way from farm to table.

Relaxed Sunday dinners

TIP: Every Sunday outside the high season you can eat at Villa Vest for the same sunset but at an extra good price. Read more about Sunday dinner.


Lønstrup bath hotel with charm

Villa Vest Badehotel became a reality when Kim Møller-Kjær took over the old Lønstruphus Badehotel and made it part of the overall experience. While we like to make big arm movements to tell about Villa Vest, the opposite is actually the case with the seaside hotel. Here you will find no spa or great luxury. No, luxury is something else here. There is a toilet and bath in the hallway. The rooms are bright and neat with a wonderful scent of freshly aired linens when you step in. Here is quiet and idyll which is worth a stay.

Expansion in 2020 - new rooms and conference facilities

overnight aalborg
The new rooms © Gammelmark Photography

There is great news ahead of the 2020 season at Villa Vest Badehotel. Here the hotel is expanded with a new wing and 10 brand new rooms with bath and toilet!

In the old wing you can still enjoy a classic stay at a bathing hotel with in-room washbasin and shower / toilet in the hallway, but if you want more modern convenience, then this is a possibility from 2020.

There are also meeting and training facilities.

Stay you must try

Villa Vest offers some wonderful stays, where you get both a beach hotel and a restaurant in one package. Prices can even the most stingy northern Jews can participate in. It costs from 1,000 for a 3-course menu in the restaurant, accommodation in a double room with sink and an exquisite breakfast buffet. So you really get a lot for your money.

The villa on the hill

The latest addition to the Lønstrup life enjoyment is the Villa at Bakken, which is a super nice beach villa overlooking the whole of Lønstrup.

We haven't tried it ourselves yet, but it should definitely be tried one day.


Events 2022

Throughout the year, a number of special events are held at Villa Vest. Get an overview here:

  • April 8: Mr. Weyse opens the new Villa West season  
  • 28.-30. October: A weekend focusing on Champagne
  • 4.-6. November: A weekend focusing on Riesling from the Moselle
  • 11.-13. November: A weekend focusing on Burgundy
  • November 17: Festive Beaujolais Evening
  • December 10: Thank you for this year - event

What do the guests say?

13 reviews

  1. Really nice - but with a little wormwood in the cup

    Great food and wine and beautiful surroundings. However, can not recommend your offer of reduced wine menu. This means half a glass, but only a reduction of DKK 200 of the 900 for the wine menu - a strange concept. If you can't pour half a glass, you can probably learn it in a course.

  2. Stays in a class of their own

    A unique experience.
    Both hotel, restaurant and staff in a class of their own.

  3. We were 4 girlfriends having lunch with you yesterday. The food was not okay - a toasted French toast roasted black and hidden with shrimp. We were to bring it out of the mouth discreetly. Two pieces of open faced sandwiches with pate which wasn't baked, but almost liquid. Didn't smell good either.
    We have eaten with you before, where everything was fine but not this time
    Solveig Haugaard

  4. Denmark at its best

    Villa vest - wow - then the top is reached in every way.
    We look forward to our next visit
    Søren Schultz

  5. The most beautiful place on earth

    The most beautiful place and the most delicious food

  6. Good description

    Very descriptive post about Villa Vest

  7. Great place right by the sea

    Have always wanted a stay with you, hope I win. It looks fantastic - I have walked a lot around the Hotel area. Merry Christmas as well as Happy New Year to you

  8. Probably Denmark's best and most beautiful restaurant

  9. welcoming

    Simple, delicious and welcoming presentation of the place :-)!

  10. Good idea

    Good idea

  11. Nice place.

    I've had lunch there, along with a couple of girlfriends. It was really delicious.

  12. Villa Vest - an experience

    Lovely and well informative article without over-advertising the place

  13. Nice surroundings.

    Lovely place, lovely surroundings.

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