12 stone sculptures are Denmark's Stonehenge

The dodecahedron on Lolland is a work of art consisting of large stone sculptures beautifully placed by Kragenæs in the "Lolland Alps". The stone sculptures face the center in a circle of approx. 40 diameter and is additionally accompanied by electroacoustics in the daytime. It is a must to visit when you are on Zealand.

“Denmark's Stonehenge”, as the sculptures are also called, is scheduled to be completed in 2025. By that time, there should preferably be as many as 12 stone pillars (the word dodecahedron means twelve stones in Greek). Pt. however, only 5 of them are completed.

See here what it looked like when in September 2018 two of the finished stone figures were unveiled.

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The story behind Dodekalitten

The story behind the dodecahedron is based on wanderers who came to Lolland 7500 years ago. They migrated when the waters of the Mediterranean, caused by the breakthrough of the Bosperup Strait, broke through to the lower Black Sea. This was due to floods of some of the most developed agricultural cultures of the time and is included as an element in the myth of the flood.

The dodecahedrons are to represent these wanderers, and the artwork tries in part to depict the culture they brought with them.

Denmark's Stonehenge

The artists behind

Behind the monument Dodekalitten are two artists. One, Thomas Kadziola, is responsible for stone sculptures and the other, Wayne Sigel, for background music to complement the experience.

The stone sculptures

The sculptor Thomas Kadziola was born in Copenhagen (1962) and made his debut as a sculptor in 1989. Kadziola is known for his expressive heads, and his works are in Egypt, Germany, Poland, Belgium, France and China. 

The dodecahedron is carved in granite, which is Thomas Kadziola's favorite material to work with.

The music

Composer and professor at the Jutland Conservatory of Music Wayne Sigel was born in California (1953). In 2012, he received the Statens Kunstfonds lifelong scholarship and also became a house composer for the Kgl. Library in 2014. 

The music at Dodekalitten must be run by a computer program, where the development of this is influenced by a number of natural phenomena.

The dodecahedron on Lolland

Concert with The Minds of 99

Minds of 99 has also given a much talked about concert at Kragenæs on 24 August 2019. The band has also made a small video about:

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Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ for the Dodecalite

The word “dodecahedron”Is derived from Greek and means“ twelve stones ”.

Drive to the car park at Kragenæs Harbor. From here you can walk to Glentehøjstien on Kragenæsvej 62 and follow the path through the forest (approx. 15 min).

Yes, there is a handicap-friendly car park on Glentehøjstien.

According to the plan in 2025.

It is possible to visit the dodecahedron around the clock.

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12 reviews

  1. A magical place

    Es ist ein besonderer Ort, und mit der Music really unique. I would like to come back.

  2. Absolutely amazing experience

    It was a great experience to see the Dodekalites - hear the music - and see it all in the middle of nature. If there is a concert this summer - then we will come!

  3. A magical place

    A magical place. Whoever was there, like us on a beautiful summer evening with magical light and an already intoxicatingly beautiful landscape with a wide view over the Danish South Sea and over the island, you will feel the spirituality and magic of the place. The location, elevated in the vicinity, the stone circle with the huge figures, whose serious and gloomy glances can let a shower run down their backs and then, suddenly and unexpectedly toned down sounds, a mystical music - what a cascade of feelings and Thoughts can be triggered there. A fantastic place. You can stay there for hours and let it all work out. We will certainly return.

  4. Overwhelming

    Once you've been there once, you'll come again.

  5. Mystery and big frames

    A fantastic experience. The overall impression from the stone heads, sounds and landscape gives thoughtfulness and wholeness with a touch of mystery.
    Good access for people with walking difficulties from nearby disabled parking spaces

  6. Must see

    Was so lucky to visit the Dodecahedron on a beautiful summer evening. The wind was quiet and the sudden sound almost surrounded us and captured a long moment where we sat and looked at the figures and the beautiful landscape around them. It was a very special experience. On the bike ride home, my daughter and I agreed that it was worth a revisit, because we had become inspired and curious about what it would look like in 5 years.

  7. Beautiful view out into the countryside from the mound

    Magnificent communication of human figures in the circle, softened with music.

  8. excellent

    Yes, agree - a kind of Danish Stone Henge, but which tells a completely different story, namely about the migration period 7500 years ago due to an earthquake that triggered a tsunami down the Mediterranean. The faces are foreign immigrants, surely every watch-lollipop still carries a few percent of their DNA today? And yes, beautiful landscape with bronze-age burial mounds in the background and views of the Smålands waters.

  9. Fantastic experience.

    Fantastic experience. Will come again anyway.

  10. The most magnificent experience where you least expect it.

    Here is an experience for all senses. A work without equal - placed in the most beautiful place - no matter in which direction you look.
    Sit between the huge sculptures and feel the power of the stones as you listen to the music filling the space in the center of the circle.
    When you can detach yourself from the stones, there is the finest burial mound along a small, fine path in the skeleton of the field.

  11. The finest experience

    I like to drive the more than 100km from Kbh a couple of times a year to keep up with the development of the Dodecalites.
    The first time I visited places, I was not prepared for the spirituality of the experience at all. Went a beautiful sunny day with deep blue sky and quiet mirrored sea a walk up the fields .. At that time only 3 of the figures were carved finished but the circle was clear .. I was completely unprepared for the humming female voices coming up from the ground (speakers) hidden in stone)
    It's an absolutely amazing place. Enjoy

  12. Our own Stonehenge

    A must-see experience & #8230; to get by sea to Kragenæs without a clue what was waiting, first in the binoculars & #8230; there are some very large stones & #8230; Mega-large, great & #8211; an impressive work of art with a roof in history and a look into the future. NICE

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