Bulbjerg Fuglefjeld

"Jutland's shoulder" and unique Northern Jutland nature

Bulbjerg in Thy you can find all the way out in Denmark's northwest corner, of which the nickname & #8220; Jutland's shoulder & #8221; also tribes. The place rises 47 meters high from the sea surface and is one of Denmark's only bird cliffs as well as an amazing piece of beautiful scenery and favorite excursion destination. Therefore, this Natura 2000 area and unique piece of Northern Jutland nature is also on ours map of Denmark's best experiences.

Bulbjerg Badehotel, bunker museum and World War II

From 1907 until World War II, there was actually one seaside hotel at Bulbjerg. It was called Bulbjerg Badehotel and was occupied by the Germans during World War II. The Germans used the place as a radio station, and unfortunately chose to blow up the seaside hotel when they evacuated the place in 1944.

During the war, Bulbjerg, with its phenomenal outlook, was an important strategic point for the Germans. Therefore, you will also find lots of bunkers in the area, and at the far end of Bulbjerg is an old observation bunker designed as a small museum that is worth a visit.


When you stand on top of Bulbjerg, you can, depending on the weather, see the rock, Skarreklit, a beach pillar of 16 meters, which until 1978 towered in the landscape. However, this one cracked that year, so you can now only see the plinth. Skarreklit was named after the cormorant that bred and lived here.

Frequently asked questions

In Frøstrup, Thy - northwestern North Jutland.

There is no specific address, but you can drive after Bulbjergvej, or use the link at the top of this page to get driving directions.

When you drive along Bulbjergvej, the road splits just before you reach the bird mountain. Both roads end in a parking lot.

Bulbjerg Knude is steep terrain and unfortunately not suitable for people with walking difficulties and wheelchair users.

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