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Guide to Aalborg

Aalborg - or the Paris of the Nordic countries - as North Jutland's largest city is also called, is a city in rapid development.

The old industrial city is becoming a city of knowledge and culture, of which the city's landmark Nordkraft is an excellent example. The old power plant has today become a culture house in the city. Coal has been replaced by culture, and it is generally for the whole city.

We guide you here to the many new exciting places - but also the old ones, where you can still get the smell of industrial and working-class cities.


A city like Aalborg offers a wealth of experiences, regardless of whether you visit the city with or without children.

Get our overview of places that are worth a visit - and also how to get under the skin of the city and its shift from coal to cultural city.

Restaurants and tasting experiences

Aalborg offers a wealth of exciting restaurants, whether you need a quick round of takeaway to enjoy on the waterfront, or you want an all-night experience at the restaurants that reach out for recognition from Michelin and the other dining guides.

See our recommendations for them here.


Aalborg now has so many things to experience that you can take an overnight stay in the city - e.g. after a concert or all-night experience with the large wine menu.

Use the button below and get tips for the good places to stay overnight.

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