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Taste experiences and restaurants in Aalborg

Where do you get the best burger, gourmet experience, coffee, etc.?

Below you will find our tips for the best taste experiences and restaurants in Aalborg - from the obvious ones to the ones you might not have thought of…

The editors' bid for Aalborg's best coffee place

Please Your Taste

There are many places where you can have your coffee in Aalborg, but if you ask us - and you can do so, since we live in Aalborg - then the very best coffee place is Behag Din Smag.

At Behag Din Smag, you can be served good coffee and exquisite baked goods, where the quality has certainly not been compromised. The coffee can be consumed in cozy surroundings both inside and outside, where you can enjoy the vibrant life of the city. 



Tabu and Alimentum - probably the best restaurants in Aalborg

The closest you get to a Michelin experience in Aalborg is Tabu in Vesterå and Alimentum in Løkkegade (we say at your own expense). Here you really have the sense to cook from the top shelf

Alimentum is started by originators from Tabu, so these are places where one knows how to create dishes from the top shelf. If you are ready for an all - night experience, where quality, taste and expression are paramount, then we can clearly recommend you to book a table at one of the two places. 

Café experience

Café Aalto

Café Aalto in Kunsten may not be the first café to pop up when you think of cafés in Aalborg, but it should. 

The food is at least so delicious that we can easily recommend the trip out to Kong Christians Alle, where Café Aalto is located - even without you having a visit to Kunsten in mind.

Brunch | Lunch

Restaurant JØRN

Whether your road passes Utzon Center or not, it should pass Restaurant JØRN if you want the best brunch in town.

You get a sumptuous dish that is worthy of a gourmet restaurant, the portion is large and the price is more than reasonable. Furthermore, you get the most delicious view, so there is every reason to eat at JØRN.

Aalborg's Best Burger 2020

BurgerBOOM | The grill

Where to get Aalborg's Best Burger? We ask our users about this every year - and here is the BurgerBOOM winner. In the meantime, if you ask our OpdagDanmark editorial staff, Grillen's burger is at least as good. BurgerBOOM stands for the classic user, while Grillen is the guarantor of more experimental ingredients.

Read more about voting - and see which places ran with 2nd place and 3rd place below. 

Denmark's Best Ice House 2018

Guts & Bullets

When summer has thrown its warm duvet over the city, there is one place that gets longer queues than all other ice and water posts, and that is Guf & Kugler.

Back in 2018, their department in Nibe won our vote on Denmark's Best Ice House - The concept, quality and services are no different in the ice house in Aalborg, and we can therefore clearly recommend you to stop by. 

Read more about our poll, and find out which ice house ran with 1st place in 2021. 

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