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Experiences in Aalborg 2022

A city like Aalborg offers a wealth of experiences, regardless of whether you visit the city with or without children.

Get our overview of places that are worth a visit - and also how to get under the skin of the city and its shift from coal to cultural city.

Main attraction for children

Take a trip to Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo is one of Denmark's most visited attractions, and the zoo close to the city is a classic and a sure hit with families with children, we can not miss.

Read more about this year's activities, events, prizes etc. via the button below.

Unique city walk

Go on the street art walk

Aalborg is the city in Denmark that has the most street art works measured in terms of number of inhabitants.

Free attraction

Visit Vestre Fjordpark

One of the new places in the city that is a sure hit is Aalborg Fjordpark. Here is free admission all year round and lots of life. It hits especially in the summer when the body needs to cool down with a dip and an ice cream.

People watching

Take a walk on the Aalborg Waterfront

At Aalborg Havnefront, something always happens. All year round there are exercising people, but in the summer the waterfront gets a fantastic life with events, people who hang out with brought food and enjoy the view.

It is also a walk on the waterfront that can give you insight into the city's transformation from coal to cultural city, because here are many relics from that time.

Free | Children's favorite

Visit Pil Tusindtunge on Egholm

Pil Tusindtunge moved to Egholm during the Great Troll Festival in 2020, and she is still sitting there. A perfect excursion destination for a trip to scenic Egholm.

Wonderful hike

Go to the End of the World

Lindholm Fjordpark in Nørresundby is a beautiful and slightly overlooked oasis. Here you will find grazing sheep, beautiful paths, a shelter and above all what locals have christened “The End of the World”, a beautiful vantage point in the corner of Fjordparken.

We can highly recommend a trip and maybe even an overnight stay in the shelter.

Main attraction

Take a trip to ART

Whether you are alone, with an adult, or have the children under your arm, the ART Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg is worth a visit.

There are always new exhibitions to explore, here are creative workshops for children, and then there is Café Aalto, which serves impressively good food.

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Free attraction

Visit The Singing Trees in Kildeparken

Kildeparken is a beautiful and green little oasis a stone's throw from the city center. It is an obvious place to have a packed lunch and otherwise just sit and watch the life that passes.

However, Kildeparken is also home to a curious experience, namely The Singing Trees, which is an art installation made by Aalborg Congress and Culture Center. Over the years, AKKC has been visited by a host of the performing arts' biggest stars, and many of them have planted a tree in Kildeparken. Next to each tree, you can press a button and listen to a bit of the artist's music. A cozy experience, especially with children.

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