UNESCO World Heritage in Denmark 2024

Do you want to visit the places in Denmark that are on the UNESCO World Heritage list? Then we have made an easy overview for you.

The 12 places you will find UNESCO World Heritage in Denmark

Denmark has a rich cultural heritage, and several of the country's historic sites and natural wonders have been recognized by UNESCO as world heritage sites. The Danish ring castles are the latest addition to this prestigious list, and their inclusion marks Denmark's continued commitment to preserving and highlighting its rich cultural heritage.

Here is an overview of the places in Denmark that appear on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

  1. Denmark's five castle rings (2023)

    • Harald Blåtand's five Viking castles have been added to UNESCO's World Heritage List. These ring castles from the Viking Age are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. They are now officially recognized as part of the global cultural heritage, which is "inalienable to humanity".
    • Nonnebakken - Odense 
    • Aggersborg – Løgstør 
    • Firecat – Hobro
    • Trelleborg – Slagelse 
    • Borgring – Køge           
  2. Roskilde Cathedral (1995)
    A historic church located in Roskilde, known for its architecture and as a burial place for Danish kings and queens.

  3. Kronborg Castle (2000)
    Located in Helsingør, this castle is known from Shakespeare's "Hamlet" and for its impressive architecture.

  4. Stevn's Cliff (2014)
    A geological formation that provides insight into the history of the earth and the events that led to the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

  5. Wadden Sea (2009)
    A unique wetland that stretches from Denmark to Germany and the Netherlands and is home to a rich wildlife, especially migratory birds.

  6. Christiansfeld (2015)
    A historic city founded by the Herrnhuter brotherhood, known for its unique urban planning and architecture.

  7. The Jelling Monuments (1994): Historic stones and church that mark the transition from paganism to Christianity in Denmark.

  8. The parforce hunting landscape in North Zealand (2015): A cultural landscape designed for parforce hunting, a form of royal hunting with dogs.