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Accommodation in Skagen

If you are going on a trip to Skagen and experience the many exciting sights, then it makes things a little more convenient if you have a place to stay overnight. Skagen has some of the nicest and most remarkable hotels in all of Denmark - so there should probably be an opportunity to find a place to stay overnight, which falls into good soil for most.

We have compiled a guide to the accommodation options, which both provide an insight into the classic idyll that is characteristic of Skagen, as well as form a pleasant setting for a night's sleep and provide an opportunity for relaxation.

Modern hotel in traditional Skagen 

Skagen Harbor Hotel

Skagen Harbor Hotel is a more modern accommodation option, but you will certainly not compromise on the idyll that is characteristic of Skagen. At Skagen Harbor Hotel you get both an atmospheric and relaxing overnight stay right in the center of Skagen and the vibrant life that can be found in the city over the summer. 

Read more about the hotel and your accommodation options below. 

© Skagen Harbor Hotel

Green and Sustainable Hotels in North Jutland

Green Key hotels in Skagen

If you want sustainability to be part of your upcoming holiday, then it is a good idea to find Danish hotels that have a Green Key certification - this international certification is for those accommodation establishments that consider sustainability and green development in their offer. 

Get a guide of all Green Key hotels in Skagen and the rest of North Jutland. 

The authentic experience

Stay locally with AirBnB

With AirBnB you have the opportunity to live like the locals - no matter where you travel. The authentic experience gives you the full impression of idyllic Skagen, and a holiday that you will soon forget. 

See what exciting opportunities you have to spend the night in Skagen with AirBnB below.

Top class bathing hotel

Ruth's Hotel

Ruth Hotel is a good opportunity to spend the night in the middle of the fantastic idyll in Skagen at its best. If you want to ensure a relaxing and at the same time atmospheric visit to Skagen - then the luxurious seaside hotel is worth taking into consideration.

Read more about the hotel, the restaurant and your accommodation options below. 

Denmark's Best Seaside Hotels 

Brøndums Hotel

Brøndums Hotel in Skagen is the ideal place to stay overnight if you want to experience the lively Skagen at the same time as you find peace and quiet in the middle of the old town, Østerby. With only 600 meters to Skagen center and 500 meters to one of Denmark's best beaches, Brøndums Hotel has probably one of the city's best locations. 

We have compiled a guide to the best beach hotels in Denmark - create an overview of the button below. 

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