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Unique experience center - Sleep under the stars

At the top of Brorfelde Bakke in the middle of Zealand sits Denmark's largest observatory. It was once a large workplace for astronomers at the University of Copenhagen, but today it has been transformed into an experience center.

With the view over Lammefjorden in a beautiful hilly landscape, the place is also a wonderful nature experience in itself. 

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Stargazer Shelters - unique accommodation under the stars

From 1 October 2021, you have the opportunity for a completely unique form of accommodation on Zealand - namely in the Observatory's stargazing heroes. Now you can fall asleep to the sight of shooting stars and wake up to the sound of birdsong. Nice!

It is architect, Kristoffer Tejlgaard, who is behind the four round stargazing heroes. Each shelter has room for 6-8 people, and the area can therefore accommodate up to 32 at once (ideal for groups such as school classes, etc.) - but can of course also bookes individually.

The curvature of the walls is designed so that you can sit up against the wall. During the day, an entire school class can receive instruction in a single shelter. When darkness falls, you can lie with your heads towards the center of the shelter, and enjoy the beautiful starry sky above you through a round glass roof. 

To find the new shelters, guests must go through the Ice Age - a new geological activity area. From the paved main road, a handicap-friendly path runs through the Ice Age and on to the four shelters, so that both wheelchair users and prams can pass.

So take your family, friends or girlfriend under your arm and give each other a unique experience in the Zealand nature. 


All year round, the science park offers a wealth of activities. Get an overview of some of them below:

Winter holidays 2022

rocket workshop

If you are looking for fun activities during the winter holidays, there is traditionally a wealth of activities in weeks 7 and 8, where you, among other things. able to:

  • … Build your own rocket in the rocket workshop
  • … Walk around Denmark's only protected night darkness for Open by Night
  • … Get a tour and see Denmark's largest telescope
  • … Try the Sky Maze
  • … Walk the Planet Path
  • …and much much more

Highly recommended!

Science experience center

From 1953 to 1996, the observatory was a living workplace for astronomers, students and craftsmen. Common to these was their passion for the sky. Driven by their curiosity, they stood night after night to gain a greater knowledge of the infinite and mysterious sky. 

The world-renowned binocular construction had to turn the key in 1996, when the technologies used were digitized.

In 2016, you could open the doors again, and this time as a discovery center with a focus on astronomy, geology, technology and biology. Every day it becomes new discovery center explored by children and adults who are initiated into the mysteries of space. 

starry sky

Denmark's only protected night darkness

In addition to the discovery center's eleven culturally protected buildings, the sky above Brorfelde is also protected. This means that there is no light to be found in the area after dark. Brorfelde is the only place in Denmark that has protected night darkness.

With a protected night darkness, the sky unfolds extra clearly, and under the correct weather conditions, you can see both the Milky Way and Mars with the naked eye!

family outing

Opening hours

The observatory is open to everyone on weekends and weekdays during holiday periods. For the sake of good order, however, you should check the updated opening hours on their website:


The price for admission depends on the event in question. The price on weekends and weekdays during holiday periods is as follows: 

  •  Children 0 - 3 years: DKK 0.
  • Young people 4 - 17 years: NOK 55. 
  • Adults from 18 years: NOK 85.
  • Star nights: DKK 125.

Frequently asked questions

In the following, we have gathered the most frequent questions about the Observatory from visitors. If your question was not answered below, then feel free to contact us at

Admission price: 

  •  Children 0 - 3 years: DKK 0.
  • Young people 4 - 17 years: NOK 55. 
  • Adults from 18 years: NOK 85.
  • Star nights: DKK 125.

The observatory is open to everyone on weekends and weekdays during holiday periods from 11 am to 5 pm

Parking is possible in the Observatory's car park 

The four domes at the top of the Observatory are not accessible for wheelchair dependent people. 

The basement of the Discovery Dome is wheelchair accessible and the remaining buildings can be accessed by ramp.

A shelter costs DKK 450 per PCS. Then you have the shelter from kl. 17 on the day of arrival and must then be out no later than 10.30 the next day. It is only possible to book for a single night.

At the launch of the stargazing heroes, the handicap-friendly access is not ready. However, it is expected to come during 2022.

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  1. Breathtaking Brorfelde

    The starry evening - combined with an overnight stay in the shelter was a magical experience! Huge recommendation from here

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