Møns Klint

Unique nature in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

The chalk-white chalk slopes, which make up the majestic Møns Klint, are a must-see for all nature lovers. Take a walk at the foot of the 6 km long cliff and experience the breathtaking view of the slopes that rise more than 100 meters vertically up to the sky.

The area is a UNESCO Biosphere and on the tentative list to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site - which is why of course you should also experience this amazing place. Get a taste of this video:

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There are lots of opportunities for unique experiences, both on land, at sea and in the air. Go fossil hunting or experience the cliff from kayak on the turquoise sea, underwater, from a paraglider, on a bike, on horseback or on foot. 

If you are lucky, you can experience the rare peregrine falcons - and you can also explore rare plants, including 18 different orchid species.

Note that all traffic on and around the cliff is at your own risk. If you walk at the foot of the cliff along the beach, be aware that there may be landslides that can make the trip difficult.

GeoCenter Møns Klint

the mountain Moens Klint

At the top of the cliff is GeoCenter Møns Klint, which offers a lot of exhibitions about Denmark's geological development and activities for the whole family.

Discover live films in the 3D cinema, explore fossils and go on an exciting journey 70 million years back in time. The geocenter also offers guided outdoor experiences for everyone. Feel the rush on the climbing course in the tree tops, rush off on a mountain bike or dive under the water and experience the exciting animal and plant life. 

Note that some experiences cost extra and that there may be seasonal opening hours for certain activities.


How many steps?

There are a total of five stairs at Møns Klint, and the largest of them, the Maglevand stairs, has a total of 500 steps. It is located right by the geocenter, close to the car park, and is a bit of a challenge to get up.

It is also the oldest of the five stairs, as it is currently 25 years old. It was last renovated in December 2020.

Hiking route and quality trail

If you want the best out of the area, we highly recommend walking the quality trail, a 5.6 km long route composed by the Danish Nature Agency and the Danish Hiking Association.

You can see a map of Møns Klint quality trail here:


Places to eat nearby

Food and drink is necessary and there is something for everyone. Possible places to eat could be: 

  • Café Møns Klint can be found in the geocenter. Here you can be served various hearty dishes, drinks and pastries for coffee. 
  • Restaurant Klintholm is a fish restaurant at Klintholm Harbor, which only has lunch service.

Accommodation nearby

The area offers various accommodation options for every budget. So whether you are into shelters with food over a campfire, 4 star hotel with gourmet dinner, or something in between, there is a place for you. Possible accommodations could be:

  • Accommodation in the open air - Sleep in the beautiful nature at Møn either in shelters or your own tent. 
  • Camp Møns Klint - Campsite with the possibility to rent cabins or bring your own tent / caravan.
  • Hotel Præstekilde is a 4-star hotel in scenic surroundings. 

Opening hours

It is quite free to visit the cliff itself, but if you want to visit the geocenter, the opening hours are a bit fluctuating depending on when you plan to visit. Typically, however, it is in the period between 10:00-18:00 that is open. Read more about Møns Klint opening hours here.

NOTE: The center is closed for the winter between 1 November and 27 March


There are good parking opportunities in the area. The easiest way is to park at the geocenter. Here, however, it costs DKK 35. 

Your number plate is automatically registered at drive-in. You must then pay in the parking machine in front of the main entrance, enter your number plate and then pay. You will then receive a receipt so you have the opportunity to drive out again.


Frequently asked questions

The staircase extends from the beach to the cliff top and counts an impressive 496 steps. 

Yes, it is possible to use the 267 meter wooden path from scratch the cliff to the viewpoint Freuchens Pynt. 

You can visit Møn's Klint around the clock for free. GeoCenter Møns Klint is open all weekdays from the Saturday before Easter until October 31.

There is parking at the geocenter. It costs 35kr.

The address of Møns Klint is Stengårdsvej 8, 4791 Borre.

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