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One of Denmark's biggest attractions

Fårup Sommerland is not just North Jutland's biggest attraction. The park is also one of Denmark's most visited attractions (according to VisitDenmark's inventories) and even named Europe's Top 3 Amusement Parks in 2015 - 2019 by the renowned Kirmes & Park Revue.

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You do not get these prices and visitor numbers if you do not have a hulan good summer country! And dThat is why the park is also included in our map of course Denmark's best experiences. If you are in North Jutland with children, Fårup Sommerland is a must.

Find everything you need for the good visit below:

News and events

There are constantly new rides and experiences in Fårup Sommerland. Here we give you an overview of the latest additions to the park:

Lysfald - "Fårup by Night" 16 - 23 October 2021

light fall in fårup summerland 2021

Have you ever fantasized about experiencing Fårup after dark? Normally, only the forest animals have had access to the amusement park after dark, but in 2021 it will be changed!

“Lysfald” is the name of the new initiative that takes place during the autumn holidays, 16 - 23 August, where the annual Autumn Festival is also held. The lights are switched on at 17.30 and then you can otherwise rush off in the park's rides, while the entire park is lit.

It is guaranteed to be a huge hit, so do not hesitate to buy a ticket!

Autumn party

Every year during the schools' autumn holidays (week 42) you can experience the summer country in autumn clothes with a lot of special experiences.

See some of the many special experiences during the autumn holidays here:

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Get an overview of some of the upcoming and latest additions to the range of rides in the summer country below:

Phoenix - Opens Easter 2022

In 2022, Fønix opens, a huge news in "Denmark's funniest forest". It will not just be Denmark's largest, fastest and highest ride with a height of 40 meters, length of 905 meters and a top speed of 95 km / h. Phoenix will also be the first roller coaster in the world with a so-called stall loop, where the classic loop is combined with a "reverse camelback", which gives an experience of weightlessness for 2.5 seconds - while turning upside down.

You can try a simulated trip in Phoenix here:

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The picnic - 2021

the picnic

Fårup has listened to the guests' desire for a new ride for the little ones. The picnic takes the little nuggets of gold and their parents on a cozy expedition through the summer country - past splashing waterfalls, the adventurous animal mound and the lumberjack's home. Read more about the Forest Trip here.

Saven - 2020

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The highest ride in Fårup takes you on a 460 meter long and breathtaking ride that goes both forwards and backwards .. 😬

However, the ride is still for most of the family members, as you only have to be 95 cm to be allowed to come along.

The Whirlwind - 2017

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A wild ride that is not for the faint of heart, but in return guarantees to drive you crazy! You will be thrown up and down from a height of 19 meters while turning around! 


Low season 2021: April 30 - June 4 + August 23 - September 19

High season: June 5 - August 22

Low season High season Season ticket
Adult 255 kr. 295 kr. 675 kr.
Senior 65+ 200 kr. 240 kr. 525 kr.

It is also possible to buy second-day and afternoon tickets. Get an overview of opening hours and prices for the day you are leaving here:


If you are happy with Fårup Sommerland and would like discounts, then you must buy a season ticket. In addition to free admission all year round, you get a discount on shops and restaurants in the park.

You also get a 25-50% discount on tickets to many of Denmark's biggest attractions such as. Djurs Sommerland, Bonbon Land, Randers Regnskov, Egeskov m.fl.

Hotel Fårup - Accommodation in the middle of the forest!

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Hotel Fårup is possibly the coolest accommodation for children - at least in North Jutland.

The 4-star hotel is located in the middle of “Denmark's funniest forest” and is in a completed forest theme with full focus on fun for the kids. Access to the park is included in the stay (and you have access 30 min before opening) and then the restaurant has bronze in the Organic Food Label (30-60% ecology). Perhaps this is also why the hotel in 2019 was named the 4th best hotel in all of Denmark.

The history

For many northern Jews, Fårup Sommerland is synonymous with summer and childhood memories.

The park opened for the first time in 1975 and is thus Scandinavia's first summer country.

Back then, the rides consisted primarily of trampolines, bouncy castles, horses and rowboats. The entrance cost only 4 years, and then the kids could otherwise just frolic all day.

It was a concept that the Danes could relate to, and it soon became a tradition to go on a family trip in the North Jutland summer country.

Today, the park has grown considerably and occupies a full 90 acres, equivalent to 55 football fields!

The park is also known for their academy, which ensures new employees a thorough training in service.

Frequently asked questions

We have gathered here a number of the questions that are most often asked. If you do not find the answer below, you are more than welcome to write to info@opdagdanmark.dk.

You can advantageously visit the park on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays in high season. Here there are the fewest guests according to the park itself.

Fårup covers a total of 90 hectares, corresponding to 55 football pitches!

Prices for children and adults depend on season. Children under 3 enter free of charge, while tickets for children over 3 and adults cost from DKK 240. See times and prices here.

Yes, at Hotel Fårup you can spend the night in the middle of the park. The hotel was named Denmark's 4th best hotel on TripAdvisor in 2019.

Once you have bought a ticket at the hatch, just follow the road and you will come to a huge parking lot. If you are staying at Hotel Fårup, you can turn off just before the car park and instead stay at the hotel.

Every year during the schools' autumn holidays (week 42)

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