Legoland Billund

A marvelous world of play and LEGO

Legoland Billund hardly requires any introduction. The amusement park, which first opened its doors back in 1968, is one of over 1.5 million visitors Denmark's main attractions. In fact, it is the largest attraction outside Copenhagen in terms of number of visitors, surpassed only by Tivoli and Bakken. With so many visitors each year, there is also a good chance you have your own memories of the park.

While you hardly need an introduction, you can find an outline of the amusement park's news, classics and practical information, and perhaps find out if it's soon time for (another) visit to one of Denmark's largest amusement parks.

News 2021: LEGO Movie World

lego movie world

The big news for the 2021 season is the new LEGO Movie World, a world built around the many LEGO movies that have rolled across the white screen.

One of the great experiences in this new world is Emmet's Flying Theater, an experience that takes a cinema experience to completely new heights! You will not sit still in front of the giant screen when LEGOLAND becomes the first amusement park in Scandinavia to have a flying theater amusement. In 'Emmet's Flying Adventure - Masters of Flight', guests float around in Emmet's sofa while experiencing a captivating film on a giant 180 degree dome screen that matches the sofa's movements. You will also feel wind in your hair, see fog around you and be exposed to different scents in the air outside.

Visit Miniland - a Legoland classic

Legoland's Miniland is what started it all; our world rendered with Lego bricks. In other words, you can discover Denmark through LEGO and in a short time visit both Amalienborg, Nyhavn, Skagen, Ribe and many more places in just a few minutes.

However, it is not only Danish places that you can experience on a 1:20 scale, because there are well-known buildings from all over the world in Miniland.


A one-day ticket in Legoland Billund costs DKK 395 bought at the entrance. However, there is a discount and money to save if you book online at least 2 days in advance. Then the price for day tickets is only DKK 375.

You also get in cheaper if you buy. season pass or overnight at Legland Billund Resort.

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