South and South Jutland's Best Ice House

Every year, we at OpdagDanmark name the country's best ice houses, and in this connection we also find the best places in the regions.

On this page you can see the best ice houses in South and Southern Jutland over the years. You can also nominate your own favorite and participate in the polls when we hold these.

We can only recommend visiting all the places on the lists, so you can decide for yourself who you think are the best…


In 2020, not only South Jutland's but also Denmark's best ice house became a close race between two South Jutland ice houses, namely The ice cream parlor in Sønderborg and Fru Dax on Rømø.

In the end we got a winner, and therefore it is appropriate to say congratulations to:

Congratulations to:

South Jutland's Best Ice House 2020

The final position thus ended with ice houses, which at the same time received over the 250 votes that were to give a pin on our map of Denmark:

  1. The ice cream parlor, Sønderborg
  2. Café Mrs. Dax, Romo
  3. Lillis Is, Kolding
  4. Café Midtpunkt, Rømø
  5. Is'N'Kram
  6. The Ice House, Fredericia
  7. The ice cream waffle, Ribe

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The final position and ice houses with over 100 votes:

  1. Mrs. Dax, Rømø
  2. The ice cream waffle, Ribe
  3. Gelato Di Natura, Esbjerg
  4. Café Midtpunkt, Rømø
  5. Café Stryhns, Esbjerg
  6. Fanøs Is
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Nominate your favorite and tell us why they should win


  1. Tina Tekker

    Clearly the ice cream waffle in Ribe.
    Love their softice with half vanilla and strawberries. Now there is also half vanilla and chocolate. Cool.

  2. Grethe Rasmussen

    Cafe Mrs. Dax

  3. Heine Petersen

    It seemed that the cabin dish at Bork harbor is missing from the list.
    There you get Denmark's best ice cream, just as you want it. They sell Vebbestrup ice cream which is the best ice cream in Denmark, and then it is cheap.

  4. Inga Koch

    Clearly Strandens Ishus on Strandvej in Søndeborg.

  5. Anne Mette

    You are missing
    Fanø Waffle and Bolsjehus! Super good big ice cream and a fantastic personal service!

    1. Mette

      Again this year not included. Delicious homemade ice cream. Not something that the others have either. Yes ok, Mr. Forest in Blåvand also sells it. Come and taste for yourself. The ferry is free in July

  6. Mrs. Dax on Romo,
    because the ice cream is fresh and delicious in taste & #8211; and then no one makes the balls as big and soft as a big one at Maria on Romo.
    At least I have to see it 🙂

    And I often eat a lot of ice cream!

  7. Elin Fischer

    Clearly Annie's kiosk in the South Sea. Super delicious ice cream, nice and friendly service and Denmark's most beautiful location.

  8. Aase Fey

    Mrs. DAX Romo

  9. Sabrina the Duke

    The promenade in Sønderborg must be added to the list. It's not just an ice house with a fantastic selection of ice cream & #8211; it is a gathering point on the harbor where during the year the owners do a fantastic job of creating life and atmosphere at the harbor.

  10. Bente Nonbo

    Clearly the Ice Waffle in Ribe & #8211; Homemade waffles, great experience and there is always good service. You have to try that.

  11. Mona Sørensen

    The ice cream in Ribe without a doubt

  12. Tine

    The little ice house
    Ibæk beach road. Vejle

    1. The editors

      Hereby added, Tine

      1. Soren

        What is the telephony when I am now not asked when I press the button

  13. Anne

    The harbor kiosk on Fanø

  14. You get the best ice cream in Rindby Supermarket Grillen on Fanø!

    Address: Rindby Supermarket A / S, Kirkevejen 32, 6720 Fanø, Denmark
    Phone: +45 75 16 35 46

    1. Bianca Beckers

      Can you put it on the list? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  15. Louise Askou

    The stop at Fanø is also missing

  16. Kiri

    You are missing the "Stop" on Fanø. Absolutely the best ice house, along with the ISVAFLEN.

  17. Julie Bryndum

    The sandbox grill and waffle bakery in blue water are missing from the list!

    1. The editors

      Hereby added, Julie. Thank you for your nomination 🙂

  18. Dorrit Kampmann

    Fanø Is Hovedgaden, Nordby Fanø

  19. Wivian

    Hi, do you mean Fanø Is, Hovedgaden 73? The ones with the super-delicious homemade Italian-inspired ice cream?

  20. Mette

    Fanøig and confectionery have been closed for a few years. And the shift owns 2 times. But the new Fanø Ice has delicious home-made ice cream.

  21. Louise

    Which number should be sent to?
    Can not find it.

    1. The editors

      Hi Louise. Send the code to 92 45 24 04.

  22. Gelato Di Natura Kongensgade 9 in Esbjerg is missing from the list, they have the best ice cream!

    1. Else Dokkedal

      Gelato di Natura in the middle of Esbjerg. Clearly the best and cozy and open all year

  23. Claus Fabricius

    Ribe forest grill
    Plantationvej 22
    6760 Ribe

    1. The editors

      Hereby added. Thanks for the addition, Claus

  24. Ellen Rasmussen

    Mrs. Dax

  25. Gelato di Natura in the middle of Esbjerg.
    Delicious and authentic Italian ice cream and many ice cream desserts.
    Everyone should try it: -PPPP

  26. Mona Laxy

    Temper ice cream and chocolate in Ribe.
    The most delicious homemade ice cream and chocolate. Whenever possible, local produce is used.

  27. Inge Marie Klaaby

    Ice cream waffle iRibe. Total homemade delicious waffle with the most delicious stuffing.
    Super operation
    Presentation of waffle making

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