Restaurants in Skagen 2024

As a popular holiday destination, Skagen of course offers a wide range of delicious restaurants that can gastronomically compete with some of the country's best. The resort gets its taste buds activated in the most positive sense.

We have put together a guide with some of the places where the food is tasty and the setting invites for a cozy dinner or lunch.

The Danish Dining Guide 2020

The best restaurants in Skagen

The Danish Dining Guide is a recognized guide that since 1978 has reviewed restaurants that serve food out of the ordinary in various price ranges. Food critic Bent Christensen is behind the dining guide, which contains over 250 different restaurants throughout the country. 

See the guide to the best restaurants in Skagen and the rest of North Jutland. 

© Skagen Fiskerestaurant

Fish restaurant in the best way 

Skagen Fish Restaurant

At the harbor in the city at the top of Denmark, Skagen Fiskerestaurant is located in one of the iconic fish warehouses, and here the restaurant has been located for the last 50 years. 

The restaurant offers fresh seafood, which is almost lifted out of the water in front of the restaurant the same morning - so it does not get fresher. So if you are in for a wonderful meal with fish in beautiful surroundings, then it is almost a must to make your way past Skagen Fiskerestaurant next time you visit the holiday town.  

North Jutland's 3rd Best Burger 2019

Café Knuths

Café Knuths is Scandinavian cosiness mixed with an appropriate amount of American charm. At Café Knuth you can get a hearty meal, but also the opportunity for a good cup of coffee or a sip of beer, should the urge to do so arise during the day. The café came in third place in the poll for North Jutland's Best Burger 2019. 

Read more about the poll below - and see which places are in the top three this year. 

Gastronomic experience in Skagen 

Ruth's Hotel

The historic seaside hotel is located in the first floor down to the water in the idyllic Gl. Skagen. Ruths Hotel serves exclusive gastronomic experiences in their two restaurants. 

Ruth's Gourmet is based on fresh North Jutland ingredients, and is a dining experience that you will soon forget. In Ruth's Brasserie you take a stroll through the French cuisine, and during a visit to the restaurant you can almost feel the warmer skies. 

Fantastic dining experience in historic surroundings 

Brøndums Hotel

The charming Brøndums Hotel is a traditional dining experience in Skagen. Because in addition to the historic surroundings and the idyllic atmosphere, the hotel's great popularity is due to their fantastic cuisine - which is included in both the Danish Dining Guide and the White Guide. 

Take a trip past Brøndums Hotel, if you want a dining experience of the greats. 

© Enjoynordjylland

North Jutland's 3rd Best Ice House 2019

The ice corner by Ole Beierholm Madsen

If the ice hunger shows up on your visit, we can clearly recommend that you make your way past the Ice Corner. Here you can choose between soft-ice, ball ice cream and homemade waffles. In 2019, Ishjørnet took 3rd place home in the vote for North Jutland's Best Ice House. 

Read more about our poll below - And find out which ice houses are in the top three this year. 

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