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Experiences in Skagen 2023

In Skagen you can find many exciting experiences, whether you are into culture, nature or just pure cosiness in an idyllic setting. Skagen's popularity comes in part from these many experience opportunities, which ensure that there is plenty to do when you go there.

Below we have gathered a number of places you should visit to get the best out of your visit to the city at the top of Denmark.

Main attraction for the whole family

Stand on top of Denmark

Stand with one leg in the Kattegat and another in the Skagerrak and experience the atmosphere when the waves hit each other at Denmark's northernmost point. Let yourself be transported around the Sandormen, which is gradually becoming a whole attraction in itself. 

Get a guide for your next trip to the top of Denmark. 

Museum for both large and small

Explore the North Jutland Coastal Museum

North Jutland Coastal Museum is a museum, which is divided into four different exciting locations in North Jutland, including Skagen, Bangsbo, Bangsbo Fort and Sæby. You can explore the four museums with one ticket - and dive into the history that has unfolded on the shores of North Jutland. 

See our guide to the four museums - so you can get an overview of the many experiences that await you. 

Denmark's largest sandbox

Go exploring at Råbjerg Mile

Råbjerg Mile is Denmark's largest hiking dune, and forms the setting for a beautiful and unique scenery that could look like something from another world. If you are into untamed nature, then Råbjerg Mile is well worth a visit.

Get a guide to Råbjerg Mile and read more about Denmark's largest hiking dune below. 

Free experience in nature 

Experience the Sanded Church

The Sanded Church is also known as Sct. Laurentii Kirke. The church was built in the 14th century, and is today called the Sanded Church due to a sanding in the late 18th century.

Today, the church is a look into a relic of the past, which to that extent is worth a visit - Read more about the church and get a guide for your next visit below. 

International Experience Center on Migratory Birds 

Get smarter in The Gray Lighthouse

The Gray Lighthouse is not just a lighthouse, because the buildings form the framework for an international experience center about wooden birds. The experience center can be experienced interactively, where you can learn about the fascinating bird migration on different screens and through interactive communication. at Skagen - You can follow the birds on the move through Europe and to Africa. 

In addition to the experience center, you can experience an exciting lighthouse story, a unique view and a cozy atmosphere, where there is room for both large and small. 

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© Skagen Art Museums

Art Museum 

Be captivated at Skagens Museum

The Art Museum is the owner of an extensive collection of works by the Skagen painters. The collection includes works by Anna and Michael Ancher, Marie and PS Krøyer, Laurits Tuxen, Viggo Johansen and Holger Drachmann. You can also explore Ancher's House and Drachmann's House, which contain the artists' private belongings and art collections. 

Read more about the mousse, upcoming exhibitions and opening hours below. 

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