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Restaurants on Bornholm 2024

Explore everything from local specialties to larger gastronomic dining experiences as you make your way past Bornholm. Get the authentic experience of what the island has to offer - from organic schnapps to Sol Over Gudhjem. 

We have compiled a guide to the best restaurants and tasting experiences on Bornholm - Whatever you are for the larger renowned restaurants or for the little hidden gems, Sunshine Island offers it all. 

Taste experiences for the adults 

Snaps Bornholm

Taste locally brewed schnapps from Bornholm! The organic schnapps is brewed on proud traditions with a modern touch, and offers a great taste experience. 

The alcoholic beverage from Snaps Bornholm is not only suitable for the lunch table, but can also be good in a cocktail or for the cheese table. 

@Great Cocktails

The Danish Dining Guide 2020 

The best restaurants on Bornholm

The Danish Dining Guide is a recognized guide that since 1978 has reviewed restaurants that serve food out of the ordinary in various price ranges. Food critic Bent Christensten is behind the dining guide, which contains over 250 different restaurants throughout the country. 

See the guide to the best restaurants on Bornholm and Zealand. 

Food from the bottom to the table 

The Old Post Office

The old Post Office in Allinge is close to both the harbor, the beach and the local shops, and therefore serves as the ideal place to eat both wet and dry when you explore the cozy town of Allinge. 

At Det Gamle Posthus you get a fantastic dining experience in beautiful surroundings - The restaurant's premises can be dated all the way back to 1905. The restaurant places emphasis on using ingredients that are local, fresh and in season - in this way, Det Gamle Posthus supports both the climate and the local environment on Sunshine Island.


© The Old Post Office

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Local specialties 

Nordbornholms Røgeri

Nordbornholms Røgeri has roots dating back to 1898, when the smokehouse exclusively delivered traditional Bornholm smoked herring to Copenhageners. Since then, the smokehouse was expanded, and today appears as a modern company with respect for the old traditions. 

Today, Nordbornholms Røgeri has both a fish shop, from where you can buy all the delicious specialties, and a restaurant where you can explore the largest fish buffet on the whole of Bornholm. 

Organic taste experiences 

Restaurants with the Organic Food Label

The Organic Eating Label represents the restaurants that put their efforts into using organic ingredients in their cooking. We have compiled a guide to the restaurants in Bornholm that have received the Organic Food Label - you can see the guide below. 

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Bornholm specialty

Sun above Gudhjem

Make your way past Gudhjem Røgeri, if you want to taste real Sun Over Gudhjem - and thus get the full Bornholm experience. The specialty consists of smoked herring on rye bread with egg yolk, chives and radishes. 

Gudhjem Røgeri also offers other specialties - and you can both explore in their fish shop and on the menu in the restaurant. 

The most beautiful sea view on Bornholm 

Restaurant Le Port

Visit Restaurant Le Port and enjoy an exquisite meal in the company of what is said to be the best sea view on Bornholm. The restaurant offers a wonderful Nordic cuisine with a focus on local ingredients. 

With fresh seafood on the menu and French cuisine as inspiration, you are always guaranteed a fantastic dining experience in the most beautiful surroundings. 

© Restaurant Le Port

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