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Experiences on Bornholm

Bornholm is the ideal destination for you who want to go on adventures in nature - Then lace up your hiking boots and pack your backpack, because you will not be bored! 

We have compiled a guide to the absolute best experiences that Bornholm has to offer.

Spectacular experience in nature

Explore Ekkodalen

Lace up your hiking boots and go exploring in Ekkodalen! The spectacular cliffs are an impressive sight, and in some places can be up to 20 meters high. Ekkodalen gets its name from the clear echo that the rock walls throw back towards the sender - this is especially a big hit among children and childish souls. 

Get a guide for your next trip to Ekkodalen below. 

Denmark's largest waterfall 

Experience the waterfall in Døndalen

In the middle of Døndalen runs the Døndaleåen, which with its fall of 20 meters, forms the framework of Denmark's largest and possibly most beautiful waterfall - and is a definite must see when you make your way past Bornholm. 

Read more about the waterfall and get a guide to the area below. 

An experience for the whole family 

Visit the Experience Center NaturBornholm

Go exploring in the Experience Center NaturBornholm, which offers a wealth of activities for both young and old. You can be taken back in time - and experience both earthquakes and dinosaurs! 

The experience center forms the home of a lot of exciting animals, and takes pride in transforming science into entertainment for the whole family. 

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Beautiful nature experience 

Hop on a trip in Lake Opal

Opal Lake on Bornholm is a very beautiful lake surrounded by steep cliffs, where you have the opportunity to take a relaxing dip or jump into the water from the seven meter high cliffs - if you have the temperature and courage with you. 

Read more about Lake Opal and get tips for your next visit below. 

A cultural experience for the adults 

Explore Bornholm Art Museum

The museum has one of the most spectacular locations on Bornholm, it is located above Helligdomsklipperne - which makes the location and architecture an attraction in itself. The art museum offers Bornholm art and crafts, and there are new exhibitions throughout the year. 

Read more about upcoming exhibitions, opening hours and prices below. 

© Bornholms Kunstmuseum 

Magnificent cultural experience 

Explore Svinemosen

In Svinemosen you have the opportunity to meet a European bison in the middle of Bornholm! You can walk the 4 km long and beautiful hiking route around Svinemosen - and get really close to the impressive animal in the scenic surroundings.

Read more about the hiking route and what to do if you are lucky enough to meet European bison below. 

One of Denmark's most beautiful sandy beaches 

Relax on Dueodde Strand

Enjoy the white sand and the clear blue water at Dueodde Strand on Bornholm. The wide beach stretches all the way from the holiday home area in Snogebæk to the nudist beach at Jomfrugård.

Read more about the beach and the sights in the area below. 

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Art museum and magnificent scenery 

Be impressed by the Shrine Cliffs

Experience the unique sight at the Shrine Cliffs on foot and on water! The rocks are named after a sacred spring that had its outlet at the foot of these rocks. The holy source caused many people to come to this place to be healed from their diseases.

Read more about the history and origins of the rocks and get a guide for your next visit below. 

Northern Europe's largest castle ruin

Explore Hammershus

Discover the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe - You can learn more about the ruin's exciting history in the nearby Hammershus Visitor Center. The old medieval fortress is located in beautiful surroundings, where the Bornholm nature really comes into its own. 

Read more about Hammershus - and get a guide for your next visit below.  

Hiking routes on scenic Bornholm

Go hiking in the Paradise Hills

Get the Bornholm nature completely under your skin and go for a walk around the Paradise Hills. Both shorter and longer routes have been marked in the area, so there are routes for both large and small legs. The hills of paradise offer a wealth of sights that can be found around the routes. 

Read more about the area and the various hiking routes below. 

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