Vesterports Bakery

Denmark's Best Bakery 2021

Vesterports Bakery in Faaborg is an extremely popular bakery on Funen, which people drive far behind. The specialty is called brunsviger, but if you ask the customers, it's everything between bread and cakes they run for.

In 2021, the bakery came on our map of the country's best experiences, when loyal customers from near and far voted them to the top and turned the family-owned bakery into Denmark's Best Bakery 2021.

Family owned since 1966

The success of Vesterports Bakery is by no means new. The Brøndum family has owned the bakery on Vestergade 6 in Fåborg since 13 December 1966, when Frits Brøndum took over the bakery. 

Today, however, it is the son Brian Brøndum who is in charge of the daily operation of the bakery, while his wife Anette Brøndum takes care of the shop.

The son Anders has also followed in the family's footsteps, and is today employed in the bakery with a dream of someone to take over after his father.

Funen's Best Brunsviger

"Brown sugar, butter and love". That’s how Brian laid out the recipe for his brownie, then TV 2 Fyn in 2017 gave Vesterports Bageri the title of Funen's Best Brunsviger, and if you visit the bakery to this day, the same recipe is on the staff's uniform.

It's hardly the complete recipe for Funen's Best Brunsviger, and if you ask Brian about the recipe for the remnant, it's not to get out of him either.

Therefore, there is nothing to do but pave the way past Vesterports Bakery, if you want the taste of the brownie, many drive far behind on Funen.

4 reviews

  1. fantastic

    We like to take a detour home to get bread home from you and also like to visit your wonderful cafe

  2. An oasis in Fasborg

    It is not just a bakery and patisserie, but a wonderful oasis in Faaborg when you visit the city. The rest of the Danish bakery can learn a lot.

  3. So tempting

    We are lucky that we have Vesterports Bakery in Faaborg, which is just too tempting to pass by...
    the best thing to bring to family outside of Funen is their famous brunsviger
    And then the service and the good atmosphere are top notch

  4. Fantastic baker

    Always sweet and friendly service, the most delicious bread and cakes

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