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Campsites in South and Southern Jutland

Campers are a common sight in the Danish summer landscape, and for many Danes, camping is one of the most effective ways to enjoy the summer. A perfect combination of fresh air, freedom and the opportunity to unfold in your own setting, on premises where the whole family can participate.

Scroll down to see:

  • Southern Jutland's Best Campsites in 2020, 2019 and 2018
  • List of official 5-star campsites in Southern Jutland
  • Sønderjyske places on ADAC's "michelin" list 
  • List of southern Jutland campsites with bathing facilities (water park and swimming pool)

Every year, we at OpdagDanmark ask the Danes where to find Denmark's best campsite - and including the best in South and Southern Jutland. In the best X-Factor style, you can via sms and OpdagDanmark app vote for your favorites and help make a map of Denmark with the best campsites.

Below you can see the South Jutland winners from year to year and at the same time vote / nominate for this year's poll.


In 2021, we should find the country's best places for the 4th time. The voting took place in the period 20 July to 5 August and in total over 5,000 voted via SMS and app.

From OpdagDanmark's side, we would like to say a thousand thanks to all participating campsites and not least all of you who took the time to vote, and who allow us to unveil South Jutland's best campsites 2021:

oldbro camping in haterslev receives the award for being Denmark's best in 2019

Congratulations to:

Gammelbro Camping


The final top 5 in South Jutland:

  1. Gammelbro Camping - Winner for the 3rd year in a row (!) And also winner of Denmark's best
  2. Sandshoes Beach Camping
  3. Sønderballe Strand
  4. Ribe Camping
  5. Hagen Strand


The program for the 2021 vote is clear:

  • Nomination phase: Until 20 July at 11.00
  • Voting time: July 20 at 12 - 5 August at 12.00

Details of this year's poll:

  • All the pitches that get more than 250 votes get a place on our map of Denmark's best campsites
  • On 5 August, we will announce winners for North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen, Zealand and of course the whole of Denmark. The winners will all receive a diploma
  • In order not to be about distributing the biggest prizes etc., it is strictly forbidden to distribute competitions, give discounts, tastings and the like.
    Read more in our set of rules here:
How to vote
  1. Find your favorite in the list below.
  2. Press 'Send SMS' (on mobile phone)
  3. Send the sms (costs only normal sms rate).
  4. When you receive a “Thank you for your vote SMS ”, is yours vote talked to. Sometimes there may be a little delay in the answer, but it should probably come

Find your favorite via the search box below and vote via SMS:

NOTE: Due to technical problems with our supplier, SMS votes did not arrive properly during the first two days. The technical problem has now been resolved and we have extended the vote by the two days that there were problems.

This means that the voting ends on 5 August at 12.00


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It's time to nominate your favorite for this year's poll, which takes place here on July 30 - August 13, 2020. During this period, you can vote for the nominees and help decide who will be the best campsites in the country.

All campsites that receive more than 250 votes will receive a pin on ours denmark map of the best experiences.

Congratulations to:

Gammelbro Camping


The final position in southern Jutland:

  1. Gammelbro Camping
  2. Sandshoes Beach Camping
  3. Sønderballe Strand Camping
  4. Ribe Camping
  5. Møgeltønder Camping

Find the other regional polls here


In 2019, we found the country's best campsites by a poll, where we first found the best in the regions. The 10 places with the most sms votes then went on to the final and finally we found a top 10. Congratulations to all 10 with the great result:

Congratulations to:


The final position for campsites in Southern Jutland ended as follows:

  1. Gammelbro Camping
  2. Sandshoes Beach Camping
  3. Vikær Strand
  4. Ribe Camping
  5. Esbjerg Camping
  6. Gammelmark Strand
  7. Hvidbjerg Strand Holiday park
  8. Nymindegab Family Camping
  9. Feldberg Family Camping
  10. Jelling Family Camping


Top 10 best campsites in South Jutland 2018:

  1. Hvidbjerg Strand Holiday park
  2. Sandshoes Beach Camping
  3. Lærkelunden Camping
  4. Frigård Camping
  5. Lillebælt Camping
  6. Vorbasse Camping
  7. Ribe Camping
  8. Nymindegab Family Camping
  9. Gammelbro Camping
  10. Stensager Strand Camping

5-star campsites in Southern Jutland


Like hotels, campsites are rated on the principle of 1-5 stars, where 5 stars are only given to the pitches where all conditions are top notch. Although we are not interested in ranking South Jutland's places based on this principle, we will still draw attention to those who have received 5 stars here: 

  • Hvidbjerg Strand Holiday park
  • Camping Trelde Næs
  • Camping Mørkholt Strand

The best campsites according to ADAC


The German car association ADAC (which is a sister organization to Danish FDM) has for several years knitted a guide together based on anonymous and unannounced visits to some of Europe's many campsites. It is seen by some as a michelinguide within the camping world. 

Here you can see the southern Jutland campsites that have been included in the guide:

  1. Hvidbjerg Strand Holiday park
  2. Her Strand Camping
  3. Riis Holiday Park
  4. Lærkelunden Camping
  5. Drejby Strandcamping

Campsites with bathing facilities


Here are some places in Southern Jutland, which offers excellent bathing facilities with a definite water park or the classic swimming pool. If the family consists of water dogs, then it might be worth considering some of the options below.

  • Bredebro Camping
  • Esbjerg Camping A / S
  • Frigård Camping Kollund
  • Fårup Sø Camping
  • Gammelbro Camping
  • Grønninghoved Strand Camping
  • Hejlsminde Strand Camping
  • Holme Å Camping
  • Mørkholt Strand Camping
  • Nymindegab Family Camping
  • Ribe Camping
  • Stensager Strand Camping
  • Vejers Familie Camping
Rules and conditions for voting at Discover Denmark

Due to great interest in some of our polls and thus increased competition to get to the top of the polls, we have made this page to determine what is allowed and not allowed, as well as what we do to prevent cheating.

If you have a question that you do not find an answer to below, you are more than welcome to write to us at

How often can one vote?

You can vote for all your favorites - but only once

Can you vote multiple times?

To prevent cheating and the ability to vote countless times, our voting module requires you to confirm your votes by text message. That way you can only vote once per. telephone number per place, and that way we get a fair vote.

Why do I need to confirm with SMS?

In order to prevent cheating with the polls while at the same time making it as easy and anonymous to vote as possible, we have introduced an SMS control when you vote. End of polls where you can vote multiple times and cheat by clearing cookies or cheating with ip address. With our SMS check, anyone with a mobile number can cast a vote.

All telephone numbers are anonymized in the database. Read more about this in our cookie and privacy policy.

Why aren't all the places involved?

Discover Denmark's polls are through nominations. Unless there are some who will vote in one place, then there is no reason to include it in the list. Especially because we get some incredibly long lists.

On the pages of the polls, you will find up to the time of the poll itself a box where you can nominate your favorite. Once the voting is underway, it is no longer possible to nominate. Here it is only possible to vote for those who were nominated.

Is it free to join?

Of course, it's free. Everyone should be able to participate in their category on equal terms. Therefore, it never costs to join the polls, and since we place great importance on credibility, it is obviously not possible to buy more votes with us.

What must / must not do to get more votes?

With OpdagDanmark's polls, we intend to find the best places in Denmark. We find them by reaching out to people who, through their own experience, can recommend their favorites. However, creative initiatives such as the purchase of talk time cards, competitions and attractive prizes, etc. can undermine this and cause people to vote in places without knowing the place.

To avoid this, we have created lists that describe the things that must and must not:

You may not:

  • Use contests, offers and discounts in connection with Discover Denmark's polls
  • Provide / offer products / services free of charge to people in exchange for getting them to vote
  • Buy talking time cards to vote many times.

You can:

  • Boost your postings regarding the poll on social media
  • Use a prize issued by Discover Denmark ifm. the vote to market your own participation

These rules apply to all nominees and non-nominees. If you experience cheating, please contact us at

We regularly check and contact people who have voted to make sure no cheating is done.
If we discover large quantities of unreachable, similar phone numbers, we reserve the right to remove them.

Are you in doubt as to whether an action violates our rules? So do not hesitate to write to us at or phone 53 63 12 14.

For nominees:

On the 1st violation of the above rules, the nominee gets a warning and the votes are removed for the entire day the rule was violated, as well as the subsequent 3 days (or until the competition, offer or the like is completely removed).

In the event of a second violation of the rules, the nominee is disqualified, removed from the list and can only participate again the following year.

For non-nominees:

We have seen examples where non-nominees and businesses want to help their favorite get on the road and inadvertently violate the above rules. In these cases, it is necessary to separate unlawful votes without damaging the nominee's own efforts, and OpdagDanmark will remove a quantity based on time and number of votes at its discretion. We then clearly draw attention to the case, who has broken the rules and when and how many votes we have removed. Therefore: read the rules and don't break them!

Tips and advice for the nominees

There are many ways in which, as a nominee, you can improve your chance of getting enough votes to appear on our map of Denmark's best in its category & #8211; and maybe even end up winning. We have gathered here a number of measures that have been used by previous winners:

Share more than once. It is rare for a post to reach all your followers on social media. Therefore, you may want to encourage people to vote multiple times. Failure to do so too often and in succession will not be considered spam. We also hear from previous winners that the postings are really good at activating followers, so you get more interaction on your Facebook page and good conversations with customers.

Ask the network for help. Many local / loyal customers would rather than spread your message and get more votes. As nominated in a poll, you get a unique SMS code and it is easy to share in your channels, offline as online.

Link to the poll from your website. Your website is the hub for many of your most loyal customers. With a link to the poll, you can secure an extra boost to the number of votes.

Ask for help from local news media. Positive attention to a particular place is also positive attention to the area. That is why your local newspaper, tourist office etc. also has something to gain by helping the nominees in their area. If you have them share your post / link to the poll, it can greatly improve your chances. We see many examples of this.

Privacy policy in connection with polls

To be able to make polls where you can nominate and vote for your favorites while we exclude attempts at cheating and the like, we use tools that use cookies and where you provide some non-sensitive information. You can read much more about our general cookie and privacy policybut, for good measure, we have included that part of the policy that applies to polls, then there is complete transparency.

Here's what you should be aware of:

& #8211; If you nominate a candidate via the comment box, you enter information about name, email address, and possibly website and commentary. This information is stored together with registration of IP address (for protection against spam) in our database

& #8211; When you vote, information about time, phone number and voice dialing is stored in our database, which only Discover Denmark has access to. We do this purely in order to show the number of votes and find a winner. None of this information is disclosed to 3rd party. 

& #8211; To prevent cheating, we continually check and contact some of the phone numbers that have been used to vote. Therefore, we may call you if you have voted.

You do not provide any sensitive information when you participate in our polls. The name, telephone number, mail and ip address are counted as personal data and we have therefore taken all security measures to ensure that no one besides OpdagDanmark's trusted employees can access this data.

We continually delete data from our polls when they are no longer used on the site.

Read more in our cookie and privacy policy

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