Grønninghoved Strand Camping

Denmark's Best Campsite 2023

Grønninghoved Strand Camping has always been a popular choice for camping enthusiasts, but in 2023 it became more than usual when thousands of happy camping guests voted the site as Denmark's Best Camping Site 2023.

We stopped by the campsite to present the diploma and to take a closer look at what makes this place special.

grøninghoved beach camping receives a diploma for the country's best campsite 2023

New owners and new energy

The site is owned by Lasse and Anna, who, together with their dedicated employees, take great pride in the fact that the campsite is run properly and with a focus on detail. In addition, visibility and being present with the campers is a very large part of the DNA at Grønninghoved Strand Camping. And this can be felt when you ask the guests on the square, who all emphasize the great commitment from Lasse, Anne and the rest of the staff. And that leads us on to the next section…

Many activities for children and adults

One of the things that quickly comes to mind when guests are asked how Grønninghoved can become Denmark's Best Campsite is the ability to activate the guests. There are always plenty of activities and events for both children and adults here, so you won't get bored.

For example, on the day when we stop by, there is an invitation to champagne and wreath cake. the handover, and that while there is a "late night pool party" for all the children and after there has been a visit from a local food truck. And otherwise, activities such as bread baking, football tournaments, wine tastings and live music on the terrace are recurring activities.

All together, something that means that you are never bored either as an adult or a child.

Location and natural beauty

Grønninghoved Strand Camping is located in an old, charming orchard and is a 4-star campsite. It lies beautifully next to the east coast's child-friendly beach at Little Belt, and its location close to Kolding, Funen and Southern Jutland makes it an ideal starting point for day trips in the region.

..And what the guests also highlight is the campsite's unique location between forest and beach. The child-friendly beach, the calm water and the cozy jetty form the perfect setting for a wonderful beach holiday.

the square seen towards the beach

New facilities

In 2023, the campsite also introduced 9 new cabins, both Little Belt and Strandvej cabins, which offer comfortable accommodation for guests.

For the youngest visitors, a completely new playground for the 0-6 year olds was added, and a new multi-court with gangs and artificial grass was also inaugurated, and this shows that there is a constant effort to make the space inviting.

Plans for 2024

And when we talk to Lasse and Anna about what lies ahead, the biggest development project is that the tennis court will be closed down and instead built a large orangery with a kitchen and living room, an outdoor washing area with a sea view of the Little Belt, as well as a beach area for relaxation in the sun.

It will be exciting to follow the development. If you would like to follow along or book a stay at Denmark's Best Camping Place 2023, you can read more here:

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    rigtig skøn plads med alt hvad hjertet begærer alt er pænt og rent med flotte faciliteter en plads der skal opleves

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