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Campsites in Central Jutland

Campers are a common sight in the Danish summer landscape, and for many Danes, camping is one of the most effective ways to enjoy the summer. A perfect combination of fresh air, freedom and the opportunity to unfold in your own setting, on premises where the whole family can participate.

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  • Central Jutland's Best Campsites in 2020, 2019 and 2018
  • List of official 5-star campsites in Central Jutland
  • Central Jutland places on ADAC's "michelin" list 
  • List of campsites in Central Jutland with bathing facilities (water park and swimming pool)

Every year, we at OpdagDanmark ask the Danes where to find Denmark's best campsite - and including the best in Central Jutland. In the best X-Factor style, you can via sms and OpdagDanmark app vote for your favorites and help make a map of Denmark with the best campsites.

Below you can see the Central Jutland winners from year to year and at the same time vote / nominate for this year's poll.


It's time to nominate your favorite for this year's poll, which takes place here on July 30 - August 13, 2020. During this period, you can vote for the nominees and help decide who will be the best campsites in the country.

All campsites that receive more than 250 votes will receive a pin on ours denmark map of the best experiences.

Congratulations to:


The final top 5 in Central Jutland:

  1. Humlum Fishing rental & camping
  2. Hessellund Lake Camping
  3. Camping and Family Park West
  4. Lemvig Strand Camping
  5. Randbøldal Camping

Find the other regional polls here


In 2019, we found the country's best campsites by a poll, where we first found the best in the regions. The 10 places with the most sms votes then went on to the final and finally we found a top 10. Congratulations to all 10 with the great result:

Congratulations to:

Hagen Strand Camping


The final position for the Central Jutland campsites ended as follows:

  1. Hagen Strand Camping
  2. Juelsminde Strand Camping
  3. Rosenvold Strand Camping
  4. Krakær Camping, Ebeltoft
  5. Humlum Fishing rental & camping
  6. Camping and Family Park West
  7. Hessellund Lake Camping
  8. Randers City Camp
  9. Lemvig Strand Camping
  10. Randbøldal Camping


Top 10 campsites in Middle Jutland in 2018:

  1. Hessellund Lake Camping
  2. Camping and Family Park West
  3. Toftum Bjerge Camping
  4. Humlum Fishing rental & camping
  5. Albertinelund Camping
  6. Ebeltoft Strand Camping
  7. Fur Camping
  8. Bamsebo Camping
  9. Lemvig Strand Camping
  10. DCU Camping Gjerrild Nordstrand Camping

Campsites with bathing facilities


Here are some places in Central Jutland, which offers excellent bathing facilities with a definite water park or the classic swimming pool. If the family consists of water dogs, then it might be worth considering some of the options below.

  • Aarhus Camping
  • Birkhede Camping
  • Bryrup Camping
  • Camping and Holiday Center Samsø
  • Elsegårde Camping
  • Fornæs Camping
  • Grenaa Strand Camping
  • Hjarbæk Fjord Camping
  • Kongsøre Camping
  • Løgballe Camping
  • Saksild Strand Camping
  • Sevel Camping
  • Skaven Strand Camping
  • Terrace Camping

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