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Denmark's Best Campsite 2022

Every year, Discover Denmark the country's best campsites, and in 2022 the title went to Denmark's northernmost campsite, Poul Eeg Camping in Skagen.

We then stopped by with diplomas - and to find out how so many chose to vote in this particular place.

4 things are highlighted:

1. An excellent location

the campsite seen from above with a drone

The first thing that is emphasized by owner Michael Isaksen and by guests is the excellent location.

Poul Eeg Camping is ideally located. On one side you have Grenen and wonderful nature experiences, and on the other side you have Skagen's city life with wonderful cultural experiences.

…and it's all within walking or cycling distance. Poul Eeg is just an excellent base for experiencing Skagen.

2. Nature and peace

With 410 units, Poul Eeg Camping is quite a large campsite. And if you compare with many others of the same size, they have water parks, mini golf and many facilities etc.

However, this is not the case at Poul Eeg. There is an area with a playground, bouncy cushion, ball field and activity room, but not a large swimming pool, etc. However, this is not something the guests at Poul Eeg miss either. Here, it is appreciated that there is peace and beautiful nature.

3. A wealth of experiences

aerial view of the branch

In continuation of the other two points, it is emphasized that you have so many experiences available in Skagen.

Grenen, Denmark's northernmost point where two seas meet, is in itself a unique experience that you must experience. But in addition to standing with your feet in two gardens, you can also go on the 4 routes The branch track. Poul Eeg is right on the red route. Here you will also pass Det Grå Fyr and the Skagen Odde Nature Center, both of which are worth a visit.

At the same time, it is only 1.9 km to Skagen Nordstrand and 1.1 km to Skagen Sønderstrand - so you can choose for yourself whether you want to swim in Skagerrak or Kattegat.

...and we haven't gotten to all the wonderful experiences in the city of Skagen. Experience the Skagen painters at the Skagen Museum, Anchers Hus, Vippefyret, life and fish restaurants on the harbor as well as a visit to Skagen Coastal Museum.

Excursions to Råbjerg Mile and The Sand Buried Church are also sure hits. Both places can be combined with the walking routes in Skagen Klitplantage.

4. Personality and presence

Although Poul Eeg is a large campsite, here is a community centered around a family-run business. Michael and Heidi run the place together with children, an uncle and grandparents. And then they make a virtue out of the personal service. Therefore, it is also not possible to book online. Instead, you call or send an email.

This means that the guests here have a relationship with the owners and it is good when, for example, must use people's support to win a vote as Denmark's Best Campsite.

Accommodation and space overview

At Poul Eeg Camping, they have 11 cabins, rental cars and over 400 places where you can bring your own caravan and tent. Click on the map to see the division, facilities etc

place card
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Opening hours

Poul Eeg Camping is generally open from April to September.

In 2022 there will be e.g. open from April 28 to September 18.

Prices and booking

Poul Eeg Camping is by no means an expensive campsite. You can see their prices here.

And should you wish to book with Denmark's Best Camping Place, you can do so here:

...and if you just want to read more about Poul Eeg, you can do so here:

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