Myrhøj Camping

North Jutland's Best Camping Site 2020

Myrhøj Camping by Farsø is a family-owned campsite that came on our map of Denmark's best experiences, when in August 2020 they ran with the title as North Jutland's best campsite. We passed by with a diploma and to find out what makes Myrhøj Camping the best, and it was with a certain excitement, because the campsite actually has no stars…

A place where everyone is welcome

When we arrive at Myrhøj, we are greeted by Laila, Niels and the girls Stinne and Marie, the family behind the square. Of course, we need to hear why the campsite does not have any stars, and it turns out to be because one has to have a boom to get the first star in the rating.

At Myrhøj Camping, however, you do not want to have any boom. Everyone is welcome here - even if you just stop by.

Myrhøj Camping is for children

When you arrive at Myrhøj Camping, you immediately notice that this is family camping. There is a large apartment area right when you enter, and you can already look to the next one.

From the parking lot you can see that the nearest cabins are decorated for the enjoyment of the family children. See e.g. this pirate themed cabin:

pirate hut

Needless to say, these cabins are incredibly popular.

Next to the cabins there is access to some of the large playrooms:

activity room

Both the outdoor and indoor playgrounds are covered with child-friendly surfaces throughout the square, and this is not entirely coincidental. Niels is the owner of a company that specializes in making playgrounds with rubber pads.

Lots of activities

When there is full focus on the family children, it is also important that something happens! That is why young people have also been hired to activate your children.

Throughout the season, you can experience activities such as animal feeding, Disney fun, creative workshops, treasure hunts, bonfires - and much, much more.

The animal kingdom

Children love animals, and therefore there is also a decidedly animal kingdom at this campsite, where the kids can feed goats and chickens, pet horses, goats and cuddle with cats, rabbits, etc., etc. The list is long…

the animal kingdom

You are even welcome to bring your own pets!

It is thus a campsite for the whole family - and not just children, adults and grandparents, but also the "four-legged family".

The blackberry kingdom

Something that children also love is fruits and berries. And with such a large plot on which Myrhøj lies, there is also a sea of shrubs and trees (especially blackberries), where the children can pick all the berries they want.

On the tour we get, the girls pick loose and happily share the delights:

the blackberry kingdom

We go and go and the girls keep picking and there is no doubt that this is a blackberry 😄

Self-service, trust and freedom

Another thing that makes Myrhøj Camping something special is that there is a 24-hour kiosk with self-service. So there is no operation. You can get up at night and buy a bag of chips at. 2, if that's what you want. So there is full confidence in the guests of the place, and it gives a freedom and flexibility that is delicious! You find what you want to buy and then simply transfer money via MobilePay.

Overnight at Myrhøj Camping

cabins at Myrhøj camping

At Myrhøj Camping you will find a rich selection of accommodation options. You can bring your own caravan, stay in a tent, or stay in one of the site's cabins with or without your own shower and toilet. Then you can choose the amount of comfort yourself.

However, it is also possible to stay in the more alternative types of accommodation such as. Indian tent and prairie wagon!

caravans with tents

Prices - Easy and clear

Usually you have to pay for bed linen and final cleaning when you are camping. But it has been eliminated at this campsite - in the same way as the barrier.

"With us, it is included in the price," says Niels.

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2 reviews

  1. A really nice family place

    Hi just a little about Myrhøj Camping which we came to in the autumn of 19 for a really nice host couple who do a lot for children at
    the square. We adults also enjoy the space, with all your improvements.
    Bendte and Hans-jørgen place 87

  2. Super nice place

    A super cool family offer. You are always warmly welcomed

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