Experiences in Central Jutland 2023

Central Jutland offers all kinds of experiences for the whole family, which are based on history and culture in beautiful surroundings in the form of the distinctive Central Jutland nature. 

In this guide you will find a lot of tips and recommendations for experiences that are especially interesting when you have to experience Central Jutland. 

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Main attraction for children

Scandinavian Animal Park

If you want to experience the fantastic Nordic animals, you can start at the Scandinavian Animal Park! Here you can meet polar bears, brown bears, wolves, sea eagles, deer and many other Nordic animals.

The animal park is located in the middle of Aarhus, Randers and Grenaa in the heart of Djursland. Natural surroundings help to create this wonderful attraction.

© Scandinavian Animal Park

Nature experience 

Stand on top of Himmelbjerget

Himmelbjerget is one of Denmark's highest points, and offers a fantastic view of the Søhøjlandet. You can sail with the wheel steamer Hjejlen, which is one of the world's oldest wheel steamers, to the foot of Himmelbjerget - and then walk the last kilometers up to the top. 

Get a guide to Himmelbjerget below. 

The capital of Central Jutland 

The world map

The world map at Klejtrup Sø is a completely unique place. Back in 1944, the Danish-American Søren Poulsen was draining the meadows around his childhood home at Klejtrup Sø southwest of Hobro. Here he found a stone that looked like Jutland, and so the idea for the World Map arose.

If you are a member of KlubDanmark, you even get a 25% discount on admission for the whole family!

Nature experience

Hiking trails in the Central Jutland nature

Central Jutland offers a wealth of versatile hiking routes in the Central Jutland nature - you can experience both the lush and hilly landscape and the Jutland heath, which is very characteristic of the area. 

Get a guide to the absolute best hiking routes in Central Jutland. 

Art experience in nature  

Walk the Infinite Bridge

The popular excursion destination and artwork The Infinite Bridge is located by Varna and Ballehage Strand south of Aarhus. There are plenty of opportunities for activities at the artwork - you can pull on your swimwear and jump in the water, enjoy the view of the sea, the forest and the beach or stroll around and around in the eternal circle. 

Get a guide to The Infinite Bridge below. 

Free experience 

Woodland Artland

Well hidden away in a West Jutland forest, you will find this gem, which consists of an art museum without walls and in the open air. The mousse acts as a surreal between trees and the over 80 different art installations, and can be described as a hybrid between an art gallery and a nature playground.

Get a guide to Skovsnogen Artland. 

Denmark's shark center 

Explore the Kattegat Center

The Kattegat Center in Grenaa offers a wealth of experiences both inside and out - and the brave souls can experience the center from below the water surface. You can meet Denmark's only sand tiger shark, row in a kayak on the Arctic Ocean or admire the cute seals in the Kattegat Center - With over 200 different species of animals, there is plenty to experience. 

See our top 100 of most visited tourist attractions in Denmark - and find out where the Kattegat Center is located on this. 

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Troll hunting in nature 

Find Strong Storm

Did you know that one of the rather popular trolls by Thomas Dambo is hiding in Silkeborg? Explore the area by Ørnsø, and see if you are lucky enough to meet Stærke Storm on your way - at least he is not moving just yet. 

Main attraction for the whole family 

Visit Djurs Sommerland

Whether you are away alone or have the children under your arm, Djurs Sommerland is the ultimate experience if you want a fun experience that whispers in your stomach. 

Djurs Sommerland is the Nordic region's largest summer country, and offers 9 theme countries, Denmark's largest slides and one huge water park with as many as 60 different rides for the whole family. 

Pack a good picnic basket or go exploring in the many different restaurants located in Sommerlandet. 


Experience center for the whole family 


Naturkraft is a magnificent experience center and nature park for the whole family. The park is located in Ringkøbing, and it is open all year round. Look forward to wild nature experiences both outside and inside - You get the opportunity to observe, explore and understand the wild forces of nature. 

Get a guide for your next visit to the experience center Naturkraft. 

Main attraction for children

Take a walk in Randers Rainforest

In Randers Rainforest you can for a short moment step into the tropical jungle and experience free-living monkeys, iguanas and sloths - and you do not have to go further than Randers in Central Jutland. The tropical experience is complete with the warm climate, vines hanging from the ceiling, large waterfalls and amazing plants that you will not find at home in the backyard. 

It is a full day excursion to visit the tropical paradise in Randers - So pack the packed lunch or enjoy a meal in the Rainforest Café. 

© VisitAarhus © Randers Regnskov 

© VisitAarhus

The capital of Central Jutland 

Take a trip to Aarhus

Experience Denmark's second largest city Aarhus and get a metropolitan experience that you will soon forget. The city offers gastronomy, architecture and attractions of the highest quality - and invites to unique and memorable experiences. 

Make your way past Aarhus and explore the many experiences that the city has to offer. Remember to pack the good hiking shoes, because you will want to experience it all. 

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