Strong Storm

A Thomas Dambo troll in Silkeborg

Strong Storm is the name of the Thomas Dambo troll you can experience at Ørnsø in Silkeborg.

The story behind Strong Storm

Strong Storm came into the world during "The Great Troll Festival", which is the name of the project that arose due to Covid-19. Thomas Dambo should actually have built 25 trolls around the world, but due to the pandemic, Thomas flew to Denmark, where the troll folk party was created with the help of a lot of volunteer labor from locals around Denmark.

See more about the folk festival in this video from Thomas Dambo:

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You can also see more about the creation of Strong Storm in this video:

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Go on a troll hunt

Strong Storm is just one of many Dambo trolls, and a popular free activity for many families with children is to go troll hunting.

Use our map to start your own troll hunt here:

dambo trolls short

2 reviews

  1. Pleasant forest trip

    Pleasant forest trip with the family. The view is really nice. The children were really happy when we found him.

  2. Fui visitar e achei lindo e incantador o lugar !! Extraordinary ally.
    I feel sorry for you!

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