Randers Rainforest

A true jungle adventure awaits you!

Randers Rainforest, located in the heart of Denmark, is a unique attraction that offers visitors an authentic experience of the magic of the rainforest. From the moment you step inside, you are greeted by a world filled with cascading waterfalls, fabled temple ruins and a multitude of wild animals.

The air in Randers Rainforest is warm and humid, and it is filled with the characteristic sounds and scents of the rainforest, which completes the experience of being on an adventurous journey far away from Denmark's cool climate. One of the most remarkable aspects of this attraction is the proximity to the animals. Here you get close – really close!

News of the year: THE ICE AGE

In 2023, Randers Regnskov introduces an exciting new attraction: THE ICE AGE. Here, visitors can take a time journey back to the end of the last ice age. Glaciers that have covered Denmark for millennia are melting away, and visitors can explore the landscape, play in the reindeer hunter's camp, meet prairie dogs and even experience the wolverine, one of the Nordics' top predators.

Practical information

  • Opening hours: It is recommended to check Randers Regnskov's official website for current opening hours.
  • Tickets: It is possible to buy both day tickets and annual tickets. In addition, they also offer 'print-yourself' gift cards, which can be a warm gift idea.
  • Facilities: Randers Regnskov is equipped with Wi-Fi, wardrobes, PCs for public use and toilets. There is also a café, Regnskovscaféen, where visitors can take a break and enjoy a bite to eat.
  • Transportation: Although there are no direct parking facilities at Randers Regnskov, there are public parking lots nearby. Several public transport options are also available nearby.

Randers Regnskov is not only a tourist attraction, but also a place that works actively for nature conservation. It's an experience that combines learning, adventure and conservation, making it a must-visit place for locals and tourists alike.

For more information, visit Randers Rainforest.

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