Hiking routes in Central Jutland 2024

There are many beautiful and exciting hiking routes in Central Jutland - and probably also some near you!

We have compiled an overview of the best hiking routes, so you can easily move out into the beautiful nature and get the best experiences.

You get:

Short walks (5 - 10 km)

3 km

Around Ørnsø

This is a very popular area for birdwatching, angling and hiking, so you're likely to bump into other people along the way. The route is open all year round and beautiful to visit at any time. Dogs are welcome but must be on a lead.

4 km 

Around Almind Sø

This route is often considered easy and can typically be completed in around 1 hour. The area is especially loved by bird watchers, walkers and runners, so expect to meet other nature lovers along the way. The ideal period for a visit is from April to October. Dogs are welcome, but they must be kept on a lead.

5 km

Hike at Den Genfendne Bro

Den Genfundne Bro is a unique story about an old railway bridge that was hidden and forgotten in a dam, but was later found again. The bridge is a popular excursion destination, but the whole area is full of exciting stories, which is why we have created two routes that you can follow, and get the exciting history of the area along the way.

5 km 

Vejlsø and the glasses

This route goes through the beautiful forests of the Silkeborg area, as well as past Vejlsø and Brillerne. Both lakes are part of what is called the Silkeborg Lakes, which are known, among other things, for having very clean water that allows you to swim in them when the weather is right. 

The route will also pass along Brassø, through which the Gudenå flows. Gudenåen is Denmark's longest river with its 176 km.

7 km 

Plain garden to Lushage

Start at Sletterhage lighthouse, continue along the beach and follow the path up the coastal dune - all the way up to the German Tower - where you will be surrounded by scenic areas and fantastic views during the entire 6 km of the route!

And best of all:

From June to August, Sletterhage lighthouse will be open, so you can enjoy the view from the very top of the lighthouse!

10 km 

Planet path in Lemvig

The planet trail in Lemvig is a scale model of the solar system that stretches from Lemvig to Gjellerodde, and consists of sculptures representing the planets. The route begins in Lemvig and leads past models of Mercury, Venus, the Earth with the Moon, Mars, and on to the outer planets, with Uranus located at the beach and Neptune and Pluto on Gjellerodde.

The trail is both educational and entertaining, especially for children, and offers a unique way to experience the solar system on Earth. The walk along the beach between Jupiter and Neptune offers beautiful views and the possibility of detours.

Visitors are encouraged to bring food, although there are dining options along the way. The planet trail is the oldest and longest in Denmark, which makes it a special experience for all ages.

Medium-length trips (10 - 20 km)

>10 km 

The Silk Route

Experience the scenic 11.7 km cycle and walking route near Silkeborg, which offers moderately challenging terrain, idyllic lakes and the enchanting course of the Gudenå River.

11 km 

Walk from Den Genfundne Bro to Vestbirk

Den Genfundne Bro is a unique story about an old railway bridge that was hidden and forgotten in a dam, but was later found again. The bridge is a popular excursion destination, but the whole area is full of exciting stories, which is why we have created two routes that you can follow, and get the exciting history of the area along the way. The long one goes all the way out to Vestbirk.

15 km 

Møgelskår in Nordby Bakker

Come on a hike in Nordby Bakker's largest and most distinct valley - or shards as they call it on Samsø. With its 15 km you get far around in Nordby Bakker, and get to experience much of the scenic area.

And innot only are you taken through the entire valley, you are also taken all the way down to Samsø coast!


15 km 

Husby Dune Plantation Route

This premium route of 15 km takes you through beautiful West Jutland nature - both forest and dunes - and takes you out to the North Sea. A fantastic route in unique surroundings!

And best of all:

During the trip you will meet "Badesøen", where you can take a dip!

2 km – 3 km – 5 km – 6 km – 7 km – 8 km – 11 km – 12 km 

The clover paths

The clover paths are a nationwide concept, where several good hiking routes have been created in the local areas, so you can get out and rediscover your hometown - or rent tourists in other cities. And there's probably one near you!

There are different lengths of routes so there is something for everyone.
In addition, it is possible to walk, cycle and even ride a wheelchair on some of the routes!

20 km 

Mols Bjerge-Stien

Mols Bjerge Stien is an 80 km long hike in the Mols Bjerge National Park divided into 4 stages of approx. 20 km each. The hiking route is certified Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe, which proves that this route is something special and a must if you love hiking and have not yet walked the trail.

13 km 

Quality path Hald Sø

Discover Hald Sø Kvalitetssti, which guides you through East Jutland's beech forests to West Jutland's open heath. Experience the untouched Stanghede west of Hal Sø and follow historic hollow roads from Hærvejen.

Get breathtaking views from the hills south of the lake, and it is recommended to follow the anti-clockwise route for the optimal experience. See the Nature Agency's brochure "Hald Sø-Dollerup Bakker" for detailed route directions and deeper insight into the area's history. Go on an adventure and explore Hal Sø Kvalitetssti for a unique nature experience.


Long trips (20+ km)

29 km 

Chalk the Kamino

The Kalk Kamino takes the walker through a beautiful landscape of great natural and cultural historical value. You will find the start and end of the route in Stoholm and Skelhøje respectively, from where you can continue along Hærvejen north and south. You can of course walk the route both ways.

The landscape in the northern part of the hiking route is strongly marked by centuries of limestone quarrying in Daugbjerg and Mønsted. The flat heath areas open up further south, where the first major attempt at heath cultivation was carried out by German colonists at Grønhøj and Havredal in the 1760s, and the first actual forest planting took place at Stendal in 1788.

32 km


The Gjerrildbanestien is a very special experience that differs from most other paths and roads. While most trails follow the natural shape of the terrain, the Gjerrildbanestien is fixed in its own plan, while the landscape around it is constantly changing. The path stretches between Gjerrild and Ryomgård and follows the former railway line that once connected these two destinations.

60 km – 161 km – 174 km – 215 km – 313 km 


Follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and - experience Denmark's oldest trade route, the Hærvejen. This historic road stretches through beautiful landscapes and offers a unique journey through time and nature.

On Hærvejen you can experience the special atmosphere of adventure and history. The walk along this ancient trade route allows you to explore villages, forests, fields and open spaces. Enjoy the sight of historical monuments, burial mounds and cultural-historical sights that bear witness to the journeys and events of the past.

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