Møgelskår in Nordby Bakker

Amazing nature on Samsø

With its mighty hills interrupted by deep valleys, (so-called cuts or skår in Danish), Nordby Bakker is a lovely natural experience. The largest and most pronounced of these cuts is Møgelskår. The walk there involves an impressive hilly landscape covering the north-western part of Samsø and extending to the island’s coast. ?The landscape consists of grassland, used for grazing by domesticated animals.

The northern part of the coast’s cliff is steep and alters as a result of the sea’s waves eroding the base of the cliff so that it constantly – and at times dramatically – falls into the sea. From the beach near Møgelskår, you can see some stripes in the grass-clad slopes. The stripes are called sheep paths, as they have been created by a combination of soil creep and the wandering of domesticated animals along the same paths year after year. In many places in the area, you’ll still meet cows and sheep, which ensure that it doesn’t become overgrown with trees. From the tops of the hills, there are views towards the west of Tunø and Jutland. From here, you can often see porpoises and seals, which catch fish along the coast.

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A beautiful walk around Nordby Bakker

This 15-kilometer-long walking route starts at the street pond in Nordby and follows Møgelskårvejen out of town. Two kilometers from here you meet a parking lot, from where a hiking trail leads you through Møgelskår and all the way down to the coast.

From the coast, the path leads you up to Ballebjerg, which is the highest point on the whole of Samsø, and then through a beautiful hilly landscape to Pelkeshøj. From the top you have a fantastic view of Issehoved, which is the northernmost point on the island.

Attractions on the route

  • Nordby, a well-preserved village with thatched half-timbered houses with hollyhocks
  • Møgelskår
  • East of Vesterballegård there is a primitive campsite where you can cook over a campfire or spend the night
  • Ballebjerg, on which stands an octagonal lookout tower
  • Pelkeshøj, from where there is a unique view of Issehoved and Sletterhage Lighthouse at Helgenæs
  • At the northern tip, Issehoved continues out into the sea like an underwater reef
  • In the sea around the northern Samsø you can be lucky to see Guinea Pigs in the summer

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