Events in Central Jutland 2024

There are a wealth of events in Central Jutland, and here we list some of the biggest annual events.

There is something for you who are fond of music and parties, you who want something delicious to eat or you who are looking for an exciting historical experience.

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Beautiful party

Skanderborg Festival, Denmark's Most Beautiful Festival, or beautiful party, dear child has many names! Smukfest is a music festival which is held in Bøgeskoven near Skanderborg. It is Denmark's 2nd largest festival, and you can experience a wealth of musicians here.

The festival lasts for 8 days and here are many options when it comes to accommodation, for example you can sleep in a Royal Beer Can, on a delicious pigsty or in a shoebox - but of course there is also the opportunity to bring your very own tent!

There are about 55,000 guests a day at the festival and about 16,000 helpers, which tells a little about the scope of this beautiful festival. All profits go to charity, non-profit and cultural activities, so you support a good cause when you buy your ticket to Smukfest!

© Smukfest

© Northside

Northside Festival

Northside is a music festival held in Aarhus. The festival is visited by some of the world's greatest musicians, as well as new budding artists, primarily within the indie and rock genre. The festival has been held since 2010, and the association behind the event aims to be the greenest and most sustainable cultural event in Denmark. 

The festival runs over 3 days, where there will be concerts, as well as the separate Sideshow with cabaret, Silent Disco and much more.

As part of their sustainable vision, all the food at the 100% festival is organic!

Aarhus Festuge

Aarhus Festuge offers 10 days of wonderful atmosphere in Aarhus city. The purpose of the festival is to gather people and activate the city's institutions and associations. Aarhus Festuge has been held since 1965 and therefore has a long tradition, as an event that creates life in the city of Aarhus with a wealth of events.

In Festugen you can experience around 1000 different events within art, culture, music, architecture, theater and much more.

© Aarhus Festuge

© Viborg Snapsting  

Viborg Snapsting

Viborg Snapsting is a festive event in Viborg, which runs over 10 days. Here, the city's citizens and outsiders gather for cultural and sporting events, and with up to 100,000 visitors each year, a fantastic atmosphere is guaranteed in the city!


Denmark's largest science fiction fair takes place in Arena Randers. There will be both the opportunity to meet actors and profiles within the science fiction universe, at the same time as there will be all kinds of merchandise and vintage toys. 

So if you're a big fan of science fiction, then SCI-FI-CON is the perfect bet!



Aarhus Jazz Festival

Since 1989, there has been a Jazz Festival in Aarhus. It is an annual event where you can be allowed to experience the great artists in the world of jazz, while you will also experience new, exciting artists.

It's one of the biggest jazz festivals in the country, so if you love the music genre, then this event is just for you!

Green Concert

Grøn Koncert is touring around Denmark, and will be visiting Aarhus in July. Here you can experience a wealth of different artists during the day, while of course there are stalls with food and drink!

All profits from the Green Concert go to the Muskelsvindfonden's work, and you thereby support a good cause when you buy your ticket to the event. 

© Green Concert

© Vorbasse Market

Vorbasse Market

Vorbasse market is also referred to as "Denmark's Largest Family Tradition". The market has largely existed since 1730, and is a fantastic annual event with all the things we know from markets, namely shopkeepers, horses, small animals, amusement park and entertainment.

At the same time, up to two campsites will be set up during the period when the market is running off the stack, so if you feel like it, you can spend the night near the market and get all the experiences.

The market is visited by more than 250,000 guests every year, which testifies to its great popularity, so if you are into the really big flea market, then Vorbasse market might be just the thing for you!

Randers Festuge

Randers Festuge is a folk festival, and here you can experience a wealth of musicians as well as be inspired by art, theater and much more.

It is citizens, cultural actors and associations in the city who put together the festival week, where the city becomes a fantastic gathering place filled with party and colors!

© Randers Festuge

© Silkeborg Regatta

Silkeborg Regatta

We have to go all the way back to 1899, to trace the start of the Silkeborg Regatta. For this event, Silkeborg will be decorated for parties and events, with colored lamps and torches. There will be a wealth of experiences set in motion so that the city can gather for a big folk festival, and there will be music scenes with exciting artists, wonderful food stalls and illuminated boats. 

Water, light and fire are the focus of the Regatta. There will therefore also be a fantastic fireworks show!

Moesgaard Vikingetræf

If you are interested in the Viking Age, then Moesgaard Vikingetræf might be just the thing for you! People from both home and abroad gather here to commemorate the Viking Age, with role-playing games, the authentic Viking clothes and a wealth of activities that take you all the way back to the old days!

The Viking meeting takes place as a well-functioning Viking town with 600 warriors and family, 70 stalls and 65 horses and their riders, who for a week live as they did in the Viking Age, and it therefore does not come close to an authentic Viking experience!

© Moesgaard Vikingetræf

© Danmarks Outdoor Festival

Denmark's Outdoor Festival

In Silkeborg you can experience Denmark's Outdoor Festival. Here there will be activities on land, water, and in the air, with both cable cars, paddleboard on the lake, yoga and much more. The event aims to promote the joy of nature experiences and movement, and therefore contains a wealth of activities for the whole family!

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