The Infinity Bridge

Artwork and popular excursion destination

Den Uendelige Bro or The Infinity Bridge is a work of art created during the ARoS exhibition Sculpture by the Sea back in 2015. The bridge was only intended for a temporary location at Varna and Ballehage Strand south of Aarhus, but it became such a popular destination for both locals and tourists that you now can go for an endless walk every year between April and October. The bridge is taken down in the winter and rebuilt in the spring, where you once again can go for a walk without end.

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The idea behind the bridge has been to reestablish contact between the city, the bay and the coast as experienced before World War II, when steamships sailed between Riis Forest in the north and Marselisborg Forest in the south. At the Varna Palace there once was a jetty where the town's citizens could get out and enjoy an excursion in the forest. It is this connection between city and bay that you can now experience in a panoramic construction as you go for a walk on the Infinite Bridge. Highly recommended and advantageously combined with our tips below:

OpdagDanmark's tips for The Infinity Bridge

  • The Municipality of Aarhus offers weddings on the bridge and with the Varna Palace in the background you are guaranteed a wedding you wont forget!
  • Visit the bridge and combine with eating at the restaurant of the Varna Palace. It can eater be for sunday brunch or dinner other days of the week
  • Bring swimwear and enjoy a dip at the beach. It is ok to swim by the bridge

Last Sunday I took my parents on a little trip in Aarhus. We drove out to the Varna Palace, parked the car and went down to the water. Here you will find a small cultural pearl, a circular bridge built so that you can walk on the water. The surroundings are very beautiful and if the weather is good it is also obvious to bring a packed lunch.
The place can be recommended for children, young people and the slightly older generation. If you want to walk a bit in the surroundings flat shoes are recommended.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How long is The Infinity Bridge? The bridge is 190 meters long, 2,5 metres wide and 60 metres in diameter
  • Is it possible to have a wedding on the bridge? Yes it is. See our tips
  • Who has made the bridge? Gjøde and Povlsgård Arkitekter
  • When is the bridge open? From April to October

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