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Taste experiences and restaurants in Aarhus

Where can you get the best user, pizza or gastronomic experience in Aarhus? 

We have compiled a guide to the best restaurants and tasting experiences in Aarhus - Whether you are to the larger renowned restaurants or to the small hidden gems around the city, Aarhus offers it all. 

Street Food for the whole family 

Aarhus Street Food

The concept offers more than 30 different stalls serving food from all over the world - Whatever you fancy American burgers, Mexican tacos, Vietnamese noodles, French crepes or Danish tartlets, you can find it in Aarhus Street Food.  

Aarhus Street Food is located in the middle of Aarhus city center in raw surroundings, which creates the perfect urban atmosphere that, in interaction with the exotic kitchens, sends you under warmer skies on a good summer evening. 

Read more about the various stalls and kitchens that Aarhus Street Food has to offer below. 

The Danish Dining Guide 2020 

The best restaurants in Aarhus

The Danish Dining Guide is a recognized guide that since 1978 has reviewed restaurants that serve food out of the ordinary in various price ranges. Food critic Bent Christensten is behind the dining guide, which contains over 250 different restaurants throughout the country. 

See the guide to the best restaurants in Aarhus and the rest of Central Jutland. 

Aarhus' Best Pizza 2020 

Pizza Adagio

The Italian pizza joint is located in central Aarhus, and is definitely worth a visit! In 2020, Pizza Adagio won the title of Aarhus' Best Pizza. Therefore, Pizza Adagio is the ideal place to go when the pizza hunger suddenly shows up in Aarhus.

The peat market

Market on Ingerslevs Boulevard

Experience an almost southern atmosphere in the open air, and go exploring in the fresh ingredients and products made by both major and minor producers. 

Be tempted by the aroma of freshly baked bread, freshly made coffee and good cheeses - You can find organic vegetables, freshly picked flowers, freshly thrown honey, fresh fish and much more at the market on Ingerslev Boulevard.

 The market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday from 08:00 - 14:00

Organic taste experiences 

Restaurants with the Organic Food Label

The Organic Food Label represents the restaurants that put their efforts into using organic ingredients in their cooking. We have compiled a guide to the restaurants in Aarhus that have received the Organic Food Label - you can see the guide below. 

Aarhus' Best Burger 2020

Top 3 of the best burgers in Aarhus

We set out to find the best burger in all of Central Jutland - and through a poll conducted by the country's tenacious burger eaters, we found these winners: 

1. Burger Boom 

2. Sidewalk Café

3. Melone

World-class gastronomy 2020

White Guide Restaurants in Aarhus

White Guide Denmark is a dining guide that focuses on the absolute best restaurants in all of Denmark. If you want an dining experience in Aarhus beyond the usual, then select the next restaurant to visit in the guide below. 

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