Experiences in Esbjerg 2024

Experience the magic of Esbjerg! From the majestic "Man by the Sea" sculptures to the fascinating Fisheries and Maritime Museum, the city beckons with cultural and scenic gems.

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The Marsh Tower

The forest tower in Camp Adventure on Zealand has got a sister in 2021! The Marsh Tower, which is the name of the new experience in Southern Jutland, was designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and has received much attention since it opened in August 2021.

Sculpture at Esbjerg 

Visit the Man by the Sea

The well-known landmark was erected by sculptor Svend Wiig Hansen in 1994 in connection with Esbjerg Municipality's 100th anniversary. If you are visiting in or around Esbjerg, the sculpture is a must see! 

Nature experience

Hiking trails in the South Jutland nature

South Jutland on a wealth of versatile and beautiful hiking routes. If you are ready for a challenge, you can move out on the Jutland army road, which runs from the Danish / German border in Padborg and up through the Jutland landscape.  

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A water paradise in the heart of Esbjerg 

Active Esbjerg Beach

Aqtiv is a water experimentarium in the lagoon behind the artificial harbor island on Esbjerg Strand. Here you can swim from a new, delicious floating jetty. After the swim, you can jump under the outdoor showers or warm up in the sauna. You can change in the new changing rooms, go to the toilet and if you remember a lock, you can lock your valuables inside the lockers while you are on the water.

Unique nature experience

Visit Mandø

Mandø is the only island in Denmark that you can only get to when there is low tide. Take the tractor bus to the island in the Wadden Sea National Park, whose unique nature is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nature experience 

Experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is in itself a completely unusual nature experience, which means that the area is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Wadden Sea can be a broad concept, and The Wadden Sea Center is therefore the perfect place to start when you are exploring the National Park. The center offers a wealth of activities such as seal safaris, tidal walks for children and walks on the seabed. 

Get a guide to your next experience at the Wadden Sea below. 

Main attraction for the whole family 

Rømø Dragon Festival

Every year, countless kite pilots make a pilgrimage to Rømø to participate in the annual kite festival, where they get the opportunity to showcase their latest creations. It is a spectacular sight that will meet you at this festival - and it is therefore definitely worth a visit!

There is free admission for everyone in the festival area with or without a kite - so take the family under your arm and experience the unique sight with the many thousands of colors in the sky over Rømø. 

© Liv Viking

© Lasse Hyldager

History Center 

Explore Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke

At the history center Dybbøl Banke you become part of one of Denmark's biggest battles, and you enter directly into the decisive days during the war in 1864. You get very close to the soldiers, the ramparts and the barracks to the sound of roaring cannons. 

The war in 1864 resulted in Denmark being reduced to a small national state. At the same time, Prussia became the German Empire, which then collapsed and became the federal state of Germany as we know it today - and therefore the war is also an essential part of Europe's history. 

Natural phenomenon 

Experience the amazing phenomenon of Black Sun.

Have you ever seen 100,000 - 400,000 starlings dance gracefully in the evening sky over Ribe Marsh? This natural phenomenon is called Black Sun, and it often takes place in autumn and spring. The phenomenon depends on the number of birds of prey in the area and the weather, which determines the bird's dance in the evening sky. 

Black Sun can be experienced in Ribe Østerå by both Damhuset and the bird tower, Vilslev Enge and Ribe Vesterå on your own, but you can also go on a guided tour by contacting tel. 75446161. 

Remember to bring warm clothes, good company, a cup of coffee and a whole lot of patience - Have fun! 

Main attraction for children

Take a trip to Legoland Billund

Legoland is the ideal place for children and childish souls - get loose and go exploring in the large amusement park. The park is with over 1.5 million visitors a year one of the country's biggest attractions, measured by the number of visitors, it is only surpassed by Tivoli and Bakken on Zealand. 

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