The Marsh Tower in the Marsh Camp

South Jutland's new landmark

A new gem has arrived near Skærbæk in Southern Jutland. In the summer of 2021, the new experience and camping center, Marsk Camp, opened. Particular attention has been paid to one of the major attractions at Marsk Camp, namely the Marsh Tower. The tower was designed by nothing less than the famous architectural firm, Bjarke Ingels Group, which has also been responsible for the drawings for, for example, the harbor bath at Islands Brygge and the award-winning Tirpitz Bunker Museum. 

Marsk Camp was started by nine business people from the local area, whose desire is to make Skærbæk more attractive to tourists as well as the locals. 

The tower is 25 meters high and has cost something close to 24 million kroner to have built. In the first 4 weeks alone, there have been almost 17,000 visitors, and the tower has since the opening received both attention from home and abroad, as journalists from both the Netherlands, Germany and the US have been a smut because to experience the new beautiful landmark. 

Opening hours – The tower is open from 9am, while closing times vary depending on the season. See the current times here.

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Picture by Mette Berg

Marsh Camp is full of experiences

Marsh Camp offers far more than the beautiful Marsh Tower. The camp is located right on the edge of the Wadden Sea National Park, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition, there is also the possibility of accommodation, wonderful food and various guided tours in the surrounding nature. 


The camp offers boats motorhome pitches and glamping. 

Here are a total of 126 motorhome pitches, which are located in three divided zones, each with their own character. There are both toilet and shower facilities as well as the opportunity to wash clothes. 

Marsk Camp also offers the option of renting a glamping tent. A total of 12 tents have been erected. There is virtually nothing that the glamping tents do not include, as there is both a living room, fridge, hob, kettle, crockery, terrace with barbecue and furniture and much more. Each glamping tent comes with its own toilet facilities, just a few meters from the tent itself.

You can book the glamping tents here.

Glamping tent

Ice house and restaurant

The camp has both one ice house and one restaurant. The restaurant uses fresh and local ingredients to give guests the best possible experience. They give their guests a promise: “All  our guests should go happier from here than when they arrived. 

Restaurant breakfast


There are several different experiences for guests and visitors. You can both go out and experience 'Black sun', go on an oyster or gathering trip, and last but not least, they also offer a tractor bus trip which includes stories about the area.

Frequently asked questions

When you arrive at the car park by the main house, the tower is just to the left.

There are 146 steps up to the top and 131 steps down again.

Yes. The owners have tried to make the area as handicap friendly as possible and there is a lift under construction to the Marsh Tower. In addition, there is disabled parking at the main house right by the reception.

Yes. There are parking spaces just outside the main house as you drive into the camp.

Yes. There are two nature playgrounds.

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9 reviews

  1. Really good kitchen

    Great tour in the tower
    Lovely food, wonderful bread cake.
    It would be nice if, in addition to all the fruit tees, there was also a Darjeeling or a panyong.
    A bit over the top to take payment for offered salted almonds and when beer is bought also to take NOK 35 for a jug of tap water.

  2. Exciting experience.

    Nice restaurant, both outside and inside. Friendly and polite service, as well as delicious food, albeit a modest selection, in return at reasonable prices

  3. How we are different….

    Oh, how I get tired of bad – and for me unreasonable – reviews. Why bring your dog from Funen and be aggrieved that it cannot go up the tower. We have been up in the tower, fantastic experience. We've never had a dog, but I actually think it's in the dog's best interest that it can't be allowed to go up and down the iron stairs. As a visitor, I greatly appreciate that I cannot risk meeting a dog on the way up or down. Thanks to the management for opting out of animals in the tower! Instead, choose attractions that are suitable for animals or leave them at home.
    And those of you who are offended that there are no places where you can eat your own food: you can do that in many places, and in the past we took a blanket with us when we went on a picnic - I guess that's still allowed.
    We have eaten at the café/restaurant several times. Have always been received by an extremely professional staff, quick service and really nice food. We have each time chosen smørrebrød. Very fresh and well prepared, large pieces, fine compositions and really tasty - and at extremely reasonable prices. We will come again and gladly show the place to guests.
    Lone Friis

  4. lunch at the cafe

    Absolutely fantastic food at the restaurant, beautiful surroundings, skilled and sweet employees.
    we look forward to coming again.

  5. Too bad

    strange place
    We drove a trip from Funen to Southern Jutland to see and experience the Marsh Tower, have been to the Tower at Næstved and were looking forward to seeing the view of the marsh but we did not get there because you are not allowed to bring your dog. What's that all about? it can not sit in a hot car while we trot up there.
    Too bad to drive down there for nothing
    Kirsten Jeppesen

  6. Good experience

    Defied poorly reviewed and visited marsh cafe. Got a good and fast service super nice food all in all a super good experience.

  7. Five big stars

    Fantastic motorhome pitch. Not spared anything, and also very reasonable price and the power is cheap. Not the last time we come.

  8. Bad

    Nowhere to eat takeaway food

  9. Bad service

    We were here this afternoon, September 26, 2021, on an excursion trip with my old parents, so that they could see the tower and have a cup of coffee with cake in the Marsk restaurant. It was a really bad experience, we get to sit at a table. Then a very loud-mouthed female waiter came and told us not to side with that table because it was meant for more than the four of us.
    That would be ok too, but the way it was said was really uncomfortable. Her tone was really high and everyone looked at the "grubs" who had planted themselves incorrectly.
    5 minutes later, 3 men came and sat down at the mentioned table. They were allowed to stay seated but were not serviced all the time was there. We heard they asked if they could just have something to drink. They didn't get that either.
    We never come and put our money in the Marsh restaurant, nor do we recommend others to visit it. Bad service.

    Marianne Rickens

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