The Man at Sea – The 4 white men

Must-see sculpture at Esbjerg

At Sædding Strand north of Esbjerg you will find Man by the Sea, a sculpture by Svend Wiig Hansen, which was created in connection with Esbjerg Municipality's 100th anniversary in 1994 and has since become an internationally known landmark for the city of Esbjerg.

The sculpture depicts four white men in a row looking out over the sea, and is very similar to the Easter Island monoliths. The figure protrudes 9 meters into the air and can be seen up to 10 kilometers from the sea side. The white men scouting out over the sea must symbolize the pure man's encounter with nature.

If you visit Esbjerg or go on holiday in the area, Man by the Sea is a must-see and can be visited with a packed lunch or in connection with a visit to the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, which is one of Denmark's most visited attractions and therefore count as Esbjerg's main attraction.

“One of the most beautiful places in Esbjerg where you can ride your bike along the water to Hjerting. You can experience the Wadden Sea which is a nice visit. Clearly a place to visit if you visit Esbjerg. ”

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Tips for Man by the Sea

  • You can take the bus from the train station in Esbjerg right to the sculpture
  • If you drive by car, there are two small parking spaces on either side of the sculpture
  • There are tables and benches where you can eat packed food but during the main season it can be difficult to get a seat
  • The sculpture is extremely Instagram-friendly, but many people now know that. Visits can advantageously be placed out of season or at odd hours

Bonus info: Wiig Hansen already made a sketch for the sculpture back in 1954 and had originally intended for the four white men to be placed on Grenen in Skagen.

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  1. Nice walk

    Good walk from the first German bunkers on the nature trail that leads past Man by the sea and on past the sowing area with planting to one side and the water to the other all the way to the outlet of Mølleåen & #8230;

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