Hiking routes in South Jutland 2023

There are many beautiful and exciting hiking routes in South Jutland - and probably also some near you!

We have compiled an overview of the best hiking routes, so you can easily move out into the beautiful nature and get the best experiences.

You get:

Short walks (2 - 10 km)

3 km – 5 km 

Staksrode Skov

On Staksrode forest's 3 routes you will be greeted by unique forest areas, which make the trips something very special. This is i.a. the special soil conditions of the area, which has made many trees lie around the water's edge. These conditions also mean that during the hike you may be lucky enough to experience rare orchids!

Did you know:

That one of the routes is highlighted as one of the 100 most exciting and beautiful routes in Denmark!

2 km – 8 km – 10 km 

Hikes on Årø

Årø is a small island in the Little Belt known for its beautiful nature and relaxing atmosphere. The island is also home to some delicious local specialties. Visitors can, for example, take a trip to Årø Vingård and taste some of the award-winning wines produced from grapes grown on the island. You can also visit Brummers Gaard, which is a local producer of dairy products and delicious ice cream made from the island's own ingredients. Whether you like nature, wine or delicious food, Årø is worth a visit.

4 km 

Baldersbæk Plantage

A few kilometers west of Hovborg you will find Baldersbæk, and its 4.4 km long hiking route, which offers beautiful natural areas and cultural-historical stories about the harbor plantations on the Jutland heath.

Here you get to see a little of each:

Not only is the nature characterized by forest, bog, heath and meadows, you can for example also encounter the 3 meter high Treherredssten!

4 km 

Refsgårde Overdrev

Walk 4 km on the path from Tørskind Grusgrav to the viewpoint over Vejle Ådal - an impressive view, which is definitely worth the trip.

Will you stay at the starting point:

Do you want to see 9 sculptures in different natural materials. If you walk among the sculptures, you will follow the passage of the sun across the sky from rising in the east to setting in the west

0.7 km – 3.3 km – 9.8 km

Randbøl Hede

Go exploring in the flat landscape of one of the country's largest hinterlands. The routes on the sandy paths take you through the moors, where you can e.g. will be greeted by the 17 meter high sand dune Stoltenbjerg, where the view from the top is fantastic!

Fun fact about the place:

During World War II, this place was a hub for the Nazis, who used the area for runways, hangars and aviator shelters, which has left traces to this day.

1.5 – 4.5 km 


Skamlingsbanken is the highest point in South and South Jutland, from where you can set off on three short routes: Højskamling (1.5 km), Udsigsruten (2.5 km) and Skamlingsbankestien (4.5 km).

Medium-length trips (10 - 20 km)

10 km 


Get far away from traffic noise and industrial areas, and take the trip on flat West Jutland. With the 9.8 km of the route, you will walk in healthy and natural areas, which is a good break from the busy everyday life.

And are you fond of wildlife:

Then the area has a rich wildlife - so maybe you get cozy company from something you would not normally find in the city!

10 km – 15 km – 19 km – 20 km 

The Gendarme path

Try one of Denmark's most beautiful hikes, the gendarmstien.

The route is 84 km long and is divided into 5 day stages, so you can walk it in chunks. Regardless of which stages you go, you are guaranteed an experience in super beautiful surroundings.

2 km – 3 km – 5 km – 6 km – 7 km – 8 km – 11 km – 12 km 

Clover trails

The clover paths are a nationwide concept, where several good hiking routes have been created in the local areas, so you can get out and rediscover your hometown - or rent tourists in other cities. And there's probably one near you!

There are different lengths of routes so there is something for everyone.
In addition, it is possible to walk, cycle and even ride a wheelchair on some of the routes!

15 km 

Nordby to Sønderho

On this 15 km long trip you come for a walk along the wide sandy beach on Fanø. Here, dunes, sandy beach, seashells and a rich bird life are just some of the experiences that await you!

Did you know:

That the beach measures 500 meters at its widest point - this is one of the most beautiful views you will find on the route.

Long trips (20+ km)

60 km – 161 km – 174 km – 215 km – 313 km 


Follow in the footsteps of our ancestors - and experience Denmark's oldest trade route, Hærvejen. This historic road stretches through beautiful landscapes and offers a unique journey through time and nature.

On Hærvejen you can experience the special atmosphere of adventure and history. The walk along this ancient trade route allows you to explore villages, forests, fields and open spaces. Enjoy the sight of historical monuments, burial mounds and cultural-historical sights that bear witness to the journeys and events of the past.

36 km 


Come on a weekend hike with accommodation in the beautiful nature between Vejle and Billund.
With the route's 36 km, the walk is packed with beautiful nature and sights, which makes the trip a huge experience!

130 km 

Coast to Coast Path

With its impressive 130 km, this hiking route is for the more fresh and experienced. Starting on the sandy coast, the route takes you through the beautiful South Jutland nature from coast to coast.

And the route does not move alone:

As you approach the end of the route, your route will move into Hærvejen and Bindeballestien - 2 other beautiful hiking routes - before you reach the end of the hiking route.

102 km 

The Wadden Sea Path

Go from shelter to shelter on this hike in 6 stages through the Wadden Sea National Park.

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