Refsgårde Overdrev

Challenging hiking route with fantastic views of Vejle Ådal

The hiking route begins in Tørskind Gravel Pit - here you should give yourself time to experience Robert Jacobsen and Jean Clareboudt's landscape sculpture, which consists of a total of nine different sculptures in the natural materials iron, concrete, wood and stone. When walking among the sculptures, you follow the sun's passage across the sky from rising in the east to setting in the west.  

From Tørskind Grusgrav you must follow a path up to a viewpoint, from where you get an impressive view of Vejle Ådal. From this point you just have to follow the yellow dots that follow the narrow track over Refsgårde Overdrev. After 2 km on the narrow path, follow the asphalt road back to Tørskind Gravel Pit. The route is a total of four km, and is therefore categorized as a half-day trip.


  • Tørskind Gravel pit, in which a unique landscape sculpture by Robert Jacobsen and Jean Clareboudt unfolds
  • An impressive view of Vejle Ådal 
  • Refsgård Overdrev contains a wealth of different fungi, flowers and insects

Frequently asked questions

There is a possibility of parking at Tørskind Grusgrav, where there are 50 parking spaces available

At the car park there are toilet facilities which are available. There are also tables and benches located by the parking lot, whereby you can enjoy the packed lunch.

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